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Protection Relay 4

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08/abb, 10:55 – Elec Engg: Living in Delhi, India
08/abb, 10:56 -abb: Thanks very much indeed 🙏
08/abb, 10:56 – abb: M.Saeed khan from Pakistan working at NordexAcciona as a wind turbine specialist…
08/abb, 10:57 – Elec Engg: Now please only introduce yourself completely,
08/abb, 10:57 – abb”: Wasif Akmal ,working at NESPAK.
National engineering services of pakistan.
08/abb, 11:00 – abb: Ali Raza, working at XERVON SA as Testing & Commissioning Engineer. From Pakistan working in Saudi Arabia.
08/abb, 11:00 – abb: Mohamed Eissa ..working in Sudanese Electricity Transmission Co (SETCO) ..Protection Engineer
08/abb, 11:01 – abb*: Monem Tariq. From Sultanate of Oman
Electrical Engineer. Aspiring to become Testing/Commissioning Engineer. Working as Project Engineer for Utility Network Extension in Dhofar State.
08/abb, 11:02 – abb: 9 contacts.vcf (file attached)
08/abb, 11:02 – abb: Please add these no in this group
08/abb, 11:02 – abb: Hi Admin
08/abb, 11:03 – abb: Hi admin please add this no in this group
08/abb, 11:04 -abb: Vaithiyanathan .Schneider.vcf (file attached)
08/abb, 11:04 -abb: Hi please add this number
08/abb, 11:05 -abb: Nithin Gorthi, Production & Maintenance Engineer, Pan Africa Enterprises Limited, Arusha, Tanzania
08/abb, 11:05 -abb: Muhammad Osama working as Deputy Manager in Generation Dept. of K-Electric Department. Involved in Grid Commissioning at Power Plants sites and Electrical Maintenance.
08/abb, 11:06 – abb: 2 contacts.vcf (file attached)
08/abb, 11:07 -abb: Myself Vadivelan working in KEC INTERNATIONAL LTD in laos. Am specialized in testing and Commissioning of Electrical equipment and protection devices
08/abb, 11:07 – abb: Please add this no
08/abb, 11:13 -abb: Gokul, Siemens ltd , interested in substation concepts and design , Automation
08/abb, 11:14 – abb :shantareddy iindia: Shantareddy ,kirloskar Ltd ,interested in protection relay
08/abb, 11:16 – abb: Devang shah ABB INDIA LTD Commissioning Engineer
08/abb, 11:16 – abb: From India
08/abb, 11:16 – abb: Sachin, from Reliance industries iindia interested in protection system
08/abb, 11:17 – abb: Yukkeshwar – Alfanar Testing and Commissioning – Saudi Arabia
08/abb, 11:18abb: Nagaraj- Testing and Protection Engineer ALFALGI

08/abb, 11:18 – abb: Nisar Ahmad Waqar from Diversey Pakistan
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Send a WhatsApp message as : Join Prtection Relay 4 ” Your Name
08/abb, 11:20 – abb: Nityam Shah…Testing & Comm Engg…UAE
08/abb, 11:22 -abb: Zubair .. Testing & Commissioning Engineer
08/abb, 11:23 – abb”: I’m Sridev- Substation Automation engineer at Voltech Engineers in India
08/abb, 11:23 -abb: Gnanavel,, Testing and Commissioning Engineer,, India
08/abb, 11:24 -abb: I’m Numaan secondary design engineer in Schneider Electric chennai
08/abb, 11:24 – abb: Sagar shah
Protection Engineer at Gujarat Energy Transmission Corporation (GETCO)
Gujarat state, India.
08/abb, 11:28 – abb: Shoaib hussaini from india
P.E @saudi eletricity company.
08/abb, 11:28 -abb: Ahmed Khalifa SAS Commissioning Engineer ABB KSA
08/abb, 11:29 – abb: Arul Raj-India.
ABB Global Industries & Services Pvt LTD.
R&D Associate Engineer.
Part of Relion 670,650,SAM600,SAM600_IO and REB500 product Testing Team.
08/abb, 11:30 – abb: Aehtesham Rana ,,India,,, Protection Engineer….6yrs… DEWA approved … looking for job .
08/abb, 11:30 – abb: Thanks
08/abb, 11:30 – abb: SRIKANTH T
400kV Maintenance KPTCL, Karnataka
08/abb, 11:31 -abb: This plant location
08/abb, 11:32 – abb: Doni Cross,Gadag
08/abb, 11:32 -abb: Ok
08/abb, 11:32 – abb: Wael atiyah from iraq
08/abb, 11:34 -abb: Any job vacancy please inform
08/abb, 11:39 -abb: Prabhagaran from Tamil NADU India working at IL&FS Tamil NADU power company ltd
08/abb, 11:39 -abb: As deputy manager electrical maintenance
08/abb, 11:44 – Elec Engg: Dear all members,
🌟Follow the group rules and objectives of the group
🌟This is an international group, just text in English
🌟Actively participate in the group.
🌟Don’t make any personal message to the group members
🌟 Post your message in one single chunk of text, don’t post every word or sentence in a new message.
🌟No changing of group name or group DP
🌟Advertisements, announcement of event of other groups needs approval from Admin before circulation (+917303437524 ).
🌟If any member is not following the rules, we have authority to remove from the group
🙏Feedback and suggestions are always welcome
Don’t start any discussion, just introduce!🙏🏻
08/abb, 11:44 – Elec Engg: Pls follow the rules
08/abb, 11:45 – Elec Engg: 🙏🙏🙏
08/abb, 11:45 – abb: Sakthivel testing and commissioning engineer with 5+year experience looking job now
08/abb, 11:46 – abb: Okays Sir
08/abb, 11:51 -abb: Mohamed Rifay. Working in SEL (Dubai) as Automation Engineer. 12+ Experience.
08/abb, 11:53 -abb: Thanks for having me here.
08/abb, 11:54 – Elec Engg: Dear all members, please take a moment and introduce yourself completely. Don’t start any discussion, just introduce!🙏🏻 Post your message in one single chunk of text, don’t post every word or sentence in a new message
08/abb, 11:55 -abb: Mostsfa helal
Quality engineer in Schneider Electric KSA
08/abb, 12:00 abb: Manoj Kumar maharana
Dy mgr Electrical (power plant)
Feedback power o&m service ltd
08/abb, 12:03 -abb: Dear all,
I’m Ramprakash from India working as electrical engineer in power line distribution and commissioning company,muscat – oman.
Company:- Alfalahy co llc, muscat.
08/abb, 12:17 -abb: Abubaker.Protection Engineer in national grids saudi arabia.
08/abb, 12:19 -abb: This is Ramesh kolanchi working as a Testing and Commissioning engineer electrical substation and power plants more than 10years
08/abb, 12:19 – abb: Khalid Mustafa
Maintenance & operation engineer at sudanese electricity distribution company (SEDC)LTD
08/abb, 12:39 abb: Pradip Desai
Power Systems Engineer at SYSTEM PROTECTION, Vadodara, Gujarat, India.
08/abb, 12:41 – abb: Ho I ask a question?
08/abb, 13:01 – Elec Engg: Dear all members, please take a moment and introduce yourself completely. Don’t start any discussion, just introduce!🙏🏻 Post your message in one single chunk of text, don’t post every word or sentence in a new message
08/abb, 13:02 abb: Engr. Zaigham Munir
Testing Engineer
ZGL Pakistan
08/abb, 13:02 – abb: Jameer Basha, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories Pvt Ltd, Bangalore India
08/abb, 13:04 – abb: Manadi Med, commissioning eng Algeria public company sonelgaz power transmission
08/abb, 13:04 – abb: Iam HARIHARAN
Technician(maintenance and operation)
Bangalore international airport Ltd,
08/abb, 13:04 -abb”: Mohamed elmuntasir jalal protection engineer @SEDC Sudanese Electricity Distribution Company
08/abb, 13:25 – abb: I am V.Karpagalingam working as electrical commissioning supervisor in Saudi Arabia
08/abb, 13:27 – abb: Murali Manohar, Sr.Engineer, Indorama Petrochemicals, Nigeria
08/abb, 13:43 – abb: Horaira Azam Distribution Engineer Kuwait
08/abb, 13:54 – abb: K.Vivek
Protection Engineer
winstar Electro Mechanical Works, Qatar
Interested in Testing and commissioning ,protection
08/abb, 13:55 -abb: Gokul
Planning Manager
Siemens ltd
08/abb, 14:08 – abb: Karthik Donepudi
Jr.Project Manager
08/abb, 14:08 – abb: Sterlite power
08/abb, 14:08 – abb: Indore India
08/abb, 14:21 -abb: 7 contacts.vcf (file attached)
08/abb, 14:21 -abb: Please add
08/abb, 14:27 – Elec Engg: Add your friends 🌸
08/abb, 14:28 – Elec Engg: Dear all members, please take a moment and introduce yourself completely. Don’t start any discussion, just introduce!🙏🏻 Post your message in one single chunk of text, don’t post every word or sentence in a new message
08/abb, 14:40 -abb: EL-KSABI OSSAMA
Foreman in Protection and control of electrical network distribution. Morocco
08/abb, 14:43 -abb: 7 contacts.vcf (file attached)
08/abb, 14:44 -abb: Dilshad electrical service engineer working in UAE
08/abb, 14:44 -abb: Please add this list
08/abb, 14:51 – abb”: Yar add e karna bus koi kam ki bat nai tou group leave kar dien
08/abb, 14:54 -abb”: HAMED SANOSY
Electrical Engineer
Working at Petro Energy E&P Ltd,co. (cnpc sudan branch) as power plant opeartion & maintenance technician
08/abb, 14:57 – Elec Engg: Gerd Einsidler, Head of Technical Marketing for Energy Automation Products, Siemens, Germany.
08/abb, 14:57 – Elec Engg: Welcome Sir,
08/abb, 14:58 -abb: Thank you for your warm welcome
08/abb, 14:58 – Elec Engg: 🙏🙏🌸
08/abb, 14:59 -abb: Dears I really do not know what is the real objective of this group… It is not good to have another group with 1000 massages a day.
08/abb, 15:01 – Elec Engg: It is just started
08/abb, 15:01 – Elec Engg: Dear all members, please take a moment and introduce yourself completely. Don’t start any discussion, just introduce!🙏🏻 Post your message in one single chunk of text, don’t post every word or sentence in a new message
08/abb, 15:02 -abb: So imagine more thane 100 person introducing them self.
08/abb, 15:02 – Elec Engg: Please be patient and follow the rules, we can start discussion later
08/abb, 15:02 -abb: And no one will remember even
08/abb, 15:02 -abb: Dats true
08/abb, 15:02 -abb: Could you please tell me what is the benfit
08/abb, 15:03 -abb: Ok
08/abb, 15:03 -abb: I will be patient
08/abb, 15:03 – Elec Engg: Thanks 🙏🌸
08/abb, 15:04 – Elec Engg: It is recommended to save the numbers for future references and discussions
08/abb, 15:13 – Elec Engg: Dear all members,

Don’t start any discussion, just introduce!🙏🏻
08/abb, 15:48 – abb: Add expert in power protection relay world just to exchange informations thanks ADMIN
08/abb, 15:49 -abb “: Mohammad Ramadan, Jordanian, Schneider Electric, Automation Engineer ( Substation Automation System, Oil&GAS System)
08/abb, 15:50 -abb: Name : Basim
Country : Saudi Arabia (Pakistani)
Company: XERVON SA
Speciality : Protection relays ( ABB, Siemens siprotec 4,5 , Sinamics G180 , MiCOM , Allen Bradley ) and protection Schemes
08/abb, 15:53 -abb”: Rike Silinda 🇿🇦 RSA @ Harmonious Technical #Technician Protection:SEL/Micon/Sepam/Bender RCM/Janitza
*:switchgear *
08/abb, 15:58 – abb: Thank you Dr Saeed Roostaee
08/abb, 15:59 -abb: Name : Bhavin patel
Country : Vadodara,gujarat,india
Company: Expel prosys siemens system house
Speciality : testing & commisioning of electrical switchgear & electrical machines like generator ,motor , protection relay testing & programming ( siemens, micom, sel,abb,ge)
08/abb, 16:04 -abb: Name: Himanshu Amrutiya
Country: India
Company: Popular switchgear Pvt Ltd
Speciality: testing and commissioning of relays.
08/abb, 16:08 – abb: Name: David Edward Francis
Country: India
Company: Etricals Engineers Pvt LTD
And the contactor drops off
08/abb, 16:33 – Elec Engg: Dear all members, please take a moment and introduce yourself completely. Don’t start any discussion, just introduce!🙏🏻 We will start discussion later. Post your message in one single chunk of text, don’t post every word or sentence in a new message.
08/abb, 16:38 – abb: -Mohamed Elshafey
-Senior testing and commissioning engineer
-from Egypt 🇪🇬

  • PSP elsewedy
    08/abb, 16:41 – abb: You need to configure binary inputs,
    08/abb, 16:46 – abb “: Name: Maruthu Pandian
    Location: Kuwait
    08/abb, 17:16 – You added abb
    08/abb, 17:18 – abb: Mr.Yazid Bentayeb
    Fresh electrical engineer.
    08/abb, 17:34 -abb”: Name: Shahryar Haji
    Country: Iran
    Power Electrical student in tabriz university
    08/abb, 17:35 – abb: I am Anandababu , Senior commisioning engineer at PDCS
    Speciality: Protection Settings and Investigations
    08/abb, 20:51 -abb”: Name: Anil Patel
    Present Country: USA
    Native :Gujarat state, INDIA
    Education: Batchelor degree in Electrical Engineering
    Company : Previously I worked at MGVCL- Vadodara, Gujarat, India as Power Distribution Engineer
    In USA work as Electrical Distribution Design Engineer at TRC companies Inc , RockyHill, CT
    Interest field: Power Transmission & Distribution Engineering
    08/abb, 20:53 – abb: Joel Portes.vcf (file attached)
    08/abb, 20:53 – abb: Add My boss please
    08/abb, 21:24 -abb”: This message was deleted
    08/abb, 21:25 -abb”: Kashif khan,
    BE (Electrical), working in Middle East (Oman) since last 9+Years
    My Journey towards Project Management of

●Electrical Power Distribution and Utility Network Extension to develope electrical infrastructure of cities/towns

●132 / 33kV Substation Automaion Systems
09/abb, 00:16 – My Irancell Saeed Roostaee added abbs
08/abb, 22:23 -abb: I also interested in transmission side
08/abb, 22:27 -abb: Name: Inzamam
Present Country: Qatar
Designation: Electrical Project Engineer
Company: Faisal Bin Jassim Al Thani Group, Qatar.
Native :Telangana state, INDIA
08/abb, 22:56 – abb: Jonathan Jean
Dominican Republic, center América.
electric transmission company.
15 years in the department of controls and protections.
Electronic Engineer
09/abb, 00:17 – My Irancell Saeed Roostaee: Done
09/abb, 00:18 – abb: Thnks
09/abb, 00:30 – abbs: Hi
09/abb, 00:30 – abbs: Thanks
09/abb, 00:30 – abb: Hi
09/abb, 04:26 – abb: 19:00 in Dominican Republic ?
09/abb, 04:27 – abb: What time is it in the India ?
09/abb, 04:28 – abb: Greeting !
09/abb, 04:55 – abb: This message was deleted
09/abb, 04:59 – abb: Hello dear engineers;
I am working on sel 451 relay. And i faced a problem.dou you know what is 59V_2 In relay logic? all what i know is that it is related to overvoltage logic settings
09/abb, 07:19 – abb: It’s rltd over voltage ,u have conform it’s element 1/ element2
09/abb, 07:21 – abb: What does it mean
09/abb, 07:25 – abb: In logic we using 2 elements like 591V1 means over voltage element 1level 1 pickup
592V2 over voltage elemente level 2 pickup
09/abb, 07:25 – abb: What is the exact code u r using???
09/abb, 07:55 – abb: 59V_2
09/abb, 09:17 -abb: stage 2 of overvolage setting.
09/abb, 09:17 -abb: NAME : BHAVESH PANCHAL
Compney name : ERDA , VADODARA
I am looking after relay full type testing. intrested in IEC 61850 Protocol
09/abb, 09:53 – abb “: Hi… can anybody explain plz… in a electromechanical directional relay, how the direction is taken during a line- line fault….??
09/abb, 10:35 -abb: As a matter of fact this relay is a watt meter. in posetive watt close contact in negative watt open contact.
09/abb, 10:37 -abb:
09/abb, 11:36 – abb “: I agree… but during L-L fault, how will you get the correct polarizing voltage…??
09/abb, 11:57 -abb: I have tested in micom p143
09/abb, 11:59 -abb: It uses the cross polariztion and its will draw characteristic for each phase even it is L-L fault
09/abb, 12:08 – abb “: Ok
09/abb, 12:11 -abb: Unaffected/healthy phase will be used for polarization.
AB fault….C Phase voltage will be used.
BC fault…A phase voltage will be used etc
09/abb, 12:46 – abb “: Thank you sir
09/abb, 12:49 -abb: Sir , Do u have any study material for substation automation ?
09/abb, 12:52 – abb: Any materials regarding SAS kindly share here
09/abb, 14:20 – abb: What is back up protection for Generator Rotor Earth Fault
09/abb, 14:26 – abb: may be viberation sensor
09/abb, 14:33 – abb “: First stage is Rotor earth fault alarm.. if earth fault is at single point. Normally single point earth fault is not dangerous. Second earth fault on the same rotor, which is already having an earth fault, will bypass some portion of winding. It will lead to high exciter current and other mechanical instability problems. Then it’s dangerous and needs to be tripped very fast. Exciter will have rotor earth fault alarm and then trip. This may be routed to generator lock out protection.
09/abb, 14:49 – abb: If there is no change in Exciter Current then what can be the cause
09/abb, 14:50 – abb: We are having MRR1 CSPC make relay which is giving trip but there is no change in Exciter Current and Generator Vibration
09/abb, 14:57 – abb “: For single point earth leakage, there will be no visible changes in exciter current or high vibration.
09/abb, 15:03 – abb “: Change in exciter current and vibration comes when a part of rotor winding is bypassed and magnetic balance is affected. In your scheme I think stage 1 is trip, not alarm.
09/abb, 15:04 – abb: Ok..Can we keep it bypass…with making some other protection
09/abb, 15:04 – abb: No stage- 1 is alarm…both stages are actuating..
09/abb, 15:06 – abb: Ok..Can we keep it bypass…with making some other protection more prominent*
09/abb, 15:11 – abb “: Bypassing of rotor earth fault is not advisable… better to find out actual reason… Just megger the winding. You can assess whether there is actual fault or it’s a false alarm. Chances of earth leak in the brush area.
09/abb, 15:14 – abb: We are also suspecting the after changing the relay there is no any alarm or trip
09/abb, 15:15 – abb: Megger is normal and the resistance from slip ring to earth is also infinity
09/abb, 16:10 – abb: can any one share some document related to dfig rotor excitation in synchronous sub synchronous and super synchrous mode?
09/abb, 16:37 – abb “: Can any one explain me about the motor Reaccelaration process…
09/abb, 17:37 – abb: Any one tell me all problems finding in GE RELAYS ?
09/abb, 17:38 – abb: Which one
09/abb, 17:38 – abb: Which type of problem are you facing?
09/abb, 17:41 – abb: Any type I can answer you
09/abb, 17:46 – abb: Echo and current reversal in DEF in L90
09/abb, 17:48 – abb: More details about your question!!
09/abb, 17:53 – abb: What I mean is that each type has some unique problems. So the troubleshooting manual are different
09/abb, 17:59 – abb: I’m facing firmware bad operation in T60 main Differential
09/abb, 18:00 – abb: I’m unable to reset as display is stuck
09/abb, 20:36 – You changed this group’s settings to allow only admins to edit this group’s info
09/abb, 20:37 – You added AA 3173 Gg Iran join “mostafa darba monazzah”thanks
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09/abb, 20:40 – abb: Hello everyone,, my dear group members
09/abb, 20:40 – abb: My name is Buddha jagan,, I’m completed diploma EEE,, 2013 pass out
09/abb, 20:41 – abb: I have 5 years of experience in 132kv /11kvsubstation
09/abb, 20:42 – abb: Please understand my request,,present I’m unemployed
09/abb, 20:43 – abb: Please one opportunity give me,, my dear group members
09/abb, 23:54 – You added abb and AA 3193 Gg Join protection relay 4
09/abb, 23:56 – You added abb “
10/abb, 02:26 – abb:
10/abb, 02:40 – abb:
10/abb, 02:48 – abb: Is 59V_2 same as 59VS2?
10/abb, 03:22 – abb: Thnks !!!
10/abb, 11:11 -abb: Hi everyone. May I know anybody working in Saudi Services for electro mechanic works company in Saudi Arabia?
10/abb, 11:18 -abb: Yes
10/abb, 11:18 -abb: I know many”
10/abb, 12:50 -abb: Thanks
10/abb, 12:59 – abb: Thanks for sharing👍👍👍
11/abb, 00:09 – abb: Hello every one.
I am Mohammad from Iran .protection and control engineer.I would be happy to learn more from all of you
11/abb, 20:37 – abb: Hi;
Can anyone of you provide us with selogic basics in format of pdf or doc files. Thanks in advance
12/abb, 01:27 -abb: This message was deleted
12/abb, 08:37 – abb: hi can anynone say how to extract rio filr from Red670 Abb relay
12/abb, 11:13 – abb “: Kindly tell about goosing
12/abb, 14:55 -abb: Hello guys,
Can anyone help me to test ABB make RVC power factor controller. It’s not operating.
12/abb, 14:59 – abb:
12/abb, 22:05 – abb: Open prameters then go to file and import parameter then select rio file
12/abb, 23:29 – abb “: Anybody has done partial discharge using omicron MPD600….??
12/abb, 23:31 – abb: I know a good engineer if you have a open job?
12/abb, 23:40 – abb:
12/abb, 23:45 -abb”:
12/abb, 23:45 – abb: Is closed
12/abb, 23:49 abb: CT Secondary open circuit
13/abb, 00:07 – abb “: Which differential protection…?? TX, BB, …?? High or low…??
13/abb, 00:07 -abb:
13/abb, 00:20 -abb”: It a recently refurbished panel not less than 6 month and has been operating without any problems.
13/abb, 00:21 -abb”: Trfr Protection
13/abb, 00:41 – abb: Lose connection.
13/abb, 00:45 – abb:
13/abb, 00:45 – abb: IEC 61850 intro !
13/abb, 01:09 -abb”: Could be, the terminal blocks were so old ,if you put a screwdriver in, they would break easily
13/abb, 01:18 -abb: hello everyone. iam looking for name of logical node in 61850 protocol (conversion BCD TO INT32)
13/abb, 01:19 -abb: i need to convert Binary input to decad variable in INT32
13/abb, 01:19 -abb: thanks
13/abb, 01:35 – abb: Do you have complete presentation or videos of this intro
13/abb, 03:04 – abb: Now , is finish
13/abb, 03:05 – abb: Means what?
13/abb, 03:44 – abb:
13/abb, 03:45 – abb:
13/abb, 03:45 – abb:
13/abb, 03:45 – abb: From Megger
13/abb, 03:47 – abb: Can you post the videos if possible ?
13/abb, 06:40 – abb: Yes, we have done PD using MPD
13/abb, 07:18 – abb “:
13/abb, 10:35 – abb “: Any one can tell me how to perform goosing between Siemens relay and Abb relay
13/abb, 10:52 – abb: The voltage of test depends upon the signal shape. Like if you test via VLF. The test voltage is like 1,7 times Uo.
13/abb, 11:06 -abb”: ‎2 contacts.vcf (file attached)
13/abb, 11:06 -abb”: 👆🏻Please Add my Electrical Power Engineer friend
above contact in group
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13/abb, 12:14 -abb: Do u know any device make connection between different line differenital protection (siemens7Sd6101/micom P543)
13/abb, 12:27 – abb: With fibre optic
13/abb, 12:29 abb: I think this will never happened, since both should be identical
13/abb, 12:32 -abb: Yes
13/abb, 13:41 – abb “: Both should be same make and same MLFB
🌟Follow the group rules and objectives of the group
🌟This is an international group, just text in English
🌟Actively participate in the group.
🌟Don’t make any personal message to the group members
🌟 Post your message in one single chunk of text, don’t post every word or sentence in a new message.
🌟No changing of group name or group DP
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🌟If any member is not following the rules, we have authority to remove from the group
🌟 No greeting and other personal discussion. Do not say good morning, good night, thanks etc.

