Error messages

Connection Error Problem …

Our training videos are pre-recorded and uploaded on our servers. Therefore, videos are online and an Internet connection is required. The connection error message shows when there is no internet connection.

If your internet connection is ok and still this message is there (normally it does not happen but in some special cases it may happen for instance some companies restrict their internet connections). In this case, you should change your internet connection, for instance, hotspot your mobile phone and connect the PC to the phone internet with wifi. Or you can change your IP using pr_oxy or VP_n software. Proxy to change your IP: Option1: psi phon / Option 2: VP

Connection Error …

Your serial number validity is passed …

If your license is a single user then you can activate the package or access the videos on one system only. So, you should open the file on the system that you had activated the package.

your serial number validity is passed …

The black page is showing …

Some videos are very big and high quality so they need a few seconds to be loaded. Wait for a few seconds, the video will be shown.

black page

Kaspersky antivirus deletes the files

This issue is may happen with Kaspersky antivirus (other antivirus software no issue, and working fine). The most and easy solution does not to unzip the folder and just double click on each exe file in the zip folder.

Another way to solve this issue is that configure a trusted zone in Kaspersky. Just search on google how to add a trusted zone in Kaspersky.

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