C20: Face2Face

Power System Protection

WHAT YOU WILL LEARN This course is specifically designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the principles of power system protection design. Via a progressive “building block” approach, this seminar proceeds from the basic concepts, such as security, reliability, and duplication of power system protection through to a comprehensive consideration of the protection of the […]

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Face-to-face training offers a holistic approach to learning that combines theoretical knowledge with practical experience. The personal interaction, structured environment, and immediate feedback make it an effective method for skill development and knowledge transfer. These advantages can significantly enhance the learning experience and outcomes for participants. We can conduct training at your place or a

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Generator Protection course

Trainer: Dr. Saeed Roostaee (Profile) Power plant introduction Generator Introduction Faults in Generators Abnormal Operating Condition Short-circuit study in Generators Generator Protection introduction Generator Protection Standard Multifunction Generator Protection System (MGPS) Generator Differential Protection Turns to Turns Faults Protection Stator Ground Fault Protection Rotor Ground Fault Loss of excitation Overexcitation and Overvoltage Protection System Backup Protection

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IEC 60870-5-101/104

SAS introduction: Communication Introduction OSI model IEC 60870 IEC 60870-104 simulation IEC 60870-104 config in SIPROTEC 5 Dates and Registration Date Status 22-24 March 2024 Full (no seats available) 6-8 May 2024 Open (EUR 1100) 18-20 June 2024 Full (no seats available) 16-18 Aug 2024 Open (EUR 1400) 14-16 Nov 2024 Open (EUR 1400) IEC

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DNP3 Protocol Training

Face-to-face / Online Trainer: Dr. Saeed Roostaee (Profile) Online Sections: Configuration in DIGSI 5 SIPROTEC 5: basic DNP3 settings of TIM/CP (Device Configuration); configuration of a DNP3 connection in DIGSI 5; SIPROTEC 5 time synchronization in the DNP3 protocol; transferring analog values, counter values, and Boolean values time stamping, and event-buffering; Transferring Commands and Setpoint;

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Power System Protection Course based on ABB Relays

Parts of the course topics: ⦁ Introduction to power system⦁ The Per-Unit System⦁ Per Phase Analysis⦁ Symmetrical Components⦁ Fourier Transform signal⦁ Faults in Electrical System⦁ Consequences of SC Faults⦁ Types of Electric Faults⦁ Establishment of SC⦁ SC Calculation IEC 60909⦁ Typical Fault criteria⦁ Intro Power Sys Protection⦁ Electromechanical Relays⦁ Numerical Relays⦁ Current Transformers⦁ Voltage Transformers⦁

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Training on Substation Automation System using IEC 61850

Topics: Substation Automation System: Network & Ethernet: IEC 61850: SIEMENS SAS Practical Section working with SIPROTEC 5 multifunction relay IED 7SX800 SICAM PAS stands for “Substation Automation System Process Automation Station,” which is a comprehensive solution for monitoring, controlling, and automating various processes in substations. It is designed to improve the efficiency, reliability, and safety

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