Everyone must respect the group.
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Now, please take a moment and introduce yourself completely : Your Name, Country, Company, specialty
14/abb, 11:18 -abb: Hello Team,
Name -Yogesh Sonawane
Country- India
Company – Siemens LTD(Third party)
Specialty- experience in Substation Automation,RTU and protection relay(Ashida Relay) configuration.
Looking for better opportunity in Gulf countries
14/abb, 11:22 -abb: Name: Viswateja from India
Company:ASHOMCo (Saudi Arabia)
Specialty: Electric engineer at Cogen power plant for Saudi Aramco
14/abb, 11:29 -abb: Muhammad Ali Imran
Company:SGS Pakistan Pvt Limited
14abb, 11:29 – abb: Ritesh Bamania
14/abb, 12:31 – abb: Nagarajan
14/abb, 12:41 abb”: Mahmoud shaker
14/abb, 12:43 – abb: Nagender
14/abb, 12:44 – abb: Naga
14/abb, 13:23 -abb: Name: Hassan Ahmed Najmi
Company: Siemens Pakistan Eng, Co.
Profile: Energy Management Digital Grid (Telecom

14/abb, 14:52 -abb: This message was deleted
14/abb, 14:53 -abb: Please i need doc about 101 and dnp3 ptotocols ? thanks
14/abb, 17:05 – You added AA 3101 Gg Add join protection relay 4 ” IBRAHIM OSMAN “
15/abb, 03:17 – abbs: Six times 3 or six times 2
15/abb, 03:17 – abbs: 222222
15/abb, 03:17 – abbs: 333333
15/abb, 03:18 – abbs: In siprotec 4 is 000000 default password
15/abb, 03:21 – abb: This message was deleted
15/abb, 03:24 – abb: El Link te da varios pass
15/abb, 16:34 abb: Hello friends anyone know how to recover siemens relay 7sJ801 from monitor mode?
15/abb, 16:35 – abb”: Jst turn off DC supply and turn on
15/abb, 16:39 – abb: Just In Monitor Mode, you can see reset option in drop down list, please reset the relay and it will recover to original.
15/abb, 17:00 – abb:
15/abb, 20:01 -abb: If happen after FW update . You have to initialize device
15/abb, 23:52 abb: Thanks alot..m issue resolved
15/abb, 23:55 – abb: Please let us know, how problem solved???
16/abb, 01:09 -abb: plz tell about PSB protection operated in brief.
16/abb, 09:01 -abb: Psd fanction avoid a hug load of a matter of fact metering dz/dt.since a fault is hi speed but a load is low speed or dz/dt
16/abb, 10:54 – abb “:
16/abb, 18:28 – abb: Excelente
17/abb, 11:40 – abb: Performance monitoring reporting system
17/abb, 11:42 – abb:
17/abb, 12:26 -abb: In MICOM Transformer relay manual it is mentioned that 41% of winding ( Say 20% setting of In if CT secondary is 1 Amp ) will be covered under differential protection and balance 59% will be covered in REF protection for star winding connection transformer. My Query is how much winding will be covered in differential protection if transformer windings are delta connected Dd1.
17/abb, 12:29 -abb: Is there any document available to understand how the current flows inside each branches of delta winding during healthy condition, during Phase to Phase fault and during Phase to Earth faults.
17/abb, 12:31 – abb: Please can you help out by briefly explaining, how problem resolved?
17/abb, 13:09 – abb: Brahim for Algeria working at grte, Manager of electricity transportation networks, I search the licence for ied scout software. Thanks friends
17/abb, 13:18 abb: if it is Dd Conection then REF can not be applied unless yuo use zigzag transformer as a grounding transformer.. if so then you will use the same persentage
17/abb, 13:19 -abb:
17/abb, 13:33 – abb: Hope License is the problem, please try with Genuine License Number.
17/abb, 13:33 -abb: but i did put a genuine key when asked during digsi installation
17/abb, 13:36 – abb: Hope, License might be utilized before and it might not be multiple user License. Please check with Siemens….
17/abb, 13:44 – abb: Am getting error while installing digsi 4.91 in Windows 8.1 saying operating system is not supported
17/abb, 15:12 – abb:
17/abb, 15:13 – abb: Thank you
17/abb, 15:15 – abb:
17/abb, 16:18 – abb: C&S make MRR1 rotor Earth fault relay is not giving any alarm when output is not connected…but it’s giving alarm as soon as output wire is connected
17/abb, 16:18 – abb: What can be the cause
17/abb, 16:23 -abb: is it a dry contact?
17/abb, 16:24 – abb: Yes
17/abb, 17:00 -abb: maybe the internal relay is power by the control voltage itself.
17/abb, 17:01 -abb: does it happen in other relays also?
17/abb, 18:50 – abb: No
17/abb, 19:10 – abb:
17/abb, 19:10 – abb:
17/abb, 20:32 -abb: What type of relay this? Try to avoid this type of msgs
17/abb, 20:34 – abb: It came unfortunately
17/abb, 20:35 -abb: Is it a jock…
17/abb, 20:35 -abb: Admin plz remove this person
17/abb, 20:36 -abb: It’s not a jocking group
17/abb, 20:37 – abb: I think this is by mistake. May be mobile is in child hand.
17/abb, 20:37 -abb: Then he has to forgive….for make another chance
17/abb, 20:38 – abb: 🤔
17/abb, 20:39 -abb: Wht?????
17/abb, 20:44 -abb: Leave it guys….
17/abb, 22:03 – You removed abb
17/abb, 22:09 – abb: 🤭🤣
17/abb, 22:11 – You removed abb
17/abb, 23:51 – abb “:
17/abb, 23:51 – abb “: Output relay testing procedure is here in this manual
17/abb, 23:53 – abb: can anyone share the document related to dfig excitation?
18/abb, 07:07 – abb: Thanks
18/abb, 17:14 – abb “: Anyone experienced in MPD 600 for PD measurement…???
20/abb, 07:04 -abb: Hi, how pilot advance transformer (PAT) works? How its connections will be? These transformers are used in rural agricultural feeders to ensure 3 phase power during non peak hours and single phase supply during peak hours..( single phase supply for rural houses and three phase for agricultural motors in farms ).
20/abb, 12:53 – abb: This message was deleted
20/abb, 14:12 -abb: Can you share a picture of such transformer please?
20/abb, 14:19 -abb:
20/abb, 14:20 -abb: Not having pictures.. Got the information about PAT transformer from this document only👆
20/abb, 14:21 -abb: This message was deleted
20/abb, 14:22 -abb: Yeah thanks, I read that. I actually have my own transformer related workshop, that’s why wanted to know more. Thanks a lot
21/abb, 22:10 – abb: Dear, someone Will have the IEC 60480 standart
21/abb, 22:22 – abb:
22/abb, 12:21 – abb: PSL in micom relay, areva ,Siemens, Abb, and SEL?!
22/abb, 15:39 -abb: Micom
22/abb, 15:40 – abb: And for others brands?
22/abb, 15:50 – abb: 1.Areva, Schneider, Alstom,GE – are using Micom products-PSL-Programmable scheme logic
2.Siemens-CFC- Continuous function chart
3.Abb-ACT- Application configuration tool
22/abb, 15:55 – You addedabb”
22/abb, 16:06 – abb: And SEL?
22/abb, 16:06 – abb: Psv
22/abb, 16:10 – abb: Please sir do you have a procedures how to commissioning RPH3 ?
23/abb, 01:26 – abb: Hi
23/abb, 15:01 – abb: Any working in low voltage switchgear stream
23/abb, 15:01 – abb: Power system
23/abb, 15:07 – abb “: S
23/abb, 15:18 – abb”: Yes
23/abb, 20:09 – abb: Yes,
23/abb, 21:18 -abb”: Hi all
could you share about SOTF function in distance Relays?
23/abb, 21:25 – abbs: Switch on to Fault
23/abb, 21:27 – abb: Elaborate plz
23/abb, 22:11 -abb: If ur going energise one feeder in that feeder have fault is existing and we gave a closing command to Breaker, then in that case SOTF protection will immediately trip the Breker.
23/abb, 22:18 -abb: Super mr. Govardanan
23/abb, 22:20 -abb: Please explain timesynch process in simens relay using SNTP.
23/abb, 22:48 – abb: Anti-pump relay
23/abb, 22:49 -abb: Anti pumping to protect the closing coil
23/abb, 22:49 – abb: cierre, interrumpir el comando


23/abb, 22:53 – abb: Some switches come from the factory but you can also design logic.
23/abb, 22:55 -abb: Some switches mean?
23/abb, 22:55 -abb: Communication switches?
23/abb, 23:00 – abb: excuse me power switches
23/abb, 23:40 – abb: please anyone, how to read icd file for abb relay
24/abb, 01:21 – abb: Go to parameter settings then click on file from menu bar after that select export parameters and select which type of file you want to export
24/abb, 14:05 – abb:
24/abb, 15:18 abb: Siemens 7sj8011, how can we change it?
24/abb, 15:18 abb:
24/abb, 15:18 abb:
24/abb, 15:19 -abb: Through Digsi Software
24/abb, 15:19 -abb: Use digsi
24/abb, 15:26 abb: Always or we can change setting to manually
24/abb, 15:36 – abb “: No you can’t
24/abb, 15:55 abb: Oh ok thanks
24/abb, 19:03 – abbs: Only by software DIGDI
24/abb, 19:05 – abb: Oook
25/abb, 08:05 -abb: Any one from GE Chen nai?
25/abb, 19:15 – abb: What is pre close and post close in trip circuit supervision , can anyone explain ?
25/abb, 19:26 – abb: This is for trip circuit supervisor relay concept. Pre close before closing the breaker trip circuit healthy condition. Post close mean after closing the breaker trip circuit healthy condition. This this trip circuit supervisor relay check the trip circuit coil must be healthy in pre close & post close condition. If trip circuit fail protection relay give any trip commend it will not operate. That why protection scheme have two numbers of trip circuit scheme. This is called pre close & post close.
25/abb, 19:28 – abb: Thanks
25/abb, 19:28 – abb: Welcome
25/abb, 19:30 -abb”: We learn every day🙏
25/abb, 19:30 – abb: 👍
25/abb, 23:51 – abb: Please I looking the abb red 615 file setting for comparaison.
26/abb, 13:10 abb: How to set Directional over current protection?
26/abb, 16:47 -abb:
26/abb, 17:37 -abb: 👍 well explained
26/abb, 19:32 – abb: Very nice, also when mechanical protection operates .. it will send trip command directly to lock out without going through main relay.
27/abb, 15:17 -abb: Breaker is not working automatic..we need to press it manually for the operation of the pump..can anybody help me out in this
27/abb, 15:17 -abb:
27/abb, 15:17 -abb:
27/abb, 15:19 – abb”: Breaker or contactor?
27/abb, 15:21 -abb: Contactor
27/abb, 15:21 – abb”: Plz share control schematics
27/abb, 15:30 – abb “: S we need the schematic diagram for the rectification
27/abb, 15:32 – abb: Quick check the float switch by force, if supply is not reaching upto contactor coil, then there may be problem in loop or float switch itself.
27/abb, 16:28 – abb: Vous avez trouver le ficher ou pas encore?
27/abb, 21:49 – abb: Non hamoudi. Introuvable
27/abb, 22:02 – abb:
27/abb, 22:04 – abb: Je cherche la configuration fichier pcmi pour faire la comparaison entre les deux relais
27/abb, 22:06 abb: Which language is this?
27/abb, 22:08 – abb: French
27/abb, 22:08 – abb: French
27/abb, 23:54 -abb:
28/abb, 12:21 – abb:
28/abb, 12:21 – abb: Can any one Help
28/abb, 12:21 – abb: ?
28/abb, 12:35 -abb: Download S1 studio password hash genetor
28/abb, 12:35 -abb: And set a password
28/abb, 13:46 – abb”: AAAA
28/abb, 13:51 -abb:
28/abb, 13:52 -abb: Please explain function of resistor connected series in tripping coil
28/abb, 13:59 – abb “: It’s the trip circuit supervision circuit. It limits the current through the trip coil below the pick up value.
28/abb, 14:04 -abb: Ok thank you sir
28/abb, 14:56 – abb: A diagram is nor clear!!!
28/abb, 17:18 – abb: 👍👍👍
29/abb, 11:23 – abb:
29/abb, 11:54 – abb: Can we use single pole ac mcb in DC Circuit in negative polarity where positive polarity is grounded, dc system voltage is -48V,
If ans is yes then why??
29/abb, 14:17 -abb: Brother MCB has nothing to do with voltage. In your specific circuit, whatever the voltage is, doesn’t affect MCB.
Any kind of circuit breaker works on Current and it will work fine unless your circuit is designed ok. Even then it wouldn’t be circuit breaker that would be an issue but design of circuit.
29/abb, 14:20 – abb: But I am asking about dc and ac mcb difference. Whether the can be used interchangeably
29/abb, 14:55 -abb: Yes they can, I have used them.
But it depends in sensitivity of your circuit as well.
if an MCB designed for AC, it will trip sooner if used on DC, in case if fault.
29/abb, 14:55 -abb: In normal condition, it works fine
29/abb, 14:56 – abb: What I think is all breakers are rated to work with all type of voltages in ac and dc
29/abb, 14:57 – abb: Only the short circuit capacity will change according to the voltage
29/abb, 14:57 -abb: Some dedicated for DC, their coil don’t get heated as fast as AC…
29/abb, 14:57 -abb: Exactly
29/abb, 14:57 – abb: Yes those are special breakers
29/abb, 15:59 – abb: Thanks to all🙏🙏🙏
29/abb, 19:29abb: Friends anybody having red670 distance protection schemetic diagram..if u have pls forward to
29/abb, 22:16 – abb: send here plz
30/abb, 01:16 -abb: This message was deleted
30/abb, 01:16 – abbs:
30/abb, 01:16 – abbs:
30/abb, 01:16 – abbs:
30/abb, 01:17 – abbs:
30/abb, 01:17 – abbs:
30/abb, 01:17 – abbs:
30/abb, 01:17 – abbs: Where,s protecction system in these case?
30/abb, 01:19 – abb: Where is that?
30/abb, 01:20 – abb: Guess protection engineer has not configured output contacts of relay 🤪
30/abb, 01:20 – abbs: I don’t now
30/abb, 01:20 – abbs: May be
30/abb, 01:23 -abb: New york
30/abb, 01:24 -abb: Usa
People in the fist thought it might be an alien attack
30/abb, 01:26 – abb: Lol its scary
30/abb, 01:27 -abb: Search new york blue sky on utube. It’s hilarious
30/abb, 01:29 – abbs: 😨
30/abb, 09:00 – abb:
31/abb, 15:06 -abb: Hi. Is there anybody who has tested abb SwitchSync relay L183?
31/abb, 15:08 -abb: Or anyother SwitchSync relay from other manufactures like SIEMENS?
31/abb, 15:15 – abb: Synchro-check relay SPAU 140 C
31/abb, 15:29 -abb: Thank you very much but SPAU 140 C is synchrocheck relay not a syncswitch relay
31/abb, 15:32 – abb: Switchsync PWC600 is ABB
31/abb, 15:32 – abb: RPH3 ALSTOM
31/abb, 15:33 – abb: Controlled Switching with the Siemens Phase Synchronizing Device (PSD)
31/abb, 15:34 – abb: the MCS025 Sync-Check Module Schneider
31/abb, 15:36 -abb: Thank you very much. So you have tested these relay?
31/abb, 15:36 -abb: Have you used omicron?
31/abb, 15:37 -abb: Would you please give me test procedure or settings that have worked for testing these relays
01/abb, 00:35 – abb: Wish You Happy New Year 2019 With Bright Future & Enjoy Life For You & Your Family
01/abb, 02:43 – abbs: 👍🏾
01/abb, 03:15 -abb:
01/abb, 09:53 – abb:
01/abb, 10:29 – abb:
01/abb, 11:15 -abb: Happy new year to all 💥⚡✨💐
01/abb, 19:51 – abb: Any one have good document to understand ABTS and TOP.
01/abb, 19:56 – abb: Procedure SAT RPH3 ALSTOM please!?
01/abb, 21:06 -abb: Can we find amp to rpm ?
01/abb, 21:26 – abb: ???
01/abb, 21:42 -abb: Can we find amp from RPM?
01/abb, 21:43 -abb: Motor rpm
02/abb, 00:03 – abb: 🙄no
02/abb, 00:06 – abb: Engine with a power of 250 kW 1500 rpm and a 1500 kW 1500 rpm engine
02/abb, 16:06 -abb: Any one working or heard abt company called valmet?
02/abb, 18:04 -abb: Hi, There is opening in Schneider Electric, Chennai, India for Commissioning engineer with 5 to 7 Years’ experience..
Candidate must have knowledge on
1.) Commissioning of Numerical protection relays ( Distance, Differential, Busbar, Overcurrent & E/f )
2.) Hands on experience in configuration and testing different make protection relays with Omicron 356 / Double testing kits.
3.) Provided setting calculations for above said protections including CT & VT sizing..
Candidate may need to travel Global sites if required for commissioning & Training customers ..

