DIGSI 5 is the configuration and operation tool for all SIPROTEC 5 Protection relays. With DIGSI 5, you create system topologies, configure hardware and communication networks, set function settings and perform many further tasks.

You perform all configuration tasks offline from your PC without the need for a SIPROTEC 5 device. You transmit all data online to the SIPROTEC 5 device later on – for example, directly through a communication network. For communication, DIGSI 5 and SIPROTEC 5 are based on current standards such as IEC 61850 and proven technologies such as Ethernet.

The Elec-Engg provides a full package for Digsi 5 which contains following items.

  • Digsi 5 premium license unlimited single user
  • DIGSI 5 TEA-X-Plugin V1.10 for MS Excel
  • DIGSI 5 V 7.3 Premium setup
  • DIGSI5 V 7.30 HF01
  • DIGSI 5 TEA X Plugin
  • SIPROTEC 5 Device Drivers
  • SIPROTEC 5 Manuals

DIGSI 5 Full Package with Digsi 5 premium license unlimited single user : 

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Useful SIPROTEC 5 & DIGSI 5 Manuals

Digsi Device Drivers and Manuals


Digsi 5 Premium License Unlimited


Operating Program for SIPROTEC Devices


Digsi 5 Device Drivers and Manuals


Learn DIGSI 5 with Dr. Saeed

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