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IEC 61850 Training

(Created: Dec 2018) (Last update: Sep 2023) In this course, you will learn how to use and configure the IEC 61850 station IEC 61850 Configuration Video Training Main Course Updates and Supplementary Files Helpful Files: IEC protocols for substation communications IEC 61850 Technical Overview Download the IEC 61850 training package Details Course Part 1: Substation […]

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DIGSI 5 Training

(Created: Nov 2018) (Last update: Sep 2023) SIPROTEC 5 & DIGSI 5 Training Course DIGSI 5 Training update Length Update 01: SIPROTEC 5 Hardware, Front panel 20:47 Update 02: SIPROTEC 5 Hardware- Expansion modules 23:47 Update 03: SIPROTEC 5 Applications 13:02 Update 04: DIGSI 5 optimal installation, DIGSI 5 Upgrade 19:23 Update 05: DIGSI 5

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(Created: April 2022) (Last update: April 2022) Main Training (Pre-recorded sections) April 08, 2022: Apr 12 & 16, 2022: April 21& 22, 2022 Protection study Course Details: Supplementary files: Samples:

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MiCOM Training

(Created: Dec 2020) (Last update: April 2023) MiCOM Relays Training Package MICOM P123 protection relay has been made to control and protect current and ground faults for overhead and cable lines, and MICOM P441 is one of the distance relays that’s responsible for protection control and monitoring of transmission lines. Through this course, you can

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ETAP Training

(Created: April 2020) (Last update: April 2023) ETAP Training for Protection Engineers Latest updates: Download ETAP Training Package ETAP has been designed and developed for engineers to study different aspects of power systems in one integrated package. This course is structured into 4 chapters, with theory and practical examples. It is designed for protection engineers

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ABB PCM 600 training

(Created: Nov 2019) (Last update: Aug 2023) PCM 600 is the software to configure ABB Relion 600 series relays. We have tried our best to prepare a comprehensive training package that includes prerequisites, main training, and supplementary files. (Demo videos are available at the end of the page) Prerequisites As your time & convenience matter,

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How to access our training courses

You need only to install the player and paste your license into the player. All activated courses will be available to you. Note: you can change the storage location (by default, the encrypted videos will be downloaded on C:\Users\Documents\SpotPlayer) Common Errors: when playing the videos, the screen recorder applications must be closed. If such an

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Change training format

Format 1: Exe files Install the VLC32 bit version, and click on each exe file to access the videos online. Click here to see how to use Format 1 Format 2: License key Install the App (Windows, Android, Mac), copy the license key into the player Click here to see how to use Format 2

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