To join our protection relay WhatsApp group, please send interest on Whatsapp +989129613659

Qualifying and Interested candidates can send your CV to
02/abb, 19:14 -abb”: Could you share any data about DCS system in substations?
03/abb, 00:21 -abb: What kind of dcs want?
03/abb, 00:21 -abb: Or type
03/abb, 00:22 -abb: Siemens ,Arefa
03/abb, 02:20 -abb”: This message was deleted
03/abb, 02:21 -abb”: Siemens please.🙏
03/abb, 04:41 -abb: Wincc or sicampas
03/abb, 13:49abb:
03/abb, 16:57 -abb”: SICAM PAS
03/abb, 17:00 -abb”: thanks
03/abb, 19:10 – abbs: User: zivercom
03/abb, 19:10 – abbs: Password: 0000
03/abb, 19:10 – abbs: Other password: ziv
03/abb, 19:35 – abb: 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾
03/abb, 21:10 – abb: CGL uses this software
04/abb, 16:46 – abb “: Anybody have vedios for transformer differential testing
04/abb, 16:47 – abb “: Especially regarding the slope points
09/abb, 17:55 -abb: Join Prtection Relay 4 ” Zaigham ali changed their phone number to a new number. Tap to message or add the new number.
09/abb, 17:57 -abb: Join Prtection Relay 4 ” Zaigham ali changed their phone number to a new number. Tap to message or add the new number.
10/abb, 09:54 – abb: Hi All
What is the equivalent model of RED670 in SIEMENS ??
10/abb, 10:16 – abb: 7SA52
10/abb, 10:17 – abb: Ok Noted
10/abb, 10:51 – abb: 7SD52
10/abb, 10:55 – abb: Is not 7sa52,
10/abb, 10:56 – abb: 7sd52
10/abb, 11:05 – abbs: 7SL87 version 5
10/abb, 11:06 – abbs: 21 87L 67 79 25….
10/abb, 17:31 – abb: 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾
11/abb, 00:59 -abb: For Siemens relays 7SD…. means Line Differential Protection.
7SA… Distance Protection as main protection function. Depending on the device type distance or line diff is available as main 2 function.
7SL … Line and Distance Protection. (SIPROTEC 5)
11/abb, 02:30 – abb: 👍👍
11/abb, 05:45 -abb: In micom relays can I upload the revised PSL while the relay is in service ?
11/abb, 05:45 -abb: Will there be any maloperation..?
11/abb, 07:00 abb: PSL uploading may result in Pick up of BI/BO and then output contact.
12/abb, 13:05 abb: Check the connection
Or disconnect the DC from relay for a while and try again
12/abb, 13:18 -abb: Ok thank-you
13/abb, 16:09 – abb:
13/abb, 16:12 – abb: Nice
14/abb, 16:10 -abb”:
15/abb, 20:28 – abb”: Has anyone distance and diffrential realy calculation in excel ؟؟!
15/abb, 20:29 – abb”: Plz share if anyonw have
16/abb, 01:57 – abb:
16/abb, 01:58 – abb:
16/abb, 07:59 – abb: Hi
16/abb, 08:00 – abb: Anybody have calculation sheet in excel for voltage drop and current carrying capacity of cables
16/abb, 08:17 -abb: Hi…
Is it password protected??
17/abb, 00:33 – abb”: Hi you can download it from
17/abb, 00:37 -abb: Any body knows how to protect three phase to ground earth fault?
For MV network.
For single phase there are many ways but for three phase we have problem.
17/abb, 00:38 – abb: Thank u very much
17/abb, 01:35 -abb: Hi
I want to config distance relay model VAMP 259 but there is no option to enable fault locator. i can see the related option under distance menu but nothing is submitted (in KM or Ohm), is there any way to enable fault locator?
17/abb, 02:19 abb: What problems yuo have ?
Three phase to ground it will not detect as earth fault because no zero sequence or no current will flow in the neutral. It is just an over current.
17/abb, 12:19 -abb: Good morning. A 132 kV SF6 circuit breaker rated for 220 volts aux. Voltage is to be used in a substation where 110 volts DC voltage is available. Please advise which changes are necessarily to be made in Circuit breaker.
17/abb, 12:45 – abb “: If you want to modify the equipments in the circuit breaker for 110v you need to change more equipments. Better try to connect the two 110v supply in series
17/abb, 16:49 -abb: When the available voltage is 110VDC
Change the following parts
1-closing coil one unit
2-tripping coil two units
3-all the dc contact relay.
Otherwise wise Manage 220VDC
17/abb, 16:51 -abb: Indication Lamp
17/abb, 18:11 – abb”: I am trying to export micom 442 set file into xrio format by using schnider s1 studio, but imI cannot find xrio option in the export menu. Any body can help?
17/abb, 18:12 – abb”: “but I cannot find”**
17/abb, 18:22 abb: You can go to setting file in right side of software , and press right click by mouse , and go to export setting , Rio
17/abb, 18:29 – abb”: I did it like this way, but xrio option was not available. I think software version does not has this option. But I am not sure.
17/abb, 19:01 -abb: Thanks boss. Relevant option.
17/abb, 19:01 -abb: Thanks boss.
17/abb, 19:01 -abb: Thank you all. Allah bless..
17/abb, 20:54 – abb: Any one have good document to understand ABTS and TOP.
18/abb, 04:49 – abb: Any one have Method of statement For Transformer stability and Generator stability?

Kindly reply m19/abb, 19:25 -abb”: anyone has SICAM PAS complete training for download?
20/abb, 12:21 – abb: Anyone having Protection in HVDC Systems related data. Plz share
22/abb, 10:38 – abb”: Does any body have IEC standards pertaining to SF6 gas please share?
22/abb, 10:50 -abb: Any one , Can you give me transformer testing IEC standard ?? Plz
22/abb, 11:36 abb: Hello,
If the SF6 in HV CBs become very low. What is the standard action in this case .. does the CB trip ?or it must locked out?
If it is locked out does any breaker failure must be initiated
22/abb, 11:36 abb: ?
22/abb, 11:47 -abb: Stage 1 alarm , stage 2 block . Block gas pressure <•5 Mpa
Block is no more operation ,open or close .
If fault then if it is line Tele protection will activate if trafo feedder or normal feeder BF will operate.
22/abb, 12:04 abb: In 500 KV if stage 2 appear the breaker immediately trip! Is it correct or need discussion??
22/abb, 12:07 abb: In our scheme in 500 kV level, if stage 2 appear the breaker immediately trip .. in my opinion cb lock out must take plase rather than trip! .. Am I write??
22/abb, 12:08 -abb: I have only experience up to 400 kv Siemens CB , second stage not trip from cb scheme. But PSB functions can make trip . I have no knowledge about PSB
22/abb, 12:08 -abb: PSD
22/abb, 12:11 abb: Sorry, what is PSD
22/abb, 12:12 -abb: Phase Synchronizing Device (PSD)
22/abb, 12:17 – abb: Please need test procedure RPH3 synchronizing device please?!
22/abb, 12:20 abb: Thanks
22/abb, 12:21 – abb: Please need test procedure RPH3 synchronizing device please?!
22/abb, 12:22 -abb: Can I get testing IEC standard file @249123496701
22/abb, 12:23 -abb: All substation equipment and transformers.
22/abb, 12:23 – abb: Please need test procedure RPH3 synchronizing device please?!
22/abb, 12:24 – abb: We are getting Generator Rotor Earth Fault in Relay…How can we ensure that it is a false alarm
22/abb, 12:27 abb: I don’t have my friend.. I am operating engineer
22/abb, 12:43 -abb: Brother this is dangerous to trip the cb in case of stage 2 may not be able to quench the arc properly as sf6 pressure is its advised to block tripping in case stage 2 operates.
22/abb, 12:55 – abb: Tell me SEL relay password
22/abb, 12:57 – abb: 👍
22/abb, 13:29 – abb “: If sf6 gas content reduced breaker trip
22/abb, 15:27 -abb: Level 1 OTTER TAIL
22/abb, 15:49 – abb: 👍🏼
22/abb, 16:56 -abb: Stage 2 trip must be lockout, means Breaker will trip and shouldn’t Close until SF6 Gas is refilled to specified pressure.

Lockout means one needs to reset Lockout relay before closing Breaker.
But don’t reset until gas is refilled to required pressure.

Nominal pressure for 132kV is 5.6 bars absolute.
I have protocols of IEC Standard for Gas testing, if you nees I can send you tomorrow
22/abb, 17:25 -abb: Hi
Does Micom P741 and P742 need seperate software for PSL editin?
22/abb, 17:38 – abb”: No, s1 studio can do it.
22/abb, 17:39 -abb: thank you very much, but if i want to edit single line map of substation?
22/abb, 17:47 -abb: does anybody have P740 Scheme Editor?
22/abb, 17:48 – abb”: Please do send tomorrow
22/abb, 17:50 -abb: Sure, I would send you as soon as I open my laptop
22/abb, 17:50 – abb”: Thanks 👍
22/abb, 17:57 -abb: does anybody have P740 Scheme Editor?
22/abb, 18:06 – abb “: Could you please send me the Same.
22/abb, 21:49 -abb: Sure I will send it here
22/abb, 22:19 – abb”: Im this case you must use topolgy editor for micom
22/abb, 22:42 -abb: Do you have applicaton for that?
22/abb, 22:51 – abb: Iec 60076
22/abb, 22:54 – abb: If you want to go with diagnostic testing for transformer please refer C37.152
22/abb, 23:02 – abb: Can any tell me about IEC standard for GIS, MV switchgear, transformer, protection schemes and IED testing and commissioning
22/abb, 23:02 – abb: Needed IEC standard Codes
22/abb, 23:13 – abb”: Yes i have. but i do not have it’s serial number, unfortunately. You have to buy the application from schnider directly.
22/abb, 23:18 -abb: Would you please give me the link to download software?
22/abb, 23:19 -abb: Then i will buy serial numbrr
23/abb, 01:37 – abb: NIC NO RESPONSE in micom p142 and p143
What to do to solve this problem and what the cause for it
23/abb, 07:05 – abb: Problem with the hardware.
Temporary solution: restart the IED, alarm will disappear and after some days alarm will come again.
Permanent solution:Need to change network interface card and update the respective nic file to that board.
23/abb, 10:24 – abb: Thanks for reply
24/abb, 21:47 -abb: Plz share Rio/PTL file for P44T relay Alstom make,,
24/abb, 22:00 abb: Anyone having Sepan M40 Series motor relay testing file?
24/abb, 22:01 – abb: Hi, hope u need relay file ????
24/abb, 22:02 abb: Yes
24/abb, 22:02 abb: Please
24/abb, 22:03 – abb:
24/abb, 22:12 abb: Which format is this?
24/abb, 22:13 abb: Sir this is not supported. Is it Pdf or excel?
25/abb, 00:33 – abb: Password ? Sure
29/abb, 19:17 – abb: Hi ..

To join our protection relay WhatsApp group, please send interest on Whatsapp +989129613659

Anybody having idea about Siemens OPC server communication
29/abb, 21:01 -abb: anybody has serial number for micom topology editor ?
29/abb, 21:01 -abb: or can edit sdl for micom p741?
30/abb, 10:59 -abb: In Micom S1 studio, while uploading psl file to relay, we get three options, First is Enhanced logic only, second Logic only, third Full form .. My question is what is the difference between these three options.
30/abb, 11:30 – abb: The difference is in the settings updated with the psl update.
30/abb, 20:18 – abb “: Hi…. Anybody has the sample test report of Partial Discharge test on Distribution Transformers….??
31/abb, 14:03 abb:
01/abb, 22:07 -abb: In below attachment, Generator Stator earth fault is detected by connecting Neutral side NGT secondary voltage in series with Phase side open delta voltage which derived through external IVT. Query is how this works and what will be output voltage of this combination which is measured by MICOMP345 relay ..
01/abb, 22:08 -abb:
01/abb, 22:09 -abb:
01/abb, 23:35 – abb: Hello everyone
01/abb, 23:36 – abb: Who is the best version windows to install all software digsi, agil, pcm….. Without bug?!!! Thanks
01/abb, 23:39 – abb: Leonardo Dicarprio
01/abb, 23:39 – abb: 🤝
02/abb, 02:42 -abb”: 10
02/abb, 03:51 – abb: Without bug or dysfunction??!
02/abb, 08:24 -abb”: Yet
02/abb, 13:15 – abb:
03/abb, 14:03 – abb:
03/abb, 14:04 – abb: commissioning Manuel please 🙏
03/abb, 17:46 – abb: Someone had omicron test templates cmc356, for overcurrents, differential, etc, and also some good bibliography for generator protections.
05/abb, 17:12 – abb: Test
05/abb, 17:20 – abb: This your book
05/abb, 17:20 – abb: This is your book
05/abb, 17:29 – abb:
05/abb, 19:23 -abb: Did anybody have protection relay testing handbook
05/abb, 19:23 -abb:
05/abb, 19:35 -abb: 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Thank you so much
05/abb, 19:36 – abb: Excellent thank u👍👍👍
05/abb, 19:36 – abbs: 🤗👍🏾
05/abb, 20:02 abb: Thank you very much🤗🌸🤗🌸
As you notice this book is volume 4 in the series . . I would appreciate it if you send volumes 1-3
05/abb, 20:03 – abb: Thank you dear it’s very helpful
05/abb, 20:24 -abb: 👍🏻
05/abb, 20:59 – abb: Your are welcome.
I wiil trh to find the other volumes
05/abb, 21:01 abb: Thanks Yazid … 🌸🤗❤👍🏻
05/abb, 21:01 – abb: You are welcome
05/abb, 21:20 -abb: Wonderful and helpful.. Allah bless..
05/abb, 21:20 – abb: You’re welcome
05/abb, 21:22 – abb:
05/abb, 21:28 – abb:
05/abb, 21:32 – abb:
05/abb, 21:32 abb: ❤
05/abb, 21:33 – abb: Volume
05/abb, 21:33 – abb: Thnx
05/abb, 21:59 – abb: Please share volume 4
05/abb, 22:01 abb:
05/abb, 22:01 – abb: OK thanks
05/abb, 22:02 abb: YAZID : Thanks .. very much ❤
05/abb, 22:16 – abb: You are welcome
06/abb, 00:44 -abb: My dear good friends
I have problem with the earth fault.
We have used Siemens o/c relay which is functioning very good for o/c ,e/f and s/c
For the earh fault whenever it’s happened either one or two phases it’s working ,but whenever it’s 3phase .the relay is not working.
Please help me in this issue
06/abb, 00:46 – abbs: Always trips with 3phase faults?
06/abb, 00:49 -abb: For other fault it’s ok but the 3 phase Eearth fault is not detecting.
By primary current injections each phase individually functioning.
06/abb, 00:54 – abbs: 🤔
06/abb, 00:54 – abb”: What are the magnitudes and angles of 3 phase currents you injected for test?
06/abb, 00:55 – abbs: What SIEMENS OC relay model?
06/abb, 01:01 -abb: 7SJ601
06/abb, 01:01 – abbs: Version 3
06/abb, 01:01 -abb: Yes 3
06/abb, 01:04 -abb: The earth fault setting for the stage one I> 15A
If faults is even 20A no functioning
06/abb, 01:37 abb: Dear friend .. 3 phase fault it is not an earth fault .. even if 3 phase to earth it will not detect by earth fault protection
06/abb, 01:41 abb: If you inject three equal magnitudes with 0,120,-120.. earth fault will not function even if it is more than earth fault setting .
06/abb, 01:46 – abb”: While you are injecting current, check relay measurments and make sure that neutral current exceeds the setting value (15A)
06/abb, 01:46 – abb”: If current exceeds setting then you have to check whether directional fuction is enabled or not. Also somtimes you need to check the earth fault calculation method if its measured or calculated.
06/abb, 01:47 – abb”: Finally check the current connection to relay. Make sure that current circuit loop is closed
06/abb, 01:49 – abb”: Thats totally right. balance values will not initiate earth fault fuction.
06/abb, 01:55 – abb “: I agree with that the balance magnitude will not result in earth fault. Check the neutral current flow
06/abb, 02:08 -abb”: The 3phase fault is consider balance three phase fault so no earth fault will detect, you need to active o/c protection.
Even if E/F operate with three phase fault it will be due to unbalance not a real earth fault.
06/abb, 02:25 – abb “: Just reduce the setting for testing purpose and inject the current in all three phase monitor the neutral current flow now increase the current value in only one phase until the neutral current value reaches your setting value definitely it will trip according to the curve. Check the setting whether it is non directional.
06/abb, 06:43 -abb: Hope you are testing directional earthfault.. Check the voltage magnitude which you are injecting to the relay.. it shouldn’t be zero.. mostly relays require minium of 3Volt for sensing the right direction.. suggest give 10V in Y and B phase and 5V in R phase and injecting the fault current above the setting..
06/abb, 15:45 -abb: if the three currents are not shifted between them by 120 degrees, even if they have the same amplitude, it will trip because the vector sum of the three phases becomes different from zero. (Io # 0A)
06/abb, 16:50 -abb: Admin… Please add Mr. Sajimon to group
06/abb, 16:50 -abb: Sajimon Bro India No.vcf (file attached)
07/abb, 16:44 abb: Dear i am facing a problem in Siemens 7SJ8041
When Relay Trips on Under Volatge and Voltage comes back to normal and i try to reset the Relay Binary outputs and Leds then relay does not resets… i have to go into Test and diagnostic menu and have to reset whole relay from there… any solution?
07/abb, 16:51 – abb: Please check drop out ratio of relay….
07/abb, 16:52 – abb: normal drop out is 1.2 for under voltage
07/abb, 16:53 abb: Secondly in 7s8041 Relay does not trips on Reverse Power
07/abb, 16:54 – abb: Please check additional functions available or not
07/abb, 16:58 abb: Yes available
07/abb, 16:59 abb: And setting at 166.5W
07/abb, 17:02 abb: From where we can check it?
07/abb, 17:14 – abb: This message was deleted
07/abb, 17:15 – abb: It is available in u/v settings.
But you need Laptop and active additional settings
07/abb, 17:18 abb: Okk brothet
07/abb, 21:35 – abb: Plz Add Aimal Khushal Assistant Manager Maintenance NTDC
07/abb, 21:53 – abb: If any one this relay manual English electric, CDG31FF8051JL(M), electromagnetic relay kindly reply me
08/abb, 16:48 – Elec Engg: Invite your friends too, forward the following message to them
08/abb, 16:48 – Elec Engg: To join the Protection Engineers WhatsApp Group:
Save +917303437524 as ” Elec-Engg ” in your contacts
Send a WhatsApp message as: join protection relay 4 ” Your Name “
08/abb, 20:21 – You addedabb and A1 5422
08/abb, 20:28 abb: If a transformer is protected with both REF (64REF) and Differential (87).. as we know REF is more sensitive than 87 and operate for the unprotected winding near to the neutral side.
My question: is any 87 trip means also REF trip in same time ???
08/abb, 22:50 – abb”: No, REF only responds for earth faults inside zone.. if the fault is not related to earth.. then only differential will operate.. in the case of earth faults both can trip the transformer( the faster will trip first).
09/abb, 00:55 abb: Thsnks Mohammed. got it
09/abb, 01:03 abb: and if the transformer has high impedance grounding.. the earth fault near star point ( less than 40% of winding) may not initiate 87 ( when you apply slope and operation and restraint)… in this case only REF will operate.. Right???
09/abb, 01:09 abb: What is the difference between high impedance and low imedance when dealing wih Differential and REF protections?
09/abb, 03:02 – abb”: Yes, this is right. And this is why we use REF together with Diff protection.
09/abb, 03:09 – abb”: The high imoedance method uses an impedance in series with operationg coil of the relay. The impedance value is chooen to damp the current of the relay under setting current in the case of worst fault (a fault near cts with one ct saturated). The low impedance method uses restraint coil to damp the current of the operating coil in the case of worst fault. The relay will trip when the operating coil current is maximum than the restraint coil current.
10/abb, 14:51 – Elec Engg:
10/abb, 14:51 – Elec Engg: Welcome Eng Abdur Rahman Siddiq
10/abb, 14:54 – abb: Welcome abdur rahman siddiq💐💐💐
10/abb, 14:56 -abb: Thank you everyone. Its a pleasure to be a part of this group
10/abb, 14:57 abb: Welcome bro 🌹
10/abb, 14:57 -abb: Thanks for the suggestion 🙂
10/abb, 15:07 – abb: Welcome my friend
10/abb, 15:15 -abb: 👍🏼
10/abb, 15:55 – abb “: Welcome my friend
10/abb, 18:36 abb: 👍🏻
12/abb, 03:59 -abb: This message was deleted
12/abb, 04:05 -abb: Hello ,any one have any idea about (Space2000) dcs from Arefa easbisally unix redhat 2.4.7-10
12/abb, 04:06 -abb:
12/abb, 04:06 -abb:
12/abb, 04:06 -abb: I have this problem when the unix startup
14/abb, 21:06 – abb changed their phone number to a new number. Tap to message or add the new number.
14/abb, 21:11 – abb changed their phone number to a new number. Tap to message or add the new number.
14/abb, 21:06 – abb changed their phone number to a new number. Tap to message or add the new number.
14/abb, 21:11 – abb changed their phone number to a new number. Tap to message or add the new number.
15/abb, 21:16 – abb:
16/abb, 00:01 – abb changed their phone number to a new number. Tap to message or add the new number.
16/abb, 00:12 – abb changed their phone number to a new number. Tap to message or add the new number.
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16/abb, 00:12 – abb changed their phone number to a new number. Tap to message or add the new number.
16/abb, 02:48 -abb”: Hi all
in which case the operation of 52PD, pole discordance protection will be block?
16/abb, 03:05 – abb: By logic
16/abb, 03:06 -abb”: Excuse me in which conditions?
16/abb, 03:22 – abb: the pole discrepancy is an arrangement of controls, typical of the power switch
16/abb, 12:51 abb: It is already blocked by time .. if PD happen it must operate after 2.5 second.
16/abb, 12:56 abb: In which cases and configuration I must installed and program “inter trip signal protection “in case of transformer protection???
18/abb, 21:33 – abb: Anyone please share 4 volumes of books shared earlier Actually I got format my mobile so all data lost
18/abb, 21:41 – abb: Witch ones ?
18/abb, 21:42 – abb: [Power Systems Handbook Volume 3] J. C. Das – Power System Protective Relayi
18/abb, 21:43 – abb: I have volumes 1 and 4
18/abb, 21:43 – abb: Please share volumes 2 and 3
18/abb, 21:50 – abb: You can download it with Google all is available
18/abb, 21:59 abb: Can you share me volume 1 and 4
18/abb, 22:03 -abb:
19/abb, 11:37 -abb: Hi, PD trip function is normally blocked by any pre-scheduled single pole operation of CB like single pole auto reclosing or manual opening of a single pole of CB.
19/abb, 12:11 -abb: Y?
19/abb, 12:11 -abb: Does anybody have serial number for topology editor software or can edit SLD for Micom P741 rela
19/abb, 15:20 -abb”: Thanks It is true.
19/abb, 17:47 – abb: in the monopolar switch the discrepancy time must exceed the reclosing time.
19/abb, 20:05 abb: Dear friends/,
I have 7sj62 Siemens relay and it’s went to monitor mode then i tried to initialize the Dex file not succeed and activated device reset from the HMI after that it’s went again monitor mode and relay restarting automatically when power on
19/abb, 20:09 – abb: Hopefully by upgrading Firmware Version, it may work fine, kindly contact Siemens and ask for updated firmware version.
19/abb, 20:26 – abb: you must initialize the device with the digsi
20/abb, 12:47 -abb changed their phone number to a new number. Tap to message or add the new number.
20/abb, 12:47 -abb changed their phone number to a new number. Tap to message or add the new number.
20/abb, 12:47 -abb changed their phone number to a new number. Tap to message or add the new number.
20/abb, 13:55 abb: ؟
20/abb, 13:58 abb: Please share experiences and knowledge about “power swing blocking” in distance protection
21/abb, 13:08 -abb”: Hi guys, I need help setting up auto recloser on the sepam series 20 relay
21/abb, 18:11 -abb: In double bus bar protection what is the difference between single CT and Double CT method for bus coupler
21/abb, 19:46 – abb: This message was deleted
21/abb, 19:47 – abb:
26/abb, 18:57 – Elec Engg:
🌟Follow the group rules and objectives of the group
🌟This is an international group, just text in English
🌟Actively participate in the group.
🌟Don’t make any personal message to the group members
🌟 Post your message in one single chunk of text, don’t post every word or sentence in a new message.
🌟Advertisements, announcement of event of other groups needs approval from Admin before circulation (+917303437524 ).
🌟If any member is not following the rules, we have authority to remove from the group
🌟 No greeting and other personal discussion. Do not say good morning, good night, thanks etc.

