Organization Is the Key to Electronic File Management

Every time you have to dig around for a document you can’t find or have to do unnecessary clicks to access a folder, you are not as productive as you could be. Elec-Engg provides a very comprehensive library for SIPROTEC relays for keeping SIPROTEC manuals and catalog neat, in folders and easily searchable and accessible.

  • Update 24 December 2018, and new updates will be sent to you for free
  • One Place for all manuals and technical data
  • Organize by Category
  • Avoid duplicate files
  • Quick access to all files
  • Rate files : Sort by rate
  • Portable : Transfer easily
  • Editable : Add new pdf, new group, …

What we’re aiming for is less work and more efficiency


The Most Effective Way of Organizing SIPROTEC Files, Manuals , and Catalog

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    i will like torecive the library

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      I am interest

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    i like this excellent library…
    If you are using SIPROTEC products, this library is the most helpful file for you

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    Nice work! Thanks for the efforts. It helped me a lot

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    Nice library, this is awesome I was hesitating to use it and now I am using it every day. I have added some other pdf to the library and this organize very well. Previously I had so much difficulty to find my helpful file and now thanks to Elec Engg and this awesome library, everything is very easy!

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    iNTERESTED send me the link

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    Can anyone share the file (How_to_create_a _new_CFC_chart) to this email


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      You can find the CFC Application article and CFC manual with the following link ;

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    I m interested. Pls share your account details

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      It has been sent to your email. pls check it and contact us after the payment

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    Hi Saeed could you please send me the latest version of this library thanks

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      Hi Nik,
      The latest version is December 2018 version. Please make the payment ($40) payment for SIEMENS SIPROTEC Library. In future, the latest version of this library will be send to you for free

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    Interested for this library

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      Check Your email for the payment link

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    La clave de el archivo como la puedo conseguir?

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      Puedes conseguirlo después del pago.

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    very very good library

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    Thanks, interesting

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    Hi i need siemens siprotec library

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      Ok, it has been sent to ur email

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    thank you so much

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      It is included in DIGSI 4 training package or DIGSI 5 training package,