The protection, control, monitoring and measuring of our power networks is a vital element in managing our electrical assets, increasing reliability, sustainability and the safety of operating personnel. SIEMENS provides flexible solutions and easy integration into an energy market which is becoming increasingly decentralized and digitalized.

With the latest numerical products, Reyrolle as a part of Siemens shows that the development is being pushed forward, and that new innovations are continuously being developed to meet the changing requirements of the customer. Reyrolle 5 is the 5th generation of numerical protection relay IEDs.

SIEMENS 5th generation of numerical protection
  • With IEC 61850 Ethernet communications as standard and enhanced cyber security the Reyrolle 5 enables substation digitalization.
  • The user friendly, intuitive design and minimal ordering variants gives confidence to the user and this extends to the Reydisp programming software tools.
  • The Reyrolle 5 has been designed for the electricity networks of the future with enhanced communications and cyber security while maintaining a user-friendly interface and easy product management.
Reyrolle 7SR51 : Overcurrent and feeder protection
  • Comprehensive functionality as standard: A wide range of proven protection functions and IEC 61850 Ethernet communications as standard
  • Reliable and efficient lifecycle management: Simple product ordering and firmware upgrade management. Withdrawable construction for easy product replacement
  • Cyber security: Reyrolle 5 includes cyber security features such as digitally signed firmware and these will be further enhanced with future product releases along with security patches
  • Versatile interfaces: Current and voltage transformer inputs, power supply and binary inputs with configurable binary input thresholds cover the full operating range
  • Intuitive design: Large LCD, tactile pushbuttons and programmable LEDs provide a user-friendly product interface
  • Enhanced process data: Comprehensive fault data, event records, waveform data & measurands support effective management of your power network.
Reyrolle 7SR54 Transformer differential protection

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