To join our protection relay WhatsApp group, please send interest on Whatsapp

27/abb, 17:07 -abb: Hello,

What is the use of Line CVT in relays?? Help please..
27/abb, 17:14 – abb: Synchro Checj
27/abb, 17:14 – abb: Check
27/abb, 17:17 – abb”: Distance relay
27/abb, 17:17 – abb”: Metering
27/abb, 17:30 – abb: 67
27/abb, 17:47 – abb: How you test relay GE SR3 ,Thermal Overload fonction with alarm and trip ?
02/abb, 11:25 -abb”: Hi all
In DIGSI4 4.92, when i wanted to archive a file, this window was displayed and required a password.
02/abb, 12:29 -abb:
02/abb, 12:30 -abb:
02/abb, 12:30 -abb: And got this log file
03/abb, 17:43 -abb: There are some requirements for installing digsi like c++ ,have you installed them?
11/abb, 00:26 -abb: I need 12 units of above relay Fro where to get it?
11/abb, 00:36 -abb: REF615 FEEDER PROTECTION RELAY You can directly contact abb ltd.vadodara factory
11/abb, 00:46 -abb: Is there any address in India?
11/abb, 01:04 -abb: Narendra Sir.vcf (file attached)
11/abb, 01:05 -abb: @93700078728 please contact that person Mr. Narendra from Mumbai, India. for your requirement…
11/abb, 01:15 -abb: Ok thanks I contact tomorrow
14/abb, 18:27 – abb “: Hi
14/abb, 18:28 – abb “: Any members having experience in HV cable systems….???
14/abb, 19:12 – abb: ☝🏻
14/abb, 19:20 -abb: yes
14/abb, 20:17 -abb: How distance protection is functioning in HVDC transmission
14/abb, 20:29 – abb “: Transposing is required in long distance HV cables …? Or cross bonding is enough…??
14/abb, 21:51 – abb “: Both will be required
14/abb, 21:52 – abb “: Conventional distance protection is not applicable in HVDC system as the reactive part of impedance is absent due to zero frequency
14/abb, 21:54 – abb “: Thanks…. please share if you have any data on this
14/abb, 21:55 – abb: 👍
14/abb, 22:39 – abb “: Cross bonding is required to reduce the induced voltage and transposing is required to make C mutual equal between three phases… This job shall be done each 400meter and cross bonding shall be connected with earth by spicail box or with SVL + earth
14/abb, 22:39 – abb “: SVL mean shield voltage limiter
14/abb, 23:04 – abb “: Ok…. good description
14/abb, 23:05 – abb “: Thanks 👍
14/abb, 23:23 – abb: Thank you Eng. Ahmed
14/abb, 23:27 – abb “: Welcome 🤗
15/abb, 18:59 -abb: Any experience in testing siemens sync switch relay?
17/abb, 23:28 – abb:
17/abb, 23:29 – abb: When i tried to extract xml file from digsi, this error came. Kindly advise
17/abb, 23:30 – abb: It depends on how u extracted
17/abb, 23:30 – abb: There are 2 ways to extract
17/abb, 23:30 – abb: Which one was yours
17/abb, 23:30 – abb: How did you do it?
17/abb, 23:38 – abb: Both ways same error
18/abb, 11:25 -abb: Can anyone provide manual for Bus Bar protection Alstom MiCom Relay P741 ??
18/abb, 11:25 -abb: Thanks in advance
18/abb, 16:16 – abb: Any one know how test Startup Supevisn in REM 601 ?
19/abb, 15:47 – abb: How to tackle DC link over Voltage faults…. In VFD

Need simple solution….

Application HVAC chilled pumps
19/abb, 16:22 -abb: siemens VFD?
19/abb, 16:23 – abb: Yes
19/abb, 16:23 -abb: G180?
19/abb, 16:24 – abb: G120
19/abb, 16:24 – abb: No problem if in this case then
19/abb, 16:26 -abb: okay

  1. increase the DC overvoltage fault limit to 130%. default is 125%. but this solution may lead to stress VFD which may lead to some future issue.
  2. Update ur firmware to latest. It will work right away
    19/abb, 16:27 – abb: Hmmm
    19/abb, 16:28 -abb: old versions are not prone to motor oscillatations which incase u free run a motor may oscillate.
    in which frequency band u r facing over voltage?
    19/abb, 16:30 – abb: Really I just retrieved data from customer..
    But from where i can find it
    19/abb, 16:30 -abb: find firmware?
    19/abb, 16:30 -abb: siemens website.
    19/abb, 16:31 – abb: No , frequency band
    19/abb, 16:33 -abb: run the motor. increase speed slowly. ull start hearing hizzling sound in a particular band
    19/abb, 16:34 – abb: Okay
    19/abb, 16:34 – abb: Will update
    19/abb, 21:47 – abb”: Help pleaese

I cannot modify protection setting on ABB REF 542 plus manually or online through cable. I always got “setting not saved properly”. Can any one help?
20/abb, 09:36 -abb:
20/abb, 09:36 -abb: Protection key 🔑
20/abb, 12:50 – abb”: Hi. I used the key to change protection mode to SET. Is this enough? Should it be used also to change setting?
22/abb, 01:15 – abb: Please anyone can help me about password viewer for ABB Red 615
23/abb, 11:00 – abb: We are facing one error while installing ABB PCM 600…Can anyone help???
23/abb, 11:00 – abb:
23/abb, 12:18 -abb: Try to Separately download and install sql server and then install pcm
25/abb, 16:24 -abb:
25/abb, 16:24 -abb:
25/abb, 16:24 -abb: anyone knows about this error while exporting in. xml extension?
25/abb, 18:28 -abb:
25/abb, 18:28 -abb:
25/abb, 18:29 -abb: This is the 1600A breaker feeding the Chillar. Could anyone please tell me what would be the setting of this Breaker for Long, Short, Inst. & Ground?
25/abb, 18:36 -abb: DLL file is missing. Copy DLL file from another working laptop(C drive) or reinstall software.
25/abb, 18:40 -abb: For long char. Settings are 1.0 and time is 3.0.
25/abb, 18:42 – abb: Switch not clear but for L =1 and T=144s ;S=1.8;I=8;G=.4
25/abb, 19:13 -abb: Pl s help
25/abb, 19:13 -abb:
25/abb, 19:13 -abb:
25/abb, 19:46 -abb: Thanks alot!
25/abb, 20:44 – abb: Can anybody tell whats the max current in which we can use mccb only for load break
25/abb, 20:49 – abb:
25/abb, 20:51 – abb: Cable size 300sq mm
25/abb, 20:56 -abb: This message was deleted
25/abb, 21:26 – abb: Omg
25/abb, 22:34 – abb: That’s due to thermal effects. The thermal tripping point would go down after each tripping and if tripping takes place at 370 A after 2 hours, the MCCB might trip at 350 or even below (may) after every one and a half hour or even more earlier
26/abb, 06:45 – abb: Then whats the solutions shall we change this mccb if yes what would be the rating.any other solution instead of mccb because its placed in between transformer secondary side and LT panel.
26/abb, 10:02 – abb: Check your tightness of each bolt…. Properly torque it …
26/abb, 11:27 – abb: Phase sequence is ok my site is running fine load is 240 kw ..
26/abb, 11:33 – abb: 240 kw? rate amp is 408 amp
26/abb, 11:33 – abb: This is connected load but running is 225 kw
26/abb, 11:34 – abb: Can you test the MCCB
26/abb, 11:34 – abb: By primary injection
26/abb, 11:38 – abb: 383 amp
26/abb, 15:54 -abb:
26/abb, 15:56 -abb: There is over load, short circuit, instantaneous and ground fault
26/abb, 15:56 -abb: Ground fault its okay for me
26/abb, 15:59 – abb: Any party for Transformer repair in eastern region of India/Kolkata and near by
26/abb, 16:06 -abb: Srinivas Trafo Tech.vcf (file attached)
26/abb, 16:06 -abb: He is from Andhra Pradesh. But work wise he is senior most and purely technical person.
26/abb, 16:18 – abb: Ashok Hyd Sie.vcf (file attached)
26/abb, 16:19 -abb: By doing the method of primary injection
26/abb, 16:22 -abb: Yes I am doing by primary injection only
26/abb, 16:23 -abb: Can u tell me which combinations for overload test in primary injection
26/abb, 16:26 -abb: Single phase or phase to phase ???
26/abb, 21:48 -abb: You can use Phase to phase and phase to neutral for overload, instantaneous and short circuit. And phase to neutral for ground fault.
30/abb, 20:56 -abb: I can’t open IEC61850 staion in digsi 4.88
30/abb, 21:00 -abb:
30/abb, 21:02 – abb: Its okay. Dont open then
30/abb, 21:02 – abb: Close
30/abb, 21:04 – abb: May be target digsi file version differs
30/abb, 21:06 -abb: What should i do ?
30/abb, 21:06 – abb: Install Digsi 4.91 n try
30/abb, 21:10 -abb: Anyone who have Digsi 4.88 update?
30/abb, 21:13 -abb: It user Siemens-Configurator-Version
30/abb, 21:13 -abb: It use Siemens-Configurator-Version”>
30/abb, 21:16 – abb: Create Siemens User ID & u can download on Siemens webpage
30/abb, 21:21 -abb: I already have siemens ID. But i can found only 4.93
30/abb, 21:21 -abb: 4.88 service pack 1
30/abb, 21:22 -abb: I don’t found 4.88 service pack 1 or any 4.88 update.
30/abb, 22:17 – abbs: To Old version
30/abb, 22:57 – abb: ☺
31/abb, 02:15 -abb: what is the maxium length for line can use Teleproection in distance relay?
31/abb, 02:16 – abb: This message was deleted
31/abb, 02:16 – abb: Which relay? All relays have different limits
31/abb, 02:16 -abb: I know,
31/abb, 02:16 -abb: Siemens
31/abb, 02:18 -abb: 400km, 300km, 200km,100km,I talking about distane I can use Teleproection in dustance relay?
31/abb, 21:08 -abb”: Hi every body … does ABB REL 541 have an under frequency and over frequency protection???
31/abb, 21:13 -abb”: Sorry I meant ABB REL 511
31/abb, 21:47 – abb: No…
31/abb, 22:56 -abb”: Is there any way to activate this feature in this relay, Thanks 🙏
31/abb, 22:58 – abb: Anyone having working experience on tolon or edro laundry machines?
01/abb, 19:26 abb:
01/abb, 19:28 -abb: What is the default password for easergy studio 7.1.0?
01/abb, 19:29 -abb: In easergy studio 8.0.0 the procedure to connect to relay is different, has anyone been able to use that?
01/abb, 19:30 – abb: This message was deleted
01/abb, 19:31 – abb: AAAA
01/abb, 19:37 -abb: Thanks but it does not accept
01/abb, 19:37 -abb:
01/abb, 20:00 -abb: Use micom studio hashtag for crack.
01/abb, 20:30 – Elec Engg:
The group discussions are open 24/7. hit “Mute” on your Whatsapp group. You will still receive all the messages, but your phone won’t buzz or make a noise for every one of them
Now, please take a moment and introduce yourself completely : Your Name, Country, Company, specialty
01/abb, 20:37 -abb “: I am an hafiz saad mudassir from pakistan, me an electrical engineer specialization in power from UET lahore i got 3.7 CGPA my fyp is related to power system protection
01/abb, 20:41 -abb “: Dear all group members ; can u guide me about how to learn ETAP 16.0.0 software
01/abb, 20:53 – abb’: Hi Friends I am RAFFI from INDIA RELAY ENGINEER PDCS PROJECTS INDIA PVT LTD..
01/abb, 20:53 – abb: Abdiya😊😊😊
01/abb, 21:01 – abb: Welcome !!
01/abb, 21:16 – abb: Welcome 🙏🙏🙏all new members
02/abb, 21:00 -abb: Hiiii friends
02/abb, 21:02 – abb: Welcome 😊🙏🏻
02/abb, 21:32 – abb: Welcome !!!!
02/abb, 23:34 – abbs: Welcome friends!!!
03/abb, 06:45 -abb: How to calculate maximum through fault current to set the relay stable in bus bar protections ? Say voltage is 400kV.
03/abb, 08:05 – abb “: It was based upon your load
03/abb, 08:06 -abb: If exact load details are not available?
03/abb, 08:10 – abb “: I don’t have a clear idea, but have a suggestion u can decide with reference to your CT primary
03/abb, 08:13 – abb “: But normal load current may be more less than the CT rating
03/abb, 08:20 -abb: Ok
03/abb, 10:01 -abb: How to create CID & ICD files to ZIV 87T(CGL make) relay for integrate with SAS.
03/abb, 10:10 -abb:
03/abb, 10:41 -abb: You can get a rough idea by the maximum CTR of all the CT’s connected to the bus.
04/abb, 17:05 – abb: Please I need to communicate with argus 1 relay over current reyrolle by rs 485
04/abb, 17:16 -abb: Sorry i dont have any ldea
04/abb, 17:19 -abb:
04/abb, 17:19 – abb: Shoot your questions
04/abb, 17:22 -abb:
04/abb, 17:24 – abb: You can not extract. Only vendor can give you
04/abb, 17:25 – abb: You can edit in ziver cid
04/abb, 17:26 -abb: Sir I dont have CID, then how can i edit please tell mee
04/abb, 17:28 – abb: Arrange to take from vendor
04/abb, 17:28 – abb: If you dont have cid then get it from ziver cid soft
04/abb, 17:28 – abb: You can
04/abb, 17:29 – abb: Extract the CID via ZiverCid software. It will create the file
04/abb, 17:30 – abb: And btw you should not be touching ZIV relay if you do not have a basic idea of Ziv software
04/abb, 17:30 – abb: Because there are chances you will make the firmware corrupt
04/abb, 17:30 – abb: For which you have to make it hard reset, which is also not an easy process, short but risky
04/abb, 17:30 – abb: So please contact your senior on site & inform him about the situation
04/abb, 17:31 – abb: Otherwise once the relay is gone into dead mode, it wont be even hard reset by calendar method
04/abb, 17:34 -abb: Sir I have ZiverCID software then how can i extract there is any option???
04/abb, 17:37 – abb: I think go to zivercomplus and then setting and then edit. This file will automatically open in ziver cid
04/abb, 17:39 – abb: Ill tell you after going home. Don’t remember by heart. Ill check in the eve & update you..
04/abb, 17:40 – abb: Thats true. If he has cid module installed
04/abb, 17:42 -abb: Thank you sir.
04/abb, 17:42 -abb: I will try sir,
04/abb, 17:43 -abb: This message was deleted
04/abb, 17:44 -abb: Hi , Is anybody familiar with F650 ge relay?
04/abb, 17:46 – abb: What do you want to know?
04/abb, 17:46 – abb: Issue?
04/abb, 17:46 -abb: About Plc logic configuration
04/abb, 17:46 -abb: I couldn’t find any doc
04/abb, 17:47 – abb: Do you have filezilla?
04/abb, 17:47 -abb: Can we write logic for transformers changeover
04/abb, 17:50 – abb: Yessss… you can
04/abb, 17:50 – abb: How do you want to make it work as changeover?
04/abb, 17:51 -abb: No sir
04/abb, 17:51 – abb: You must have that
04/abb, 17:51 – abb: Download it
04/abb, 17:51 – abb: Use filezilla to extract CID
04/abb, 17:52 – abb: For extract you dont need any credentials
04/abb, 17:52 -abb: With definition of CB status and timer, ….
04/abb, 17:52 – abb: For download usename: ziv
And password: *ziv#
04/abb, 17:52 -abb: Okay sir ,
04/abb, 17:52 -abb: Thank you sir .
04/abb, 18:05 – abb: Welcome my friend
04/abb, 18:05 – abb: Where do you work
04/abb, 18:12 -abb: Siemens
04/abb, 18:16 -abb “: Which campus…
04/abb, 18:17 -abb: Gurgaon,India
04/abb, 21:43 – abb”: Hello! Please I have a problem with me fault recorder
04/abb, 21:43 – abb”: 7ke85 siemens
04/abb, 21:43 – abb”: In the Disgi5 software show fault in port E
04/abb, 21:43 – abb”: En front panel is active run (green) and error(red) Led
04/abb, 21:43 – abb”:
04/abb, 21:45 – abb”: I can’t communicate
04/abb, 21:46 – abb: This fault locator is not functional.
04/abb, 21:46 – abb: As long as the error led is glowing.
04/abb, 21:48 – abb”: Is correct
04/abb, 21:48 – abb”: But what is the solution?
04/abb, 21:49 – abb”: This problem have any solution
04/abb, 21:50 – abb: Yes… in CFC, the ladder is having a signal which is not masked
04/abb, 21:50 – abb: Remove that
04/abb, 21:51 – abb”: I can not inspect the relay, I can not communicate
04/abb, 21:51 – abb: Then WHAT ARE YOU DOING THERE? If you can’t even communicate with the relay you are having problem with?
04/abb, 21:52 – abb”: This message was deleted
04/abb, 21:53 – abb: You went there only to see the relay face? Relay is in error mode means the software is having inconsistency between source & destination
04/abb, 21:53 – abb: And you are saying
04/abb, 21:53 – abb: That you CANT INSPECT THE RELAY.
04/abb, 21:53 – abb: Where are you working?
04/abb, 21:54 – abb”: I can not communicate with the relay on the front panel does not allow me, and I can not communicate with the sicam
04/abb, 21:56 – abb”: I have knowledge communicating with the relays, but this is a case in which I can not review it because I do not allow any communication
04/abb, 21:58 -abb: If you have backup check cfc and send to the relay
And if you are new to siemens relay, better do as I say, right away
04/abb, 22:03 – abb”: When I want comunicate with the relay for local or remote but in two situation does not allow any communication the relay
04/abb, 22:04 – abb”: Thanks Mr
04/abb, 22:05 – abb: Thats because of ERROR in relay’s file. This relay requires Re-Flashing of firmware
04/abb, 22:07 – abb”: I am 20 year, but I want to learn electrical protections well
04/abb, 22:07 – abb: 20years old?
04/abb, 22:07 – abb”: Yes
04/abb, 22:07 – abb: Where do you work
04/abb, 22:08 – abb”: I am a practicing electrician in a generation company in America and I wanted to support my bosses if you know a lot about this topic.
04/abb, 22:43 – abb: I have an ocean of knowledge about this topic. Your bosses can always seek my technical support if they want..
07/abb, 16:04 -abb: hi, i was wondering if anyone could please tell me how to check the measurement of 2nd harmonic content in 7UT85 siprotec 5 device ?
08/abb, 15:57 – abb”: In RET 670 transformer differential relay.. I want to check the diff and bias current.. I found
11/abb, 10:49 – abb’:
11/abb, 11:28 -abb: Please solve my problem related to NR relay.
When AR has been operated in 400kv line then one end AR successful while other end line became trip while both end have AR enabled.then why?
11/abb, 11:34 – abb’: In other end it is operating in Pole discrepancy or AR lockout?
11/abb, 11:34 -abb: No
11/abb, 11:34 -abb: Direct trip
11/abb, 11:35 – abb’: Check all conditions for AR in other end
11/abb, 11:36 -abb: Checked but not found any reason
11/abb, 11:36 – abb’: In other end it is operated in Zone 1 or Zone 2?
11/abb, 11:36 -abb: Zone -1
11/abb, 11:36 – abb’: CB healthy status is ok ?
11/abb, 11:36 -abb: Yes
11/abb, 11:37 – abb’: It means ?
11/abb, 11:38 -abb: No PD and AR lockout operated .trip command goes to breaker
11/abb, 11:38 -abb: If suppose u assinged any DT send signal to remote end ?????? While AR From local end
11/abb, 11:38 -abb: Check the time setting at both ends
11/abb, 11:38 -abb: Of AR
11/abb, 11:39 – abb’: How it is possible ?
11/abb, 11:39 -abb: Yes
11/abb, 11:39 – abb’: 86 Operated ?
11/abb, 11:40 -abb: At one end it may be 1sec n other end 350ms
11/abb, 11:40 -abb: Checked
11/abb, 11:40 -abb: So by the time at one end AR operated it sent DT signal to other end
11/abb, 11:41 – abb’: Then you check the logic for 86 .
86 should not operate for zone 1 single phase fault
11/abb, 11:41 -abb: Due to which 86 operated
11/abb, 11:41 – abb’: DT received in remote end ?
11/abb, 11:41 -abb: Yes pls check
11/abb, 11:45 -abb: Carrier received at other end
11/abb, 11:47 -abb: And carrier send by our end
11/abb, 11:47 -abb: No DT received and send by both end
11/abb, 11:48 -abb: Carrier aided tripping sent from your end
11/abb, 11:49 -abb: No this is not correct .86 operated for single phase fault
11/abb, 11:49 – abb’: Ok. In remote end 86 is operated or not?
11/abb, 11:49 -abb: Yes
11/abb, 11:50 – abb’: Yes. Then check the logic for 86 in remote end.
11/abb, 11:50 – abb’: I think in remote end 86 is assigned for all faults
11/abb, 11:59 -abb: Yes
11/abb, 12:01 -abb: Check the time setting at both ends for AR
11/abb, 12:02 – abb’: Both end Fault in Zone 1 then ZCOM Trip will not happen. That is not necessary.
16/abb, 10:43 – abb: Sir, Anybody having 500MVA 400kV/220kV/33kV T&R Make Autotransformer 8 Channels FO based Tempr Hotspot details ?
16/abb, 10:50 – abb: Based on FBG?
16/abb, 10:50 – abb: Ya
16/abb, 11:30 -abb: Hi everyone
24/abb, 14:24 – abb: Please help, what type of fault its showing
24/abb, 14:24 – abb: This relay connected with 3 phase motor
24/abb, 14:26 – abb: STS light blinking
24/abb, 14:26 – abb: The motor run for a while and the stopped
25/abb, 06:51 -abb: Resistors are rated in ohms and wattage.. How to identify the short time withstanding wattage of resistor which is available in hand?. Generally how much ( thumb rule ) will be the short time withstanding capacity of resistor with respect to rated capacity?
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27/abb, 12:02 – Elec Engg: Now, please take a moment and introduce yourself completely : Your Name, Country, Company, specialt
27/abb, 12:28 -abb: Hi good morning everyone , my self harish kumar chadalawada basically I m From india ,present working at Dubai as Transformer Testing engineer in Alfanar Company .
27/abb, 12:36 – abb: Great Sir
27/abb, 12:37 -abb: Thank you so much
27/abb, 13:11 – abb: Hi my name is amresh kumar pandit. I am from India and I am a diplomate student
27/abb, 13:15 – abb: Hi, my name is sami alahmadi. I am from saudia Arabia
27/abb, 13:16 – abb: HI
27/abb, 13:17 -abb: This message was deleted
27/abb, 13:20 – abb”: I am wasif from Pakistan, working at NESPAK
27/abb, 16:14 – abb: In which city
27/abb, 16:17 – abb: Hi, my name is sami alahmadi. I am from saudia Arabia, electrical supervisor in Afag Alkhadra est.
27/abb, 16:25 – abb”: Belongs from Gujra
27/abb, 17:01 – abb “: I’m Vikram Parekh
Working in System Protection as Manager – Power System Engineering.
We are providing all the testing and commissioning services in Electrical switchgears.
28/abb, 19:06 – abb: How this one become big day
28/abb, 19:07 – abb: We have to think before using electricity. Go green . Think before use
29/abb, 18:02 – abb: What is FPFM and FPSM in protection relay
29/abb, 18:04 – abb’: In which Protection?
29/abb, 18:04 – abb: Line
29/abb, 18:21 – abb: FPFM This is meaning feeder protection first main
FPSM This is meaning
Feeder protection second main
29/abb, 18:22 – abb: Set-1 and Set-2 right ?
29/abb, 19:00 – abb: Yes
29/abb, 19:15 – abb: Hi, we need support for setting calculations for transformer feeder which fed from 13.8 kv :
29/abb, 19:29 – abb: You are welcome, here in Saudi Arabia we used in feeder protection (Line) 2 relays, both make same function, have same setting
29/abb, 19:30 – abb’: Oh I got it.
29/abb, 19:31 – abb’: In India We will say Just Main 1 (21M1) and Main 2 (21M2)
29/abb, 19:31 – abb: Yes
29/abb, 19:34 – abb’: 👍🏻
30/abb, 19:56 – abb:
30/abb, 21:01 – abb”: This message was deleted
30/abb, 22:00 – abb: Can anyone give contact details of cast resin CT and PT suppliers in India
30/abb, 22:19 -abb: Narendra Sir.vcf (file attached)
30/abb, 23:26 – abb: Which make???
30/abb, 23:28 -abb: As per your requirement, he is having more contacts regarding purchase. So you I thought you can contact him.
30/abb, 23:38 – abb: Thanks
30/abb, 23:38 -abb: You are welcome.
04/abb, 14:54 -abb”: Hi all
Could you share
AEG PQ720 differential relay manual?
04/abb, 15:15 – abb: U can download it from internet
04/abb, 15:17 – abb: I want synchronize my server with a meinberg GPS in SICAM PAS .anybody can help me??
04/abb, 15:21 – abb: Are you facing any problem?
04/abb, 15:22 – abb: Share the problem. I might be of some help
04/abb, 15:22 – abb: Which model of GPS are you using for time sync?
04/abb, 15:23 – abb: M300
04/abb, 15:24 – abb: Yes I can not start NTP in my server
04/abb, 15:24 – abb: Wy dont u try SNTP?
04/abb, 15:25 – abb: Whats the networking protocol you are working on?
04/abb, 15:25 – abb: Asfar as i remember M300 is compatible with NTP & SNTP both
04/abb, 15:26 – abb: Firmware MUST be updated
04/abb, 15:26 – abb: NO
04/abb, 15:26 – abb: NTP
04/abb, 15:26 – abb: What? NTP is NOT A NETWORKING PROTOCOL MY FRIEND
04/abb, 15:27 – abb: Oh, my network protocol is Ethernet
04/abb, 15:29 – abb: Shall I do specific setting in SICAM PAS for time sync?
04/abb, 15:29 – abb: Ipv4 or v6?
04/abb, 15:29 – abb: Yes ulll have to
04/abb, 15:29 – abb: Which country are you in?
04/abb, 15:30 – abb: IPV4
04/abb, 15:30 – abb: IRAN
04/abb, 15:30 – abb: Give me ur system with time viewer
04/abb, 15:30 – abb: If u have
04/abb, 15:31 – abb: Now I,m in home.
04/abb, 15:32 – abb: Can you send me a helpful manual?
04/abb, 15:33 – abb: You can download from net please
04/abb, 15:34 – abb: Ok thanks
05/abb, 08:34 – abb: Sir,

