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Generator Protection Training Package

(Created: March 2020) (Last update: Feb 2022) Generator Protection Training Package Main course: Part A: Introduction, review the generator construction and protection Part B: Generator differential protection Part C: Generator stator earth fault protection Part D: Generator Under excitation / Loss-of -Excitation (ANSI 40 ) protection Part E: Generator Out of Step Protection (Pole Slip) Part F: Generator negative sequence

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ABB REG670 training

Prerequisite Training packages ETAP for Protection Engineers (more info) ABB PCM600 Training Package (more info) ABB REG670 Training package (Advanced level) Trainer: Dr. Saeed Roostaee (Profile on Linkedin) Pre-recorded videos Supplementary Files The course is still being recorded and new sessions will be added over time The course is licensed and you need a Windows

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CAP 505 Training

(Created: Jan 2021) (Last update: Jan 2021) ABB CAP 505 (Computer Aided Programming system) can be used to config the ABB RED 500 and SPACOM series. This training course introduces the hardware structure of the RE 500 series and then the configuration procedure of these relays in CAP 505. Pre-recorded Videos Course Contents: How to

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ETAP Training

These days can’t perform many of the required analyzes in electrical networks without using the relevant engineering software. Therefore, engineering software has been very effective in industrial environments. One of the most famous software is ETAP which is used in the analysis of distribution networks in industrial Plants and is made by the Operational Technology

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ETAP online training course details

ETAP has been designed and developed for engineers to study different aspects of power systems in one integrated package. This course is structured into 4 chapters, with theory and practical examples. It is designed for protection engineers to understand the power system, short circuit concept, protection, and coordination. Chapter 1, part 01: overviews different tools

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