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IEC 61850 Training

(Created: Dec 2018) (Last update: Sep 2023) In this course, you will learn how to use and configure the IEC 61850 station IEC 61850 Configuration Video Training Main Course Updates and Supplementary Files Helpful Files: IEC protocols for substation communications IEC 61850 Technical Overview Download the IEC 61850 training package Details Course Part 1: Substation

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DIGSI 5 Training

(Created: Nov 2018) (Last update: Sep 2023) SIPROTEC 5 & DIGSI 5 Training Course DIGSI 5 Training update Length Update 01: SIPROTEC 5 Hardware, Front panel 20:47 Update 02: SIPROTEC 5 Hardware- Expansion modules 23:47 Update 03: SIPROTEC 5 Applications 13:02 Update 04: DIGSI 5 optimal installation, DIGSI 5 Upgrade 19:23 Update 05: DIGSI 5

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SIPROTEC 5 & DIGSI 5 Advanced Course

Information Note: This course can also be held either Online or Face to face based on the request Course Structure: Course Details (Note: This part is continuously updating) Module: SIPROTEC 5 Hardware and order Module: Online & Working with SIPROTEC 5 Module: System Functions Module: Function Groups Module: Functions and Settings Module: Specific Functions Module:

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SIPROTEC 5 & DIGSI 5 Training

The following list provides an overview of the tasks we will do in this training: Additional information: SIPROTEC 5 IO Modules: more details on SIPROTEC 5 Hardware Description The spontaneous indication log which is available in online mode is a very good tool for testing and commissioning the SIPROTEC 5 devices. This log shows the

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Professional video training pack (DIGSI 4, DIGSI 5 & IEC 61850)

This package is a combination of IEC 61850, DIGSI 4, and DIGSI 5 courses. You can learn how to config SIPROTECT 4, and SIPROTECT 5, and IEC 61850. The material of each course is designed to help you and the training items are as follows:      Product Detail:                                                                                                                                                                    NAME length Part 1:

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DIGSI 4 Training

(Created: Nov 2018) (Last update: Dec 2021) DIGSI 4 training will take you through the key stages of working with DIGSI 4 by using practical examples. This online course is suitable for electrical engineers with a desire to understand the fundamentals of configuring SIPROTECT 4 with DIGSI 4. DIGSI 4 Online Training Covered Items Demo

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