Siemens Siprotec 7SS52 Busbar Bay Unit in error & alarm mode, after removing & Connecting Aux., DC supply, it will comes in Run mode & after 30min again the BBU goes to error mode.

What is the solution for this problem
05/abb, 13:27 -abb”: Initialize main unit and bay unit from software or menu.
05/abb, 13:59 – abb: Reseted MCU still having same problem
07/abb, 13:54 -abb:
07/abb, 13:55 -abb: Hello need some help on this error. Relay P643 Alstom make
07/abb, 13:55 – abb’: Communication error
07/abb, 13:56 -abb: How to solve it
07/abb, 13:56 – abb’: First check Test Connection and then proceed
07/abb, 13:57 – abb’: In test connection select the correct port in which your serial cable is connected.
07/abb, 13:58 -abb: Port is verified but still error shows while communication.
07/abb, 13:58 -abb: We had used 2-3 converters but same error observed
07/abb, 13:59 – abb’: Then change the port and try once
07/abb, 13:59 -abb: Ok will try that
07/abb, 13:59 – abb’: Which converter you are using ?
07/abb, 13:59 -abb: BAFO
07/abb, 13:59 -abb: And another is local make
07/abb, 13:59 – abb’: Ok
07/abb, 14:00 – abb’: Try with different port once
07/abb, 14:00 – abb’: You are from ?
07/abb, 14:00 -abb: This error comes only when you are sending right?
07/abb, 14:01 -abb: Popular switchgear Pvt Ltd Vadodara
07/abb, 14:01 -abb: Yes
07/abb, 14:01 – abb’: Ok Fine
07/abb, 14:01 -abb: Select only settings and not psl then send
07/abb, 14:01 -abb: Tried but not working.
07/abb, 14:02 -abb: Sir, port changed but same error occurred.
07/abb, 14:02 -abb: Try to use different converter other than you have
07/abb, 14:04 -abb: We have 2 converter same error for both the converter
07/abb, 14:04 -abb: If it has ethernet on back side of relay you can use that also
07/abb, 14:04 -abb: Okk
07/abb, 14:04 – abb “: Which software you are using…??
07/abb, 14:05 -abb: Agile v1.3.1
07/abb, 14:05 – abb “: New relay or old one..??
07/abb, 14:05 -abb: New relay
07/abb, 14:06 – abb “: Try with easergy
07/abb, 14:10 -abb: Ok sir
07/abb, 23:49 – abb “: Problem solved…??
07/abb, 23:50 -abb: Changed port advance settings. Solved now
07/abb, 23:50 – abb “: Ok
08/abb, 05:08 – abb’: 👍🏻
08/abb, 15:35 – abb:
09/abb, 09:49 – abb’: Anybody Having Settings Calculation Sheet for GE Make D60 Distance Relay ?
09/abb, 12:47 -abb: What have you changed
09/abb, 13:47 -abb:
09/abb, 13:47 -abb: Advance settings
09/abb, 14:41 -abb: 👍🏻
11/abb, 10:33 – abb: Can any one inform that in Schneider which software is available for checking Goose(IEC-61850) Signal ?
11/abb, 12:04 – abb:
11/abb, 12:38 – abb: The password of protection relay type p143 has been modified is there any way to restore the dafault password back again.
11/abb, 13:10 – abb:
11/abb, 13:29 – abb: Thanks
11/abb, 15:10 -abb: Hello
11/abb, 15:10 -abb: why when the change between some tabs in kvgc relay is blocked
12/abb, 16:05 – abb:
12/abb, 16:07 – abb:
12/abb, 16:07 – abb:
12/abb, 16:36 – abb’: NIC Card faulty
12/abb, 16:36 – abb’: Replace with new one
12/abb, 17:20 – abb: Reason for this problem is IEC61850 Support configuration file is not available in relay at the moment.
13/abb, 13:42 – abb: I want to start NTP in my server but system shows erorr.
anybody can help me?
13/abb, 13:42 – abb:
13/abb, 13:42 – abb:
18/abb, 18:10 – abb: Can anyone define “breaker abnormal alarm” in signal list
18/abb, 18:11 – abb: Cb abnormal can be given by spring not charges, or Sf6 pressure or TC not healthy
18/abb, 18:11 – abb: Make or gate & give final op as cb abnormal
18/abb, 18:14 – abb: 👍
18/abb, 18:17 – abb: +Local sector
18/abb, 18:17 – abb: Selector
18/abb, 18:18 – abb: 👌
18/abb, 18:18 – abb: Polo discrement
19/abb, 16:20 -abb: When programming Non directional over current test in Omicron .. getting Out of rancge error. How do correct it..
19/abb, 16:20 -abb:
19/abb, 16:21 -abb:
19/abb, 16:22 -abb:
19/abb, 16:23 -abb: CT Secondary 5 Amps..
19/abb, 16:26 -abb”: I guess you write wrong number to CT primary/secondary ratio at device settings. Check again pls.
19/abb, 16:37 – abb “: This message was deleted
19/abb, 16:42 – abb “: Use CMC 356….
19/abb, 16:44 – abb “: I think 256+ will not deliver this much.
19/abb, 17:50 -abb: Check the max amps settings in test object details.
20/abb, 02:14 -abb: use 3x25A setting. Parallel three current injectors with other 3. This would provide 25A per phase. Ur requirement is 12.88A thats why its showing out of range.
21/abb, 15:21 – abb’:
21/abb, 15:23 -abb: Please check connection setting….and select proper port number and baud rate by looking in to device manager
21/abb, 15:26 – abb’: Everything is correct only
21/abb, 15:30 -abb: Check test correction once or use another serial cable
21/abb, 17:23 -abb: Check earthing of relay as well as your laptop charger.
21/abb, 18:13 – abb: Check the communication port configuration from communication menu usually this error appear due to wrong port selection and configuration
21/abb, 19:39 – abb’: Ok ok
21/abb, 19:39 – abb’: Ok
21/abb, 21:00 -abb: This message was deleted
23/abb, 16:35 – abb’:
23/abb, 17:49 – abb: Yes,you uploaded the wrong menu text file to the IED.
To make it normal you need to send the right default menu text file via parallel port again or updating the same firmware will make the IED to go default settings and menu text.
If you are planning for firmware update make sure that ied is not in service.
23/abb, 18:02 – abb’: Ok bro. After uploading default menu text now it is normal.
23/abb, 23:57 -abb”: Hi all
24/abb, 00:01 – abb: You need to use Micom S1 Agile by Alstom (latest version 1.3.1 by GE) for Micom P443 Agile make relay
24/abb, 00:03 -abb”: I installed the version1.2 but it’s not be updated data model from the web?
24/abb, 00:09 – abb: I do not know why you are not able to download the data model using data model manager.
May be slow network connection.
24/abb, 00:10 – abb:
24/abb, 00:12 – abb:
24/abb, 00:13 -abb”: Thank you very much
24/abb, 00:18 – abb:
24/abb, 19:23 -abb: I m getting this error while install digsi4.93
24/abb, 19:23 -abb: I had V4.92 loaded and it deleted it. I tried again without V4.92 loaded but got this same error.
25/abb, 00:48 – abb”:
25/abb, 01:32 – abb:
25/abb, 02:43 – abb”: thanks
26/abb, 00:44 – abb: Do we require to test , “inter trip” during end to end testing of line differential function. Or only for distance
26/abb, 20:31 – abb’: Yes you have to check
27/abb, 17:11 – abb: Is someone from ERL ???
27/abb, 17:16 – abb’: Ya my senior is working
27/abb, 17:41 -abb”: Hi all I want to implement Autorecloser in PSL and assign an output contact to it (for Micom Agile p443). Which output logic DDB signals, Should i use?
28/abb, 17:47 – Fatima:
28/abb, 19:21 -abb”: Hi all
28/abb, 19:21 -abb”:
04/abb, 10:20 -abb”: Hi all
04/abb, 14:00 – abb: You can use pcm 600
05/abb, 19:27 -abb:
08/abb, 19:49 – abb’: Anybody having Digisi 4.93 download link ?
Please share the link or mail me @
10/abb, 21:13 -abb: Hi, need some help with PCM600 V 2.9. I sucessfully added a relay REG 630 ver 1.3 to it and also read the parameters from the relay. However when I try to debug the logic, its giving an alarm that configuration has changed. Any one knows the possible reason?
10/abb, 23:54 -abb: Guide me how we use spd .how many types of spd
12/abb, 13:11 – abb:
12/abb, 13:12 – abb: I found this error
12/abb, 13:12 – abb: Can any one help?
12/abb, 13:14 -abb “: @919428722864 which software u interface???
12/abb, 13:14 – abb: Digsi
12/abb, 13:21 – abb: Digsi4.92
12/abb, 17:03 -abb”: Delete and reinstall usb driver.
18/abb, 11:21 -abb: Hi everyone
can anyone help me in this issue.I am configuring IEC Here are my settings relay subnet: laptop IP: now if i put relay IPs from to, i get the response from it.
but to arent working.
18/abb, 11:22 -abb: what could be the solution. there is no subnetting, y is it restricting me to 92 devices only
18/abb, 11:27 -abb: and its not just one relay, all siprotec5 are doing the same
18/abb, 11:55 – abb: Subnet must be same
18/abb, 11:55 – abb: Whats the subnet in switch?
18/abb, 12:08 – abb: Relay sunet and switch subnet must be same
18/abb, 13:11 -abb: does a switch has masking? i dont think so
18/abb, 13:11 – abb: Every switch has IP & Mask
18/abb, 13:12 – abb: If you know the ip address of switch
18/abb, 13:12 – abb: Type in ur browser and there u can also check subnet mask
18/abb, 13:12 – abb: Which switch u r using??
18/abb, 13:12 -abb: that is something diff
18/abb, 13:13 -abb: that is just to access the switch conf
18/abb, 13:13 -abb: the ports arent assigned to any VLANS
18/abb, 13:13 -abb: so no need of that
18/abb, 13:14 – abb: It is linked with relays communication, the relay fiber would be connected to switch, if both are not synced, communication with IEC wont work
18/abb, 13:14 – abb: You can check that as a part of trouble shooting
18/abb, 13:14 – abb: Rest as you like!
18/abb, 13:15 – abb: Dznt matter
18/abb, 13:17 -abb: brov its working with IPs 1-92
18/abb, 13:17 -abb: not above.
18/abb, 13:26 – abb: Thats what m saying na, may be other switch has different subnet due to which relay wont be accessible with laptop IP
18/abb, 13:36 -abb”: Hi all
18/abb, 13:36 -abb”: What is wrong?
18/abb, 13:36 -abb”:
18/abb, 13:36 -abb”:
18/abb, 14:16 -abb”: Install device model.
18/abb, 14:16 -abb”: That relay model is missing on your software.
18/abb, 14:18 -abb: Hi all,
20/abb, 02:35 -abb”: This message was deleted
20/abb, 02:42 -abb”:
20/abb, 02:58 – abbs: You have a DIGSI 4.91 or older version?
20/abb, 02:59 – abbs: You need a previus version to DIGSI in you PC.
20/abb, 03:07 -abb: Hi. How can see the learning videos of digs4 about working with it? I’m a beginner 🙏
21/abb, 19:03 – abb: Hi any material/ tools to learn pcm600 quickly
21/abb, 19:05 – abb: Refer Pcm600 product manual to understand various tools
21/abb, 19:05 -abb”: Pcm600 is connection software, not much to learn. Learn your relay model’s configuration.
21/abb, 19:51 – abb: 👍
22/abb, 06:37 -abb: Hello Engineers, if anybody have “The Relay Testing Handbook” Principle and Practice by Chris Werstiuk. full pdf. Please share
22/abb, 11:36 abb: Please share more details such as pulication and issue date
22/abb, 14:54 -abb: I have facing some issue in Micom p642 agile regarding fault recording trigger. Relay dont trigger at the time of differantial trip so please help me for it i have try all the option for the fault trigger all other faults are trigger but when only differantial protection trip at that time fault is not trigger or on graph was generated. Please help me for thi
22/abb, 16:16 -abb: I will send it to you.
22/abb, 16:16 -abb: I sent it some times ago. Didnt I?
22/abb, 16:18 abb: Could you please share it in the group. I need it too. Thanks
22/abb, 16:21 -abb: Could you please share again?
22/abb, 22:47 – abb: Can you send it again
22/abb, 23:09 -abb: I will upload it
22/abb, 23:11 – abb: 👍
24/abb, 14:03 – abb:
24/abb, 15:38 abb: Thank you so much
26/abb, 02:03 – abb: Any one could send me a link for higher version of etap than 12.6
26/abb, 07:28 abb:
26/abb, 07:47 -abb “: Its not available….at that time to this web……
26/abb, 07:48 -abb “: Offcouse available versions of ETAP 12.6 & 16.0.0
26/abb, 08:28 -abb: Hi any one configured SEL RTAC 3555
26/abb, 08:29 -abb: One doubt.. Micom relays and SEL RTAC connected in same network.. is it possible via RTAC , DR files from Micom relays can be downloaded
26/abb, 11:24 – abb: Thanks
26/abb, 11:24 – abb: Thanks for feedback
28/abb, 09:47 – abb’:
28/abb, 09:48 – abb’:
28/abb, 12:58 – abb:
28/abb, 17:07 -abb “: Dear All Members
I hope that u r all doing well
Kindly mention some points about this question
*future scope of power system protection…..

