DIGSI 5 is the versatile engineering tool for the parameterization, commissioning and operation of all SIPROTEC 5 devices. Its innovative user interface includes context-sensitive user instructions. The simple connection to the device via USB allows you to work with a device easily and efficiently. The full capabilities of DIGSI 5 are revealed when connected to a network of protection devices: then you can work with all devices in a substation in a single project.

DIGSI 5 – engineering software features an enhanced design that caters to simplicity while optimizing workflows when compared to its predecessor. A single tool from the plant design covers all departments while saving time and providing data security and transparency throughout the plant’s life cycle. Open interfaces make for easy integration into the user process. DIGSI 5 supports all operations, comprehensively makes a simple process of the ever-increasing sub-divided work process, and ensures quality maintenance, even in the most time-pressured situations.

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