DIGSI 5 Training

(Created: Nov 2018) (Last update: Sep 2023)

SIPROTEC 5 & DIGSI 5 Training Course

  • Video-based (pre-recorded)
  • Trainer: Dr. Saeed Roostaee (Profile)
  • Course creation: Nov 2018
  • Last update: 9 September 2023
  • Total Time till July 2023: 9 hrs and 25 min
  • + Auxiliary Files
  • + Certificate of completion
  • + Technical Support

DIGSI 5 Training updateLength
Update 01: SIPROTEC 5 Hardware, Front panel20:47
Update 02: SIPROTEC 5 Hardware- Expansion modules23:47
Update 03: SIPROTEC 5 Applications13:02
Update 04: DIGSI 5 optimal installation, DIGSI 5 Upgrade19:23
Update 05: DIGSI 5 General Settings04:01
Update 06: DIGSI 5 user interface 04:55
Update 07: SIPROTEC 5 Offline Configuration11:12
Update 08: SIPROTEC 5 Online Configuration07:17
Update 09: SIPROTEC 5 and SIPROTEC 5 compact online configuration19:16
Update 10: SIPROTEC 5 Web User Interface 16:45
Update time till July 2023:2.5 hrs

DIGSI 5 Training list:

Part 01: SIPROTEC 5 relay families and applications08:42
Part 2: The online SIPROTEC 5 configurator24:20
Part 3: DIGSI 5 installation04:27
Part 4: DIGSI 5 upgrade and import device drivers07:36
Part 5: DIGSI 5 Vs DIGSI 416:05
Part 6:User interface and general setting14:24
Part 7: Case study relay configuration- part 116:57
Part 8: SIPROTEC 5 Offline Configuration 15:31
Part 9: Import specific communication drivers & inconsistencies05:28
Part 10: case study relay configuration- part 218:05
Part 11: Distance relay configuration I09:45
Part 12: Distance relay configuration II15:50
Part 13: Distance relay configuration III07:13
Part 14: Function in DIGSI 516:07
Part 15: case study relay configuration- part 312:40
Part 16: case study relay configuration- part 405:48
Part 17: case study relay configuration- part 515:57
Part 18: case study relay configuration- part 617:45
Part 19: Display Page configuration15:38
Part 20: case study relay configuration- part 710:06
Part 21: CFC Configuration09:08
Part 22: CFC Analysis06:13
Part 23: CFC in DIGSI 5 and DIGSI 408:33
Part 24: case study relay configuration- part 807:06
Part 25: Case study busbar configuration- part 112:53
Part 26: Case study busbar configuration- part 216:05
Part 27: Case study busbar configuration- part 317:14
Part 28: Case study busbar configuration- part 410:31
Part 29: Case study busbar configuration- part 512:29
Part 30: Case study busbar configuration- part 615:12
Part 31: Case study busbar configuration- part 712:23
Part 32: Case study busbar configuration- part 811:20
Part 33: Case study busbar configuration- part 910:06
Part 34: Case study busbar configuration- part 1009:48
Part 35: Case study busbar configuration- part 1109:30
Total Time7 hrs


send a request to saeed61850@gmail.com

why DIGSI 5 Training Pack?

  • you have lifetime access to the files.
  • you can start your learning from wherever you are.
  • You can save time and money.
  • you get a certificate of completion. 
  • you can get free updates automatically.

Learning SIPROTEC 5 & DIGSI 5 with ease

Learning DIGSI 5 and SIPROTEC 5 relays becomes easier and more effective when the course is updated continuously and you can learn it anywhere. This course is pre-recorded, and all updates will be added for free.

DIGSI 5 Training Package:

Update 10: SIPROTEC 5 Web User Interface

SIPROTEC 5 and DIGSI 5 training package

Click here to download the Professional package (DIGSI4, DIGSI5, IEC61850)

SIPROTEC 5 relay families and applications; How to install, transfer License and upgrade DIGSI 5; Import DIGSI 5, Device Drivers and Start with DIGSI 5
DIGSI 4 VS DIGSI 5 and DIGSI 5 Overview; Online and Offline SIPROTEC 5 Configurator; Functional Scope and Function Points; Working with Libraries and Elements; Managing Projects and Devices in Projects
Single-Line Configuration; Signals; Information Routing; Routing Measuring Points; Function Charts (CFC); Display Page; Advantages and Disadvantages of SIPROTEC 5 and DIGSI 5; Case study project; Configure SIPROTEC 5 Devices based on diagrams.

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116 thoughts on “DIGSI 5 Training”

    1. Protection Engineer

      Thanks for your interest in our training and hope you enjoyed with DIGSI 4 training . Yes we will update you soon via email

    2. I am in interested in a comprehensive training package of SIP 5 and 4 programming, installation and testing using Digsi 4 and 5.

      Do you have a package for substation automation? I am interested.

  1. We need this training in our place, we have siprotec 7sj85 in our place. Please let me know if it is possible.
    Mohaned from 🇴🇲 oman

  2. Nadeem Ahmed Khan

    I made the payment for this training, please send it to me whenever it is completed, digsi 4 training was very helpful for me just to say thanks for your efforts

  3. Interested in this training and access to Siprotec 5 Premium initially for trial period, also can you advise license price for Premium.

  4. Im at the Intermediate on Siprotic 5
    Im much more interested to upgrade my knowledge to next level
    What is the cost of the training and more features of the package

    1. Protection Engineer

      Thanks, offer of DIGSI 4 training, DIGSI 5 training and IEC 61850 configuration training have been sent to your email

  5. Hi, I need a 6md85 BCU relay (especially 25.Synchronization Function) setting configuration, do you have anything about it?

  6. Manuel Abarca

    Dear friend, can you please send me the information of this trainings:
    * Digsi 5 Training.
    * Etap, Digsi, IEC 61850 training.
    * ABB REG 670 Training.
    * Power System Protection Testing with the CMC Test System Training.
    Thnaks you and have a great week!

  7. Hello, Dr. Saeed. I would like to know how to get the videos. Please, send me more information about it. Thanks!

    1. Protection Engineer

      Hello, we have just sent it again, please check your email and feel free to contact if you have any queries.

    1. please place the digsi 5 order and the proceed with the payment then we will send details to access the course

  8. Ahmed Subhi AL-Nuaimi

    I am an electrical and automation engineer and I am very interested in protection relay field but I have a very basic knowledge on this subject, can I start with DIGSI 5 system and what’s your advise for me regarding protection relays subjecr.
    Thank you.
    Eng.Ahmed AL-Nuaimi

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