  • future scope of relay coordination…
    28/abb, 17:10 -abb “: What innovation is required in relay coordination….
    28/abb, 17:11 -abb “: I am waiting for ur feedback
    28/abb, 17:19 – abb: Relay ct module failure
    28/abb, 17:27 – abb’: Thanks
    29/abb, 19:47 – abb: If anybody have PDF book of the relay testing handbook: end-to-end testing kindly forward
    29/abb, 20:09 – abb:
    29/abb, 20:10 – abb: Thank you so much
    29/abb, 21:56 -abb: Hi , anybody having protection relay panel O&M manual of any Kv level..Pls share if U have..
    30/abb, 01:41 – abb”:
    30/abb, 10:04 -abb:
    30/abb, 10:04 -abb: Please don’t touch any electric pole especially when it’s raining. Please pass this msg to your dear and near ones.
    06/abb, 11:47 -abb: Why nobody dont help that poor woman
    06/abb, 17:21 – abb: ?
    06/abb, 17:21 – abb: Hello
    Any one knows how to test Themal protection in ABB REM 543
    07/abb, 12:07 – abb: Mlfb stands for??
    07/abb, 12:24 – abb “:
    07/abb, 12:32 – abb: Thank You so much
    07/abb, 15:59 – abb’: How to change CT Ratio in secure Energy Meter ?
    10/abb, 01:02 -abb”: Hi everybody
    Could you share P441 manual for Areva brand?
    11/abb, 02:01 – abb: I need software for micom p 741. Remote hmi. Please
    11/abb, 02:47 – abb:
    12/abb, 18:29 – abb: Hi team
    Good evening
    12/abb, 18:30 – abb: We have a spl situation
    When DC Source 1 is failed our Breakers got tripped
    What could be the reason for the same ?
    12/abb, 19:19 – abb: Check CTD
    12/abb, 19:19 – abb: Please share the control diagram of the breaker with us
    12/abb, 19:20 – abb: Selective tripping?
    12/abb, 20:41 – abb: undervoltaghe shunt
    12/abb, 21:54 – abb: Kindly how i test REF in 7UT612 siemens
    13/abb, 21:06 – abb: with 1 phase current inject
    13/abb, 22:56 – abb:
    13/abb, 22:57 – abb:
    13/abb, 23:02 -abb: This wire for voltage equalizing so CT body will be same voltage of bus bar .if not connected will cause floating voltage for CT body and resulting partial discharging.
    13/abb, 23:02 – abb: I think it’s capacitive leakage wire to connect to the capacitive indicator.
    You can eliminate capacitive insulator if your CTs have this capability(capacitive leakage).
    13/abb, 23:04 – abb: Iam thanking you for your immediate response.
    13/abb, 23:04 abb: 👍👍👍👍👍And also it will help you to have less noise and corona.
    14/abb, 13:29 – You added abb and AA 3227 Gg X3
    17/abb, 11:37abb: Frnds anybody have VFD Test format or procedure?
    17/abb, 21:50 -abb “: Guys any body configure RSTP at micom p546 ??
    17/abb, 21:54 – abb: Dear admin pls add 9920033140 in this group
    17/abb, 22:11 – Elec Engg: Done🙏
    17/abb, 23:50 -abb: Thanks for joining me in this group
    18/abb, 12:11abb: Guys anybody have Test format for Diesel Generator?
    18/abb, 12:51 -abb: Anybody please help me for the protection of IT devices like server or switches etc…
    19/abb, 11:38 – abb’: How to Check online Measurements in ABB relay through PCM software?
    19/abb, 11:44 -abb:
    19/abb, 11:47 – abb’: Thank you
    19/abb, 12:16 – abb:
    19/abb, 12:17 – abb:
    19/abb, 12:17 – abb:
    19/abb, 12:17 – abb:
    19/abb, 12:17 – abb:
    19/abb, 12:17 – abb:
    19/abb, 12:17 – abb:
    19/abb, 12:18 – abb: Can anyone tell what could be the reason for battery blast in dg during Cranking
    19/abb, 13:02 -abb: Short circuit on crank cable or in crank
    19/abb, 13:03 -abb: Second reason crank can be stuck or engine
    19/abb, 13:11 – abb: How to calculate stall rotor time in in SIMOCODE ?
    19/abb, 16:31 -abb: Use VRLA type to avoid blast
    19/abb, 17:25 – abb: This this battery is 12V;180AH Tata make almost 2.5 years old used to crank 415KVA Dg
    19/abb, 17:31 – abb: Is there any pole calibration happen in ACB for any make to close all pole at the same time??? And if happen then how it’s done??
    20/abb, 17:57 – abb: Urgent Require for Experienced Protection Engineer 8yrs experience location:Mumbai
    20/abb, 18:21 – abb”: Why we use coreopsis conductor inside tubular conductor?
    23/abb, 00:15 -abb”:
    26/abb, 10:09 -abb: If anyone facing this issue in siprotec 5 BCU(6md86),after restarting the device then manually operate the master trip relay(86.1&86.2),that same time given reset command from SCADA but its not getting reset.anyone facing this issue please ping meee
    29/abb, 19:33 -abb:
    02abb, 04:06 – abb: Interested …
    02abb, 18:20 – abb:
    11abb, 02:06 -abb: while communicating ABB relays, how do I know which versions of PCM I need to use ? ( 2.6 or 2.9)
    11abb, 07:31 – abb:
    11abb, 09:00 -abb: Thank you
    11abb, 12:10 – abb:
    11abb, 12:11 – abb: what is 50fu
    11abb, 12:11 – abb: ?
    11abb, 12:11 – abb:
    11abb, 19:53 – abb: Backup Breaker , fuse fail
    12abb, 18:36 -abb: Hello I’m looking for device like Omicron Cpc 100
    12abb, 18:37 -abb:
    12abb, 18:37 -abb: Any one can help me?
    12abb, 18:37 – abb “: Location….?
    12abb, 18:37 -abb: Libya
    12abb, 18:39 – abb “: To purchase or rental…??
    12abb, 18:41 -abb: This message was deleted
    12abb, 18:42 -abb: Purchase
    12abb, 18:44 – abb “: I can give the mail ID of Omicron dealer in Oman. Just send an enquiry to them.
    12abb, 18:45 -abb: How much it cost plz?
    12abb, 18:46 – abb “: Jacob Joy | GIS Oman
    12abb, 18:47 – abb “: Approx 45000 USD in Oman…
    12abb, 18:59 -abb: please visit too
    12abb, 18:59 -abb:
    12abb, 19:25 -abb:
    12abb, 20:06 -abb: Yry TRAX from Megger
    12abb, 20:07 -abb: Try *
    12abb, 20:38 abb: 👍👍👍👍
    16abb, 23:51 -abb”:
    16abb, 23:51 -abb”: What might happen this insulator failure?
    17abb, 16:53 – abb”: sepam 80 fails to operate shows maintenance key 1. any ideas?
    26abb, 11:11 – abb:
    26abb, 13:24 -abb: Converter issue
    26abb, 13:35 – abb: Which converter? Relay is communicating on Ethernet/LAN
    26abb, 14:32 -abb “: In VT secondary injection. How to calculate phase to phase voltage in unbalanced condition? Eg.: we inject 20V in R phase & 40V in Y phase. What should be the phase – phase voltage. In actual condition multimeter reads 53V. how to prove it theoretically.
    26abb, 14:33 -abb: vector sum
    26abb, 14:36 -abb “: Can you please elaborate.
    26abb, 14:49 abb:
    26abb, 14:51 -abb: Ip1(cosPhy+i sinPhy) + Ip2(cosPhy+ i sinPhy)
    26abb, 15:05 -abb “: Values are not matching.
    26abb, 15:08 -abb “:
    26abb, 15:15 -abb: Dear friends how to calculate operating region of directional over current and earth fault relay
    26abb, 15:42 -abb: u cant add real and imaginary part
    26abb, 15:43 -abb: I= 2root ( real sq + imag sq)
    26abb, 15:43 -abb: this is how u add real and imaginary part
    26abb, 17:23 -abb: Can anyone please help me providing XRIO converter for RED670 V2.1.0? I’ll be grateful
    30abb, 12:32 – You addedabb
    31abb, 10:19 abb:
    02abb, 09:57 – abb: This message was deleted
    02abb, 16:31 – abb:
    02abb, 16:31 – abb: Can anyone tell me the meaning of the number mentioned in the box?
    02abb, 18:41 -abb: Order information i believe
    03abb, 07:33 – You added abb
    07abb, 09:18 abb: Does anyone work in Wind farms or Wind mill ? I need RDS-pp codes for equipments used in wind Power plant.
    07abb, 09:18 abb: RDS-pp is Reference Designation system for power plants
    07abb, 09:19 abb: Any help would be appreciated!!! cheers
    07abb, 09:21 – abb: is tht a grid code?
    07abb, 10:07 abb: no, power plant equipments coding system
    07abb, 10:26 – abb: Dear all ,
    Any one having cracked version of ETAP with patch cord kindly share the link from where it can be downloaded
    07abb, 10:30 -abb “: ETAP 18.0 ver available….share.
    08abb, 09:02 – abb: I also need it.
    08abb, 09:23 – abb: MiCOM EXPERT
    09abb, 10:50 -abb: Digital kits like omicron, meggar can inject voltages and currents of desired magnitudes.
    14abb, 23:45 -abb “: ETAP 12.6 & 4 version power system is available
    14abb, 23:53 -abb “: I will share the link of ETAP 12.6 tomorrow
    Best regards;
    14abb, 23:53 – abbs: 👍🏾
    15abb, 02:47 – abb: @18093904427 el ETAP lo mandamos a pedir antes de ayer con la gente de informática.
    15abb, 11:34 -abb “:
    15abb, 11:35 -abb “: ETAP 12.6 can download and also available download instruction video
    15abb, 11:37 -abb “: First this web can download if anyone cannot download then u move to this website
    15abb, 11:40 -abb “:
    15abb, 11:41 -abb “:
    15abb, 11:54 – abb: 👍
    17abb, 18:52 -abb: Location
    17abb, 18:52 -abb: India
    17abb, 19:34 abb: City?
    17abb, 21:11 -abb: As a Protection Engineer you have to roam all around India for different projects
    24abb, 15:53 -abb:
    24abb, 15:53 -abb: I am getting an network error while downloading from server
    24abb, 23:29 -abb “: Follow this link to join my WhatsApp group:
    25abb, 09:24 – Elec Engg: This group is consist on Different nationality, religion’s, language, …
    25abb, 09:33 -abb “: A life awaits, be the one to save it! it takes less than a minute..
    Giving blood is a quick and enriching way to give back to your community.
    By donating blood, you can help families who have been in accidents or experienced trauma, mothers experiencing labor complications, fathers having heart surgery, children undergoing chemotherapy treatments, premature babies trying to breathe with tiny lungs, or grandparents suffering from severe anemia.
    In as little as few minutes, you can become someones unnamed, unknown, but all-important hero. Saving a life is noble work that starts very simply and easily.
    25abb, 09:38 – abb: Any budy know what is first pole clear factore in sf6 cb it is 1.3 writen on name plate of 220kv cb?
    30abb, 19:53 -abb:
    30abb, 19:53 -abb: Any one can explain CT sparking
    30abb, 19:54 – abb”: Looseness or open Circuit
    30abb, 20:07 -abb: Ok
    30abb, 20:08 – abb”: Isolate the system to avoid any mishap
    30abb, 20:09 -abb: Ok
    01/abb, 22:11 -abb”: Loose connection on side phases!
    01/abb, 22:13 -abb: Ok sir
    02/abb, 13:26 – abb: What is the main difference between low impedence and high impedence bus bar protection scheme ??
    02/abb, 23:07 – abb: High impedance

in the Low impedance relay nothing but biased differential relay in this we have the slopes to avoid relay operation from the through fault current and CT saturation condition also.
03/abb, 10:20 – abb: 👍
07/abb, 17:05 -abb: Could anyone tell me where we use RCCB & ELCB? What is the difference between these two breakers?
07/abb, 19:33 -abb: Follow this link to join my WhatsApp group:
07/abb, 19:34 -abb: 00923244032371 please add this number
07/abb, 19:59 – My Irancell Saeed Roostaee changed the group description
09/abb, 00:42 -abb: Hello everyone i need a Etape and ecodill softwer if avilable plz help me
09/abb, 01:04 -abb: Will confirm you tomorrow
09/abb, 01:31 – abb: I also need ETap
09/abb, 14:19 -abb “: Dear;
I have already share the link of ETAP software on the above with complete details for installation kindly check
Best wishes;
09/abb, 14:53 -abb: Thank u but i join the group yesterday .
09/abb, 14:55 -abb: KBro if u have etape and ecodill softwer then share it kindly
09/abb, 15:07 – abb: Hello everyone,
Any one know about REV 615 ,
It is showing secondary current in measurements instead of Primary current.
We have set correct CT ratio.
09/abb, 15:11 -abb “:
09/abb, 15:12 -abb “:
09/abb, 15:16 -abb: 👍
10/abb, 17:21 – abb: Hello
I have to activate Indication Filter Time In chatter booking
But I can’t find it…
10/abb, 17:21 – abb:
10/abb, 17:21 – abb:
11/abb, 12:31 -abb:
11/abb, 14:52 – abb”: Try to delete the events recorder memory
13/abb, 02:01 – abb: Hey I need help can I find here someone work with elster A1800 consomption counting
13/abb, 04:06 – abb: Any one have auto manual change over test Format..
13/abb, 11:21 -abb: thanks dear
14/abb, 22:48 – abb:
14/abb, 22:48 – abb: CT connection is ok ?
14/abb, 22:49 – abb:
18/abb, 03:55 – abb:
18/abb, 16:06 -abb: Useful
18/abb, 16:06 -abb: Thank you so much
18/abb, 16:07 – abb’:
18/abb, 17:02 – abb”: check the serial cable. also try (test connection) from device list.
18/abb, 17:04 – abb’: Tried with other serial cable Problem solved.
Thanks for your support😊
18/abb, 18:01 – abb”: You are welcom
18/abb, 20:58 – You removedabb
19/abb, 10:21 – abb”: Can any one tell plzz” what is the criteria for Grounding control and power cables, should it be grounded from both ends or from one end”
And the reason for grounding if both sides or single side
19/abb, 11:38 abb: Hi.
1 core power cable shield must be grounded only from one side, otherwise transformation current with inducted to the shield.
I&C& signal cables as well. In this case the induction is from outside.
However, for 3core, 3phase cable it could be grounded in both sides
19/abb, 11:40 – abb”: what about multicore control cable
19/abb, 21:34 abb: In Siemens design which is used for many power plants , it is mentioned that only one Side must be grounded to prevent circulation current.
19/abb, 21:39 abb: 👍👍
23/abb, 23:42 – abb changed their phone number to a new number. Tap to message or add the new number.
25/abb, 01:10 abb:
25/abb, 05:07 – abb: Hi world some one can help me in F650 HMI with GE config
25/abb, 05:07 – abb: I need to made hmi with modbus protocol
25/abb, 05:09 – abb: I need .mdb data module
28/abb, 17:08 – abb:
28/abb, 17:22 – abb: Checn relay HMI
28/abb, 17:22 – abb: Should not b in Sub menu
28/abb, 17:23 – abb: Make it to the main menu page
28/abb, 17:49 – abb: Plz check the Technical key of the IED in software , is that compatible?
28/abb, 18:04 – abb: Check the report details in common read/write tool to get more information.
Note:It’s not recommended to do common read with lower version of PCM600 if the IED is configured with higher version of PCM600.
28/abb, 18:48 – abb: 👍
02/abb, 08:28 -abb:
02/abb, 08:32 -abb: If anyone know about this issue please revert me urgent.display error name is flashed v1.0,
02/abb, 16:02 -abb: For parallel operation, you need to synch both transformers first, then close the breaker
02/abb, 16:03 -abb: Changing load from one transformer to other,
02/abb, 16:09 -abb: Different tap positions mean different voltage levels (if both transformers are fed from same sourc
& in case of under-voltage, load will draw more current, that might result in OC Fault, over heating of cables.
02/abb, 16:11 -abb: Breaker may trip in second case but in first case, straight damage if you haven’t installed AVR. Breaker doesn’t care for Voltage, it only trips on high currents
02/abb, 16:13 – abb: But one transformer connected to load which has voltage 10.4KV
02/abb, 16:17 -abb: It mainly depends on uk% and load current. having enough data, you can simulate the Network using DigSILENT. In my experience you can parallel both transformer without worrying.
02/abb, 16:23 – abb“: Check impedance voltage persentage
02/abb, 16:23 – abb“: With in limit u can
02/abb, 16:24 – abb: How to check sir
02/abb, 16:24 – abb“: Check impedance voltage persentage at name plate data
02/abb, 16:24 – abb: Sir what is meant by uk
02/abb, 16:25 – abb: Ok Sir I will check it
02/abb, 16:25 -abb: Impedance voltage or short circuit impedance , actually
02/abb, 16:26 – abb: Ok Sir
02/abb, 16:26 – abb: Can u suggest me any documents regarding things
02/abb, 16:27 – abb“: Just impedance only not short ckt
02/abb, 20:16 -abb: When u have two transformers in parallel then you may have to look at the circulating currents that might flow when tap positions are not matching. Account for that circulation current as it will be an issue
02/abb, 21:55 – abb: Sir the same I read in a document due to low impedance in the transformer which has less tap position certain amount of current will circulate within the winding
but why? Sir
02/abb, 22:22 -abb: difference in impedance of the transformer more that 10% will have circulating current too. even if taps are same nd the voltages are same
02/abb, 22:23 -abb: go through any white paper written about paralleling transformers, ull have better idea
02/abb, 22:23 – abb: Ok sir
04/abb, 15:15 – My Irancell Saeed Roostaee addedabb
04/abb, 12:19 – abb: 66kv breaker CG make
04/abb, 12:29 -abb: Your new breaker has better specifications☺ and there is no problem.
04/abb, 12:49 – abb: Sir but our isolator was 31.5KA
Bus ACSR conductor short circuit capacity was 31.5KA
04/abb, 12:59 – abb “: There is no need for SC capacity coordination, your new breaker may be oversize but that’s not problem
04/abb, 13:00 -abb: 40kA/3sec means it can withstand up to 40kA that is higher than 31.5kA. if 31.5kA for your substation is ok, then 40kA is ok, too.
04/abb, 13:58 -abb: U can use
Not a problem higher capacity only.
04/abb, 13:59 -abb: Adnoc Gobi.vcf (file attached)
04/abb, 13:59 -abb: Hi admin Kidly add Mr. Gobi
He working in ADNOC
05/abb, 19:45 -abb: Welcome Mr Gobi
06/abb, 12:31 – abb’:
06/abb, 12:34 – abb“: Sir parallel operation done ?
06/abb, 13:02 – abb: Sir parallel operation done.Thanking you for remembering .
06/abb, 13:33 – abb“: What procedure please explain
06/abb, 17:15 – abb: Can any one have idea, what is mean by cross trigger input TFR ( fault recorder)
06/abb, 19:23 -abb: Cross triggering is used between TFRs to initiate recording all the TFRs and provides system wide dynamic recording e.g. Power swing
06/abb, 19:23 -abb: .
06/abb, 19:28 – abb: 👍
06/abb, 19:40 -abb: Join Prtection Relay 4 ” Zaigham ali:
06/abb, 19:42 -abb: Join Prtection Relay 4 ” Zaigham ali:
06/abb, 19:42 -abb: Join Prtection Relay 4 ” Zaigham ali: FYI only
06/abb, 21:57 – abb “: Hello Mr Zaigham an you please share the drawing of this connection
Is this job and new Bubar connection is retrofit job or all was a new supplied switchgear
06/abb, 22:04 -abb: Join Prtection Relay 4 ” Zaigham ali:
06/abb, 22:04 -abb: Join Prtection Relay 4 ” Zaigham ali:
06/abb, 22:04 -abb: Join Prtection Relay 4 ” Zaigham ali: Yes we have I will send you all documents Boklet
06/abb, 22:06 -abb: Join Prtection Relay 4 ” Zaigham ali: All new auppliied first time I seen and we are installing.
08/abb, 23:34 – abb: Any one knew, how to sync BCU RED670
08/abb, 23:47 – abb: This message was deleted
14/abb, 20:54 – abb ” changed their phone number to a new number. Tap to message or add the new number.
14/abb, 20:54 – abb ” changed their phone number to a new number. Tap to message or add the new number.
14/abb, 20:54 – abb ” changed their phone number to a new number. Tap to message or add the new number.
17/abb, 19:11 – abb: 11kv armoured cable, can be earthed in one end or it need to earthed at both ends
17/abb, 19:33 -abb: Join Prtection Relay 4 ” Zaigham ali: For what purpose. During termination? Otherwise for permanent Connection earthed in both ends
17/abb, 19:35 – abb: During cable end termination
17/abb, 19:35 – abb: And the cable was 300sqmm aluminum cable XLPE
17/abb, 19:36 – abb: 3core
17/abb, 19:37 -abb: Join Prtection Relay 4 ” Zaigham ali: Should be at both ends.
17/abb, 19:38 – abb: Sir what will happen if we earthed at one end
17/abb, 19:38 – abb: One side is enough
17/abb, 19:39 – abb: Any standards are there
17/abb, 19:39 – abb: Sir if any documents you have means kindly share me
17/abb, 19:42 – abb:
17/abb, 19:43 -abb: Join Prtection Relay 4 ” Zaigham ali: If after one year one side gland earth failure then 2nd side shoud be work.
Actually we use both ends for more safety
17/abb, 19:45 -abb: 👍❤
17/abb, 19:47 – abb: Good Idea
17/abb, 19:47 – abb: 🙏🏻
17/abb, 19:47 – abb: Thanking you sir For providing me this document
17/abb, 19:50 – abb: You are welcome, hope useful
17/abb, 20:03 – abb:
18/abb, 15:37 – abb: Please provide earthing in HT cable termination at both ends,must
18/abb, 15:37 – abb: in HT earthing is very important
18/abb, 15:44 -abb: Join Prtection Relay 4 ” Zaigham ali: Yes thanks
18/abb, 15:45 -abb: Join Prtection Relay 4 ” Zaigham ali: LT is at one side only.
04abb, 12:51 -abb:
04abb, 12:52 -abb: Any one have idea?
04abb, 20:31 -abb: In transformer slope testing what is Ibias calculation need to set in the omicron test
04abb, 20:33 -abb: Regarding generator differential slope test I have some doubts anybody free kindly ping me I will call you.
04abb, 21:13 -abb: What is IBias calculation equation to feed in the omicron differential characteristics for generator protection
05abb, 05:45 -abb”: Hi all For ABB 521 ver 2.5
When we send configuration to the relay we will face with syntax error at last step, what is the matter?
05abb, 06:22 -abb”:
05abb, 09:27 -abb:
05abb, 09:28 -abb: I hope above link helps
05abb, 10:33 -abb: What help do u need?
05abb, 10:34 -abb: Depends on what relay u are testing.
05abb, 10:36 -abb: In shot test you choose the points on the characteristic curve and the softwares tests only at those points. In search test u select the sweep for IBias e.g. 0.2 to 5 with a some intervals. This will create vertical lines on the characteristic curve and the test set will then determine the Idiff value on each of those lines.
05abb, 10:37 -abb: Test set will determine the Idiff value at which relay operates. Search is like making the test set determine whats the characteristic curve and if the searched point is within the tolerance limit then only the test is considered passed
05abb, 13:32 – My Irancell Saeed Roostaee removed AA 3052 Gg 9 Join “Pradip” eindia
05abb, 20:48 -abb: Hello
05abb, 20:49 -abb: Any one working on
05abb, 20:49 -abb: SVC capacitor protection
05abb, 20:49 -abb: I need help
06abb, 23:49 -abb: Thank you very much
07abb, 10:15 -abb: This message was deleted
08abb, 20:44 -abb: Is it possible to upload SIMARIS.APK ?
10abb, 00:03 -abb: Anyone here to help me, I have p443 distance relay(Micom schnieder make), I tested this relay in zone 1, but it also trips in zone 2 and zone 3 simultaneoulsy..and although I marshalled output contacts to trip..but it doesnot send tripping order to test set..anybody solve this issue
10abb, 00:10 -abb: Which test set are u using? Have u checked the current or voltage connections. Normally this happen when u are injecting current or voltage in reverse, means the relay is looking in reverse. Check whether reverse zone is enabled or not.
10abb, 00:11 -abb: omicron 356
10abb, 00:11 -abb: cmc 356
10abb, 00:12 -abb: U using distance module?
10abb, 00:12 -abb”: Check your trip contact type.
10abb, 00:12 -abb: And double check the psl file.
10abb, 00:13 -abb: 👍🏻
10abb, 00:14 -abb: I test this relay manually through test set not through laptop..I am using time module
10abb, 00:16 -abb: Ok. First confirm ur output relays are properly working and connections are Ok or not. Force them from Commissioning menu and check continuity using multimeter. Check ur wiring. U using dry connection or wet contact.
10abb, 00:17 – abb: Maybe relay SOTF function is on
10abb, 00:19 -abb: Good point. Ensure there is a prefault
time set on the test set. Normally it is 1 sec.
10abb, 00:20 -abb: I disabled sitf
10abb, 00:20 -abb: sotf*
10abb, 00:21 -abb: There are 2 issues. One its ur relay tripping on all zones. And second ur binary output feedback not reaching test set. Solve them one by one.
10abb, 00:24 -abb: ok I will try above mentioned points one by one..thanks for your guidelines bro👍
10abb, 03:06 -abb: Usually zone 1 is inside zone 2 and zone 3 (if all your zones are forward direction).
24abb, 13:48 – abb: Why we use shunt and series resistors for high impedance BB scheme ?
25abb, 00:30 – abb “: ‏Saudi Local Company looking for Substation Testing & Commissioning Engineers to work in their Projects across the Kingdom
25abb, 00:31 -abb: This message was deleted
25abb, 00:31 -abb: This message was deleted
25abb, 00:32 -abb: What will be the salary package
25abb, 00:32 – abb “: I just forward message received from Friends
25abb, 00:33 -abb: Ok
25abb, 00:33 -abb: Is there any data Center infrastructure Operation engineering job opening
25abb, 00:45 -abb: Wish you all Merry Christmas 🌲🎉🎈❤️🎉 🌲 and all the best for upcoming New year 2020
25abb, 01:23 -abb: Merry Christmas 🌹🌹
25abb, 07:23 -abb: Please suggest me
25abb, 07:23 -abb:
25abb, 07:23 -abb: How to fix this ?
25abb, 07:23 -abb: Digsi 5
25abb, 07:57 – abb: Kindly import communication protocol drivers
25abb, 11:04 -abb: Thank you
27abb, 10:30 -abb: While writing a date in upcoming year 2020 , we should write in its full format, e.g. 31/abb and not as 31/01/20.,bcoz anyone can change it to 31/01/2000 or 31/abb or in between any year to his convenience
27abb, 12:25 -abb: Thank you dear bro
27abb, 13:47 -abb: 👍🏻
27abb, 15:16 -h: 👍
28abb, 17:11 – abb: Friends. Can some one share me the download link for Schneider Micom P220 data model.
30abb, 12:49 -abb: Hi Gentlemen!
I would like to take the suggestion from you guys regarding one matter. We have one 13.8KV (15KV sys voltage) Switchgear. Due to increase in the connected load, we want to change the CT in one of its Cubicle. The new CT suggested by the Supplier having following Specs: *CT 300/5, Burden 15VA, 5P10, BIL 10KV. *
Now my question is the 5P10 & the burden suggested by them is correct for this MV Switchgear? I’ve seen some CT having 5P20. Where we will select 5P10 & 5P20? Also, do we need to replace the metering core as well as a load is increased?
30abb, 13:16 -abb: All CT replacement should have a CT CALCULATION ( sizing) according to circuit parameters. You should ask for this document first
30abb, 13:28 -abb: Ok. I will ask about it.
30abb, 13:29 -abb: Thanks
30abb, 13:56 abb: To say if it is match or not you need to know the maximum short circuit current and also you need to know your relay and cables burden because 5P10 means this CT will be stable and will not saturate in the range up to 10 times the nominal current and with 15 VA burden
If you calculate your actual burden then 5P10 might be equivalent to 5P20
02/abb, 10:57 -abb: Hi friends
I need one powergrid feeder scheme. Can anyone forward it
02/abb, 11:01 -abb: Kv rating pls
02/abb, 11:02 -abb: 400Kv
02/abb, 11:02 -abb: With busbar protection and LBB scheme
02/abb, 20:02 – abb: Hello brothers, if we have 1K ohm shunt resistors of 180W for high impedance cable diff prot. But need to change the resistors to 500 ohms as per settings , so how we can calculate watts for 500 ohms resisi
03/abb, 12:53 – abb: Thanking you sir,
03/abb, 12:56 -abb: This message was deleted
12/abb, 17:12 -abb: Hii
12/abb, 17:12 -abb: Anyone know where i can get the touchscreen panel for siemens lcd
12/abb, 17:12 -abb:
12/abb, 17:13 -abb: In uae
17/abb, 23:49 -abb“: Dear all
I am Zahra Adeli from Iran, RAF company. My specialties are: Relays test and commissioning, substation automation specially with 61850.
Glad to be a part of this group👍
17/abb, 23:54 – abb: Welcome to the group
17/abb, 23:55 – abb: Welcome !!
18/abb, 00:11 – abb “: 👏👏👏
18/abb, 00:15 – abb:
18/abb, 19:00 – abb: Thanks sr
18/abb, 19:02 – abb “: I think the definition af armautue is not exact and correct
18/abb, 19:02 – abb “: I was just skimming over the pdf and noticed that
18/abb, 19:03 – abb “: The armature is where voltage is induced in it
It can be either rotary part or stationary part of machine
18/abb, 19:20 – Elec Engg: Thanks for your feedback, this one is power plant dictionary and not electronic. Do we have any stationary armature in power plant machine? I haven’t seen
18/abb, 19:25 -abb: Alternator I guess?
18/abb, 19:29 – Elec Engg: 👏yes you right ❗thanks 🙏
18/abb, 19:53 – abb “: Sure we have
In synchronous generators
Armature is stationary
And the dc voltage is applied to the winding on rotor in order to have a rotating magnetic field
18/abb, 19:55 – abb “: It is more easier to have a stationary three phase output than having a rotating one
18/abb, 19:59 – abb “: Probably it is an technical dictionary
For practical uses
But in academic point of view,things are different
18/abb, 20:53 – abb“: And brushless synchronous generators have rotating armature.
18/abb, 20:55 – abb “: The rotating armature is mounted on the rotor in order to excite the generator’s field circuit
18/abb, 20:56 – abb “: I dont say that we dont have ratating armature
Im saying that the armature and the rotor are 2 different subjects
18/abb, 20:58 – abb “: I think basically there are only two terms… stator and rotor… depending on various conditions and requirements we use either stator as armature or field…. or vice versa…
18/abb, 20:58 – abb “: Exactly
18/abb, 21:00 – abb “: May be in a special type of machine the armature is mounted on the stator
And a the field circuit is on the rotor
18/abb, 21:00 – abb “: And for the other type
The reverse may be true
18/abb, 21:03 – abb “: Yes.. if there is a time varying magnetic field and a stationary coil… voltage will be induced in the stationary coil ….irrespective of stator or rotor … or field or armature… terminologies may differ as per circumstances
18/abb, 21:04 – abb “: This message was deleted
18/abb, 21:05 – abb “: Thanks for clarification
18/abb, 21:12 – Elec Engg:
18/abb, 21:12 – Elec Engg: Any idea about this fault
18/abb, 21:13 – Elec Engg:
18/abb, 21:24 – abb “: I think its not a network fault like short circuit
Its about the relay hardware itselt
As the title suggests
Hw error
18/abb, 21:24 – abb “: But thats what i think
Im not sure
18/abb, 21:45 – abb: Hw error relay has hardware problem
19/abb, 12:25 – abb: ؟؟
19/abb, 12:26 – abb “: Hello
I cant open the diagram
19/abb, 12:28 -abb: its a network topology for DMMs and Relays single ring with redundantancy characteristics for 61850 network
19/abb, 13:21 – abb: Sure it is,
but the question is the connection between HSR &RSTP is correct or not?
And can I use PT-G503 or other switches required?
19/abb, 14:12 – You added AA 6697 Esmaeili
19/abb, 14:22 -abb: i think u cant use different protocols in a single ring. But if u have a saperate ring connected saperately with the switch, there wont be any issue.
RSTP nd HSR can both will work fine.
about the switch PT503, if its an industrial switch, it will work fine.
19/abb, 14:23 -abb: i never worked on these switches. Rugged switchs are fine with these protocols and topology
19/abb, 14:51 – abb: Thanks for your help
19/abb, 15:28 – abb “: Hello everyone
We are looking for a company to upgrade existing ABB Microscada / DCS System Type: 800xA System version 5.1
Project Location: Saudi Arabia
21/abb, 10:32 – abb: Anyone having power substation safety guide/book/material
21/abb, 10:32 – abb: Please share
22/abb, 01:21 – abb: Anyone have activation key for doble software, please share
24/abb, 14:20 -abb: Hi everyone,
Pls share link for Eplan software with complete package if available with anyone
27/abb, 14:56 abb: Salam
27/abb, 15:28 – Elec Engg: Please read the rules and just text in English
28/abb, 01:34 abb: Hello, i don’t read your message please help me
28/abb, 01:35 – abb “:
28/abb, 01:37 – abb “: There are some rules
Including that people in group must text in English
28/abb, 01:37 – abb “: I dont know about the rest
28/abb, 01:37 abb: What are you on off position
28/abb, 01:37 abb: 😔
28/abb, 01:39 abb: You don’t conversation a boat electric or …
28/abb, 01:39 abb: 🤔
28/abb, 01:40 – abb “: We discuss more about protection
28/abb, 01:40 – abb “: And some related topic
28/abb, 01:43 abb: I don’t see Your old messages
28/abb, 01:46 – abb “: I think Its because you are a new member
28/abb, 01:48 abb: Okay
30/abb, 14:37 – abb:
30/abb, 14:37 – abb:
30/abb, 14:38 – abb: I am unable to connect through DIGSI
30/abb, 14:38 – abb: Can somebody guide me
30/abb, 14:44 -abb: What was the error
30/abb, 14:57 – abb:
30/abb, 15:00 -abb: Any fault is there
30/abb, 15:00 -abb: What is that LED glowing
30/abb, 15:02 – abb: Check com number of laptop in device manager—> ports
30/abb, 15:02 -abb: Change your laptop serial Port configuration
30/abb, 15:02 – abb: Select same com number in laptop and digsi
30/abb, 15:12 abb: Maybe you don’t installed device driver.
30/abb, 17:02 -abb: Please check the VD address in ur digsi
30/abb, 17:02 – abb: Ok Sir
30/abb, 17:25 – abb: Check your siprotecs drivers
01/abb, 12:45 – abb: Can any one tell what is password for the ABB 545
Feeder management relay
01/abb, 12:45 – abb: To access the protection setting and to change the settings
01/abb, 19:45 -abb”: This message was deleted
01/abb, 19:47 – abb: Can anyone guide about Generator Overcurrent with Voltage Restraint protection
01/abb, 20:00 -abb“:
02/abb, 00:00 – abb: Welcome dear
02/abb, 08:56 – abb: Thanks
03/abb, 23:18 -abb“: Question: in our dcs system we can get disturbance records of all relays but one. I checked the relay with ied explorer, cfg exists in the relay but the sbus don’t get it. The comtrade directory address and everything is fine. Can I use wireshark to see what’s happening to the file? I used mms filter, but I need more specific one. Does the file transfer through mms protocol at all? Can anyone guide me?
04/abb, 08:35 – You added AA 6792 Mohsen Mohseninezhad
04/abb, 09:41 – abb: We have AVR fed by PMG…can we disable Voltage Restraint or Voltage Controlled function
04/abb, 09:43 – abb: Kindly use wireshark and check this shall help u
04/abb, 14:16 -abb“: Sorry I’m not that expert to answer this,
04/abb, 14:17 -abb“: With which filter?
04/abb, 14:28 – abb: Can anyone in the group help on this
06/abb, 21:31 – abb”: What is the effect of ambiance temperature on SF6 gas pressure!
06/abb, 21:31 – abb”: Guage readings could be different in day and night timings? Specially in winters
06/abb, 21:33 – abb: Yes
06/abb, 21:33 – abb: Pressure will reduce in Winters
06/abb, 21:34 – abb”: Can u explain?
06/abb, 21:35 – abb: And specially in nights…u might face an alarm or trip in night and that alarm may go away in morning
06/abb, 21:37 – abb: 7 bar at 20 degree
06/abb, 21:39 – abb:
07/abb, 13:24 abb:
07/abb, 14:20 -abb:
07/abb, 15:07 – abb “: Who is the writer?
07/abb, 15:42 abb: Hemchandra Madhusudan Shertukde
07/abb, 16:00 – abb “:
07/abb, 16:10 abb: Thanks
07/abb, 16:13 – abb. “: Anyone who is testing high voltage equipment?
07/abb, 16:43 abb: 👍thanks
07/abb, 16:45 abb: Which one?
07/abb, 16:52 – abb “: You’re wellcome
07/abb, 16:52 – abb “: 🌹
07/abb, 22:19 – abb: 👍🏼
08/abb, 15:48 – abb changed their phone number to a new number. Tap to message or add the new number.
08/abb, 18:20 -abb: Does anyone know how to use wire shark software
08/abb, 18:20 -abb: Actually from alstom bcu to siemens bcu one goose signal is coming
08/abb, 18:21 -abb: In Siemens bcu signal is coming as not valid
08/abb, 18:21 -abb: Suggest me any good option for checking goose signal
08/abb, 18:23 -abb “: Is it c264?
10/abb, 13:19 -abb: Nope, sometimes it produces noise due to abrupt movement of device, but that’s false alarm.
When there would be leak, you’ll listen continuous loud alarm
10/abb, 13:29 -abb: Hello to all members. I’m Ali Karimi from Iran, Tehran. I work at SEE1999 company.
I work on overall design of MW solar PV plants.
10/abb, 13:49 – abb “: 🖐
10/abb, 14:10 -abb: 🙏
10/abb, 14:25 -abb: Welcome mr karimi
10/abb, 15:06 -abb: Welcome Mr.Ali
10/abb, 15:08 -abb: Yes
10/abb, 15:16 -abb: Thanks all
11/abb, 12:09 abb: Hello

Can anyone share easergy studio software password
13/abb, 04:08 – abb: The program is free from schneider website
13/abb, 08:31 abb:
13/abb, 08:52 – abb: AAAA
13/abb, 12:29 – abb:
13/abb, 12:31 – abb”: This is common.. Try to reinstall it.. Or try to install Schneider s1 studio
13/abb, 12:32 – abb: Can anybody help me? This switch have been faulty and I dont know why.
13/abb, 12:38 -abb: If ur having a dual DC source then check the healthiness of both DC supplies
13/abb, 12:39 -abb: In some cases If one DC source fails then the switch will give that indication
13/abb, 12:47 – abb: Ok thanks
13/abb, 14:52 -abb: you should connect to switch and read the logs . there maybe any alarm for acknowledge for example a link were down, a link was disconnected or etc.
13/abb, 15:36 – abb: Ok
thank you so much for your help
13/abb, 15:38 -abb: 🙏🏻
14/abb, 10:34 -abb: Hello everyone, Need some help with testing of SR 489 Multilin Phase Differential Characteristic curve using Omicron Diff Operating Characteristic. Has anyone ever verified its operating characteristic?
14/abb, 13:31 -abb:
14/abb, 13:38 – abb: In the one of substaion we have license error in wincc frequently(siemens automation)What I should do for getting rid of this alarm
14/abb, 13:45 – abb: PAS??
14/abb, 13:46 – abb: This message was deleted
14/abb, 13:47 – abb: This message was deleted
14/abb, 13:49 – abb: Yes
14/abb, 13:50 – abb: It’s hardware key. U contact Siemens helpline
14/abb, 13:52 – abb: No It,s software licensas cc no pas
We have dongle for sicam pas
And our server dont have any problem
14/abb, 13:57 – abb: K
19/abb, 18:04 – abb: Hello, my name is Bruno, I’m electrical engineer graduated at UNIFEI – Brasil, I’ve been working with protection and automation since 2018, a short experience but I thing I could contribute with some topics here. I’m here to learn with you my colleagues and discuss anything about electrical engenieering. I have some experience with substations, IEDs and mostly ABB relays.
19/abb, 18:14 – abb: Welcome
19/abb, 18:32 -abb: You’re welcome
19/abb, 18:34 – abb”: You’re welcome bro
19/abb, 18:34 – abb: Thanks!
19/abb, 23:53 – abb: Hello, what is your license error exactly?
20/abb, 00:35 – abb: You can check the log in diagnosis folder/ license.log
20/abb, 00:36 – abb “: Nice to have you in this group
20/abb, 11:00 – abb: Error about pas cc configuration
20/abb, 11:00 – abb: I think I have missed this license
20/abb, 11:01 – abb: It is showing In license.log what is exactly missed
20/abb, 11:02 – abb: Ok I will check it
20/abb, 11:05 – abb:
20/abb, 11:05 – abb:
20/abb, 11:06 – abb: This license is trial and limited
20/abb, 11:07 – abb: If you press the details it showing what is exactly missed
20/abb, 11:08 – abb: Ok . How I can repair it
20/abb, 11:08 – abb: ?
20/abb, 11:09 – abb:
20/abb, 11:09 – abb: Check this link it might help
20/abb, 11:14 – abb: Thank a lot
20/abb, 11:14 – abb: But one question, what about the winCC License?
20/abb, 11:14 – abb: Chakeram
20/abb, 11:20 – abb: I’m dealing with SCC 9, for using that version we have to install winCC at first step, license it, then install SCC and license it
20/abb, 11:39 – abb:
20/abb, 11:40 – abb: Mokhlesam
20/abb, 11:43 – abb: Click details
20/abb, 11:47 -abb: PASCC-configuration licence is missing or expired
20/abb, 11:47 -abb: but how fix it?
20/abb, 11:48 – abb: The trial version is expired
20/abb, 11:50 – abb: This is for deleting the trial version
20/abb, 13:10 -abb: Hi all,
24/abb, 16:11 -abb: Can anybody help me regarding this
24/abb, 16:12 -abb: Hi anybody have configuration manual or videos for simocode relays
24/abb, 16:12 -abb: I need to know just how to communicate with the relay and uploading and downloading procedure
24/abb, 16:15 -abb: Do you have software
24/abb, 16:16 -abb: S
24/abb, 16:16 -abb: Installed??
24/abb, 16:17 -abb: And also you cable
24/abb, 16:17 -abb: I searched in the software
24/abb, 16:17 -abb: Yes I tried to communicate
24/abb, 16:17 -abb: TIA15
24/abb, 16:17 -abb: And I get the settings but I have some doubts
24/abb, 16:17 -abb: From Siemens
24/abb, 16:17 -abb: So only I am asking
24/abb, 16:18 -abb: Yes….
24/abb, 16:18 -abb: ????
24/abb, 16:19 -abb: Regarding communication and upload and download I need to know actual way
24/abb, 16:20 -abb: Because I have experience in digsi and reydisp softwares with that I do that blindly but I couldn’t get the correct methods
24/abb, 16:21 -abb: Ok I will catch you at the airport eve
24/abb, 16:22 -abb: OK sure
24/abb, 16:28 -abb: Do you have licensed software???
24/abb, 16:31 -abb: S I have…
24/abb, 17:49 -abb”: This message was deleted
25/abb, 16:33 – abb: I Install pcm 600 software , after the installation I update the connectivity package by using update manager. It shows error like that ” server couldn’t connect”. How to resolve it.pls any one tell me
25/abb, 16:58 – abb: Check your connection, if you are using an private network such as your company this may occur
25/abb, 17:22 – abb: but I use my own internet and I turn off my firewall also but it again show it same error.
25/abb, 17:33 -abb“: PCM needs SQLSERVER, this software comes with pcm package and during installation you will see that at first SQLSERVER is installing. Maybe it doesn’t install correctly depending your windows configuration
25/abb, 18:16 – abb: Its true but I dont think is this problem, its most likely of beeing something with internet connection, try using vpn
25/abb, 18:19 – abb: Uninstalled SQL server then reinstall issue will be resolved
25/abb, 18:26 -abb: Try this solution
27/abb, 00:38 – abb: In the one substations sometimes we have false alarm. Can anybody help me for finding the reason?
27/abb, 00:39 – abb:
27/abb, 01:18 – abb: Check ied events and the MMS 61850 maping
27/abb, 01:19 – abb: Probably another event is triggering the wrong MMS mapping
27/abb, 01:20 – abb: the ied didnot save anything in the events. How I can check 61850 MMS mapping?
27/abb, 01:20 – abb: Can you cause this event again?
27/abb, 01:21 – abb: You can use an package monitoring software
27/abb, 01:21 – abb: I should trigger this signal manualy
27/abb, 01:21 – abb: Ok
27/abb, 01:23 – abb: I’m not good at suppervisory but i’m preatty sure you can track down on this one the logical device/logical node…etc until discover witch event is causing this false alarm
27/abb, 01:24 -abb: Please try to load the cid once again in the IED
27/abb, 01:24 – abb: Ok I will do it. Tnx
27/abb, 01:24 – abb: Thank you
27/abb, 01:31 -abb“: It seems they are some kind of GI? Don’t you think?
27/abb, 13:30 – abb:
27/abb, 13:30 – abb: Anyone know how to resolve
27/abb, 13:41 -abb”: Restart relay.
27/abb, 13:42 – abb: Already restarted
27/abb, 13:42 – abb: Try to read with pcm 2.6 And pcm 2.9
27/abb, 13:43 -abb”: Try with different laptop.
27/abb, 13:44 – abb: Already tried with another laptop
27/abb, 13:46 – abb: Kindly install latest Hotfix file in your laptop.
27/abb, 13:49 – abb: Which hotflix
27/abb, 13:51 – abb:
28/abb, 13:48 – abb:
29/abb, 01:50 – abb: Thanks for sharing
29/abb, 14:48 – abb:
29/abb, 22:53 -abb: Hi friends,
I have a doubt, if we install fuse and MCB in same rating, then if overload comes what operate first either fuse blown first or mcb operate first, if it is so why? Reason. The same for short circuit condition
29/abb, 23:01 – abb: Fuse
29/abb, 23:01 – abb: Response time is faster than McBride
29/abb, 23:01 – abb: Mcb
29/abb, 23:08 – abb: How?? sir
29/abb, 23:21 -abb: Could you please share me the response time for mcb and fuse.
29/abb, 23:21 -abb: Exactly
29/abb, 23:41 – abb “: The answer depends on the thermal capability curve of each
29/abb, 23:42 -abb: How we can clarify? Any documents for this
29/abb, 23:43 – abb: I have data sheets. Will provide tomorrow
29/abb, 23:43 – abb “: This message was deleted
29/abb, 23:43 -abb: K sir thank you very much.
02/abb, 10:27 -abb: Sir kindly share me the same
02/abb, 16:27 -abb: When Three generators are running in parallel, suddenly one generators got trip. What happen to other generators?
02/abb, 16:28 -abb: I know that the speed of other generators will increase but I don’t know y? Anyone of you explain me
02/abb, 16:30 – abb “: According to drop curve In other word they all agreed to provide the grid with 50/60 Hz sinusuidal voltage waveform
02/abb, 16:36 – abb “: You can only see the actual increase in speed when you disconnect the generator from the grid
02/abb, 17:05 – abb: Exactly
02/abb, 17:14 – abb: This question is quite complex, the generators are running in grid or isolated from the Power system? If are conected you need to know how big are the influence of these generators in the system. In other words you will need a load flow simulation and a transitory simulation engine to know what will happen with the other machines, because syncronous generators have an angular stability that deppends on the intrinsic construtive characteristics. If the system are isolated ia most likely that the tripped machine will acelerate and the other machines will decresce speed, if the variant of power is inside capability and angle stability the speed regulator and the voltage regulator will set a new operation point to garantee the operation delivering the same amount of power (sorry for bad english, just woke up)
02/abb, 17:17 – abb: Actualy this is on a machine conected to a “infinite power” bus. If we are talking about a big loss of generation the machines will swing around the main frequency raising/decreasing speed, right?
02/abb, 17:18 -abb: If frequency of other two generators was raised means the speed has to increase right?
02/abb, 17:19 -abb: Because for speed=120f/p
02/abb, 17:19 – abb: In sincronous machines speed -> frequency
02/abb, 17:19 – abb: Yeah
02/abb, 17:21 – abb: But again, its most likely that the speed of the two remaining generators will decrease.
02/abb, 17:27 – abb: Once you have the same amount of load and have decrease your generation the eletrical current on the remaining generators are higher, this will result on a bigger magnetic flux that will make a force in the opposite direction of the primary machine (turbine), in other words this should break the generator
02/abb, 17:29 – abb: But as our colleague said, in a big power system you shouldnt have speed variations. It will all depend on your system. Is impossible to give a precise anawer without the information
02/abb, 17:35 -abb: Thank you very much I get different view about this
02/abb, 17:49 – abb “: The speed will decrease most likely depends upon the governer response if they running in isolated system
02/abb, 20:39 -abb “: A change in active power demand or in production causes a fluctuation of the speed (frequency).
If a generator trips, the frequency will decline. If the loss of generation is greater than the spinning reserve, the frequency could eventually stabilize at a new value lower than desired one. However, in practice, underfrequency relaying is used to reestablish the balance between power demand and the available production. If the frequency decline is excessive, generating units can be automatically tripped off causing an additional decline of frequency, and possible collapse of the system.
02/abb, 20:43 -abb “: Acceleration torque (Ta) = T (mech) – T (elec)
02/abb, 20:50 -abb “: For small variations 😛 (mech) ≈ T (mech) P (elec) ≈ T (elec)
03/abb, 07:25 -abb: 👍 thank you
11/abb, 10:39 – abb: Jii how to download micom alstom relay software. If you have any software link send it me jii
11/abb, 10:41 – abb: Google MiCOM S1 Agile
12/abb, 19:36 – abb:
13/abb, 10:05 -abb changed their phone number to a new number. Tap to message or add the new number.
13/abb, 21:42 – abb: Please addme new Mobile
13/abb, 21:46 – abb: 1JEAN.vcf (file attached)
14/abb, 03:41 – abb: Thnks
15/abb, 20:04 -abb: Anyone working with ABB Mach systems
16/abb, 19:00 -abb: Hi everyone
Anyone has Torkel win 3.0 (or any) software available?
please share, or send me the link. or bropBox me
25/abb, 10:09 -abb: anyone has IEC 61850-8-1 Ed 2 pdf ?
26/abb, 16:07 -abb“:
26/abb, 17:51 – abb: Awesome! Thanks a lot
26/abb, 18:39 -abb“: 👍
30/abb, 20:55 -abb: Hi
30/abb, 20:56 -abb: I need to download digisi 4.91 or 4.93 with Windows 10 Pro 64 bit
30/abb, 20:56 -abb: Any one can help me to give me site, I can download directly
30/abb, 21:20 – abb:
17/abb, 14:30 -abb: I will check, thanks
17/abb, 14:31 -abb“: Good luck
18/abb, 00:32 -abb: Good evening
18/abb, 00:33 -abb: I need this book protection of electricity distribution network 3rd edition.
18/abb, 08:23 -abb:
18/abb, 08:28 -abb: Thank you so much
19/abb, 11:58 – abb:
19/abb, 11:59 – abb: This alarm what means? How I can get relay config??
20/abb, 01:25 -abb: How to use directional earth fault protection?
20/abb, 01:25 -abb: How to use directional earth fault protection to distinguish between a fault current and a capacitive current.
I hope you will find this article interesting to read.
20/abb, 05:43 -abb: Hello friends, I would like to know if anyone among you could assign a user curve to any function of the P142 MICOM relay
20/abb, 05:45 -abb: I prepared a curve, unfortunately I don’t know how to import it.
22/abb, 23:52 -abb:
22/abb, 23:52 -abb: I need this book Plz
23/abb, 16:59 abb: You can order it on at very low price.
23/abb, 22:59 -abb:
24/abb, 00:43 -abb: Just try for 3rd of May and see the change
24/abb, 00:43 -abb:
24/abb, 00:43 -abb: Guys…Do register it asap..
It’s the workshop going on…
Happy exercising..
24/abb, 19:13 – abb: This message was deleted
26/abb, 17:52 – abb: this relay does not turn on why ?
26/abb, 18:30
26/abb, 18:32 – abb: Pls ensure the polarity of auxilary suppy
26/abb, 18:42 – abb: Ok C1 is + and C2 is –
26/abb, 18:43 -abb:
26/abb, 19:38 -abb“: Are you sure about the exact output of your dc source?
26/abb, 20:35 – abb “: Insulation failure at the termination… may be due to too much dust or deterioration of the Elbow connector
26/abb, 20:39 -abb: Ok
26/abb, 20:39 -abb: Ok thanks
26/abb, 20:39 -abb: Ok thanks
26/abb, 22:23 -abb”:
26/abb, 22:23 -abb”: Free ebook by Springer.
26/abb, 22:35 abb:
26/abb, 22:40 abb: Hi my friends
Do you know how to reset password of this devise?
27/abb, 00:59 – abb: Yes, i have confirmed a polarity, some problem, relay not turn ON!! 🤔
27/abb, 01:00 -abb: Is it a new relay?
27/abb, 01:00 – abb: Yes i used a cmc 256, auxiliary source.
27/abb, 01:00 -abb: When u turn On supply measure the applied voltages on the terminals of the relay using a multimeter.
27/abb, 01:01 -abb: That happen when u use a test set. When u apply the voltage on the relay, the voltages drop. I face the same issue on Sr 489 relay using a CMC 356
27/abb, 01:02 -abb: Check the applied voltage using a multimeter.
27/abb, 10:10 -abb: Join Prtection Relay 4 ” Zaigham ali: Plzz add 00968 99240411
29/abb, 10:06 – abb: Free books
29/abb, 10:06 – abb:
29/abb, 10:54 – abb: 👍
29/abb, 18:09 -abb”:
29/abb, 18:10 -abb”: This message was deleted
29/abb, 18:11 -abb”: With changing configuration and sending it to the relay, this error appeared, what the reason is?
29/abb, 18:11 – abb: Relay is in pickup condition
29/abb, 18:12 -abb”: which function ?
29/abb, 18:12 -abb”: How can i find?
29/abb, 18:12 -abb”: 7SA522
29/abb, 18:14 – abb: Check
29/abb, 18:19 – abb: Check General Introgation
29/abb, 21:45 -abb“: Can you please share P142 thermal over load calculation sheet.
29/abb, 21:59 – abbs: That’s correct
29/abb, 21:59 – abbs: Exit the pickup condition
30/abb, 20:57 – abb: Is anybody having the wiring diagram no: 811W00138? It is high speed master trip relay.
30/abb, 20:58 – abb: Easun Reyrolle
02/abb 23:29 -abb “:
03/abb 00:47 -abb:
03/abb 00:47 -abb: SCADA System
03/abb 15:50 – abb“:
04/abb 00:47 – abb: Friends. Can anyone have the below document. Pls share if so.

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protection relay 2 Discussion

– During one phase PT failure, will overflux relay work? Has anyone seen this kind of voltage transformer connection?
– Why b phase winding is grounded on the secondary side?
– Can u share nameplate details of the PT
– yes, in an oil company, usually they only use 2 PT input and make it as delta connection in the relay
– That’s an open delta voltage transformer (or potential transformer)
– It’s mainly used as an input to detect earth faults using neutral voltage displacement.
– Typically the sum of the voltage across D7 and D9 is zero ….however should there be an earth fault and one of the phases hit the ground … you will get voltage across the open point
– Such schemes are used in ungrounded systems or on generator – transformer sets …. there is no path for earth fault
– Sorry open wye … but the scheme is the same …
– Open delta connection, Yellow phase normally will ground.

But as per the drawing seen some conflict.
Normally 2 VT Winding we can see.

– This is a star connection with y phase grounded. Not an open delta. I was reading on the internet it’s some old practice followed in the UK.

– Anyone has any experience with diesel Genset paralleling on the common neutral resistor
– Any drawing, and what you wanna know about?
– How many generators can work connected to the resistor and how many can work isolated in parallel mode. That’s a very big open question.
– Yes, it is really problematic to solve its protection system
– Yes we typically run the neutrals to a common neutral bar. Install at least 3 the neutral earthing resistor and contactors
– Are you talking about medium voltage generators
– Yeah.
– How did you calculate the size of resistors
– Please, can you share some calculations?
– I need a setting guide for directional protection
– If any example for Double feed SubStation with the tiebreaker normally closed
– What is the Apts scheme?

– For this system, with the two Transformers secondary breakers and the tiebreaker are normally closed, and installing directional on the two secondaries, I need some guidance on how to make the setting for the directional, And if anyone has a similar case I will be glad if he shares his settings and how to Make them?
– the intention of the Directional on the secondary side is for backup protection? I ever encounter an application that uses the secondary side 67 as a backup by looking up into the transformer and if it operates it will trip both HV and LV. – Can anybody share about the zig-zag transformer? Principle operation of it.

– Anyone has SR 469, SR 650, and SR 750 test formats? Which is the software used for these relays? Anyone pls help.

– what could be the cause of the SF alarm?
– PLC is communicating with another PLC over Profibus
– Well, it can be a lot of stuff, but the first thing I always have for this alarm. SISTEM FAULT means that you may have some unit programmed inside your PLC that is not connected in the field.
– So if it still works let it be
– with that alarm all parameters of slave address become red
– This is not something to concern, just be sure you have a good backup of the PLC program. but if it remains, it will not let startup of Engine
– Yes, but if it is already working, maybe is only a module programmed in the PLC but not connected in the field, but I say, I saw processes going on for Years with this SF, and nothing ever happened.

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– we have a problem in the Genetaror Micom P343 that does not boot, please help us how to fix it, thanks
– Check the ribbon resistance of hmi to relay. We have faced the same and ask Alstom ..then after they checked and replace the ribbon, and fix the issue.
– Where is the ribbon?
– Open the front side of the relay then there is a connecting ribbon cable u can find
– This, not Bad contact Ribbon the message is clear (Micom Booting) with Led Alarm lightning in red Fast…
It’s like PC booting, I think it’s a microprocessor issue
– We have faced the same problem in our reliance industries Jamnagar plant and Alstom itself give us a solution and change all the ribbons. Micom rebooting issue may be from the HMI problem/relay power card problem but if it comes even after replacing HMI look forward with manufacturers. It’s not just like pc booting issues. There is no chance of error in relay or bugs like a microprocessor.
– I might be wrong but I share what I experienced with the same problem.
– Any vacancy for Facilities Manager
– How do I determine distance characteristic in the L90 GE relay
– do someone has a commissioning manual for L90 relays

– hello good morning everyone, will any of you have high voltage protection information?

– I want to know what you guys as an Electrical Department are doing to fight COVID 19 in their workplace.
– 132kv circuit tripped showing R Y B phase and zone 1. And the same circuit is energized from another end at no load. Also, no-fault found on the circuit during patrolling. What will be the fault? Distance Relay type micom P 441. It could be transient or pic up fault
– Does it show any distance in zone 1?
– Grid staff is not too efficient to check the fault recorder. I will go to check it tomorrow and will discuss it again
– What is the status now does the line charged from both ends?
– Only from another end at no load
– Sir but usually these transients will be blocked by numerical relays rights
– I think it may be DC grounding
– Check the fault recorded to see the fault current and voltage
– Lighting
– Depending on the magnitude and relay Makes. We have had similar invent without any trace to a physical cause
-can you share us the Comtrade file

– What is the standard setting of the characteristic angle for directional overcurrent phase and ground (67/67N)?
– does somebody has this relay technical manual ABB PCD for recloser

-Hi anyone has a static VAR compensator (SVC) protection scheme that can share?
– What is the standard setting of the characteristic angle for directional overcurrent phase and ground (67/67N)?
– For typical distribution networks (up to 33 kV), I set it to 30 degrees. For sub-transmission/transmission, I set it to 45 degrees, between the current phase and voltage polarizing quantity.
– However different scenarios may require different angles … and have to be worked out.
– This angle for directional phase overcurrent? What about the angle for directional ground overcurrent 67N?
– Are there any references for how to Make the setting for directional phase and ground overcurrent 67/67N?
– I would typically read the relay manual, And use the default recommended value. The actual math behind setting them can be very tricky.
– Which relay are you using?
– Sepam s40
– The application is two parallel Transformers
– What’s the voltage level and how far is the relay from the supply transformer?
– From experience, RCA is 20~40
– For 67N, the value is dependent on the type of grounding. Please refer to NPAG, it was clearly explained there
– Anyone has a digsi4 Activation Key? And for 67, if I am not mistaken, RCA is set based on the impedance angle of the system

– Anyone tested Transformer DIFFERENTIAL 7SR242 DUOBIAS. I have some doubt on bias characteristics..!
– This is the complete manual, but bias equation is not clear on it..!
– Does any one here got any information about ct accuracy class 0.1 PL 270 R6
– I want to know knee point voltage and resistance

– Install Studio Enterprise this is combination of all scada & it will work as per your lisencing

-Does anybody here has experience with Toshiba relay GRL 200?
– I want to ask about the IO config
– Why don’t you Let admin look into it27etap, 09:16 – abb pcm600″: Please send me any study material regarding AVR
– For a substation
– Little emergency for my undergraduate project
– I can send you the datasheet of Engine AVR
– ABB Unitrol 1000

– I have to change CT/VT ratio in an Elster A1800 energy meter. Already got established communication with the meter via Metercat 3.5 software. I believe CT/VT ratios can be changed via function “Program” but I am not able to proceed as everything at the “Program” popup window is grey (not editable), I request you to support me in changing the CT/VT ratios.
– You have to enable changing xt ratio on parameters function

– There is no Parameter menu in Functions? please clarify in details or send some snapshot
– Hi Guys, I have a question for 220KV level, which is suitable either CVT or IVT(PT)? And why Usually we are adopting IVT(PT) in Andhra Pradesh India
– CVT always
– Sir can you please support your statement… As we have observed the drift in secondary voltages are more in CVT compared to IVT over a time span
– Mainly installation reasons. they are lighter, cheaper, Safer (transfer of emf when a fault occurs)as there is no direct connection to the primary voltage source.
– Can you explain how does the voltage drift?
– Deterioration in the capacitance levels over a period of operations results in variations in secondary voltages Can’t that be fixed during maintenance? (Note: I don’t have any experience in maintenance and operation Even I don’t any experience in Maintenance. But I am not sure we can improve this ineffective manner)
– CVT for transmission circuits or High Voltage i.e greater than 66kV and IVT for distribution circuits 33kV and below
– Moreover, we are mostly using IVT in 220KV levels also so, I am not aware of fixing methods. I believe it’s a cost trade-off. In India IVTs in 220kV class are more affordable than CVT. And yet you may see them actively used in 220kV stations where the transmission system is at 220kV level. This is because the same CVT would be used as a coupling capacitor for PLCC communications as well.
– That’s my understanding
– Why when we calculate short circuits at transformer secondary we should consider no-load ph to phase voltage not rated voltage?!
– Yes.CVT is more affordable to be used since the consideration of its(equipments) isolation to H.V.
– Yes, we can track and analyze its dissipation factor( Tan Delta measurement)
– Which position?
– This is an AVR relay from ZIV bringing.
-anyone has the pin configuration of this relay?
– If you mean bias setting, then I would say it has to be calculated based on the transformer parameters
– Hello everybody, good morning. any of you run the digsilent program?
– What /which are the switching operations and commissioning procedures of HV / EHV equipment considering the safety rules of power system operation?
-P94V Undervoltage relay showing continuous trip, but no alarm present and all functions disabled, need technical support .can anybody please help.
– Go to view record and reset led Did, but still not going
– To increase the contact Resistance with Ground!

-To minimize step potential

– Why stone and whether it’s the only solution?
– Cheapest
– Another reason stones are used is ‘cause it helps in the fire. mitigation, especially where oil traps/ sump pumps are not available.

– The leaked oil will have less surface area exposed to air that can burn, thereby reducing the fire hazard.
– Weather dry sunny temp 35c approximately Fault 132kv lighting arrestr and HV bush of power transformer 20/26MVA damaged
– 132kv CT side clamp
-Counter of lighting arrestr
– Lighting arrestr
– Structure damaged After fault jamper
– Analysis as per our senior-most retired chief Engineer such type of fault occurs due to delay of lighting arrestr counter delay. This type of fault occurred in Pakistan time by a time where lightning arrestr having counter are installed. Due to delay HV bush of power transformer also damaged
– Did the Hv bushing passed the lighting impulse test?
– At the time of manufacturing or now
– Bushing may be damaged due to pressure of conductor available 132kv surge arrester if required plz context 03214484444
– I wonder if you have the fault recorder of this lighting surge impulse on your relay
– Are there any lightning arresters in the top of transformers firewall/ other location?
– What’s the fault in protection relay or fault recorder?
– Ds agile documentation please, guys how can I get cooling oil for a 1000 volt transformer
– What is the relay saturation of IDMT curve in sepam T80 and S82?

-Any have experience In Reyroll Relays.! I need help how to change the “Out of service mode”.

– We need to do 87L test, as you can see in secondary current to relay is very low 0.044A. We did secondary injection for GE L90 relay and found it doesn’t read 0.044A. Value is fluctuating and getting stable at 0.1A.

– Any ideas why the 51N protection of the REF615A relay operates in an almost constant time of 0.06 seconds
– reviewing the operation curve the minimum operation time is 0.02 seconds at least the first 3 tests would have given me the correct value
– check the other serting. Check the type of curve selected in relay, Whether it is definite time or IDMT
-1 group setting might b clashing with another one,check all stage setting group wise.
– Work Is for Automation Visit in Kolkata. Just visit the site at Kolkata only people from Kolkata plz contact me..

– A Power distribution full project including design of LV and MV component
– 40mva x-mer tripped on differential during charging of 33kv feeder with Idr= 0.49pu, Idy= 0.50pu and Idb,= 0.53pu.
Both side LA has physically verified and found ok.
– Did you check the %of Harmonics during charging from the DR?
– please do a stability test and after that examine the results.

– might anyone have the design book of transformers with CRGO steel core and amorphous metal core
– Please guide how to reset DR full alarm in DPR micom p442 Schneider electric
-Maybe you can right-click on the device and select supervise device

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– Anyone has a VALANCE book on “How to Test Breaker Failure Element Logic”?

– I have a problem with Micom P443 for Distance Protection. I have a problem with System Checks for Autoreclose, anyone can tell me what is the difference between CS1 Close Enable dan C/S AR Immediate?
– Cs1 close enable is the setting of sync check on which you want to recloser the circuit breaker like on Live Line Live Bus or Live bus Dead Line or Dead Line Dead Bus-
– If you enable c/s AR immediate then it means that if during the dead time system check conditions are met then it will reclose the breaker without waiting for the remaining dead time period,
– Like for example if dead time is 1 sec
– And system check conditions are met during 0.6 seconds of dead time, then the relay will give reclose command without waiting for the remaining 0.4seconds of dead time. But you have disables the system check conditions on shot1 which means it will reclose the breaker without looking into any system check conditions,
– Sys check on shot 1 should be enabled too.

– Hi Guys I have a question: what is the problem with a 3phases motor run by A frequency driver, if I want to run it very slowly for instance at 4HZ normally it runs at a modulated Frequency variable between 50Hz and 0 but what happens to a very low frequency?
– I know that it will run slow, but it will warm up a lot right? but more than that what will it happen? somebody, some documentation to explain this phenomenon?
– It depends on the loading. The higher its loading, the more power needed to turn the output torque. If you don’t have a load, just make sure your lower frequency setting has a minimal current to move the rotor..otherwise, it will overheat.
– I even reinstalled my windows not going, I checked internet settings also

– how we can develop an HMI screen of operator name tag id selection in Schneider Vijeo Designer Basic HMI software
– Can Anyone suggest or provide a link for low-cost alternatives for moxa Uport 1150 type connectors with similar capabilities?
– USB to Serial converter

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– Does anyone have sft sav diagnostic software for sepam relay?
– Does Anyone Have the knowledge of selec twix-2 PLC communication with Schneider HMI
– Please have someone ever configured SEL 487B busbar protection?
– The SEL Technical Support Line is available at +1.509.338.3838

– does anybody here has the SUE3000 configuration tool
– Some example of End Fault Protection with SEL 487B??

– Anybody can please share with ME Schneider Software SFT SAV?
– what does this number means 6000 of this RCD?
– It can open currents up to 6000A. 6kA
– Note it’s RCBO not RCD
– What s the difference? Because some tell me it is the max number of trips. RCBO stands for residual current circuit breaker. It can open faults up to 6000A. It can be used for short circuit protection as well as sensitive faults of 30ma. RCD is a residual current device. It’s used only to pick up sensitive 30ma faults. They can’t open full short circuit currents. -Think of RCBO as RCD+MCB
– No it’s the rated fault level.

– We have the following problem with ER make DUOBIAS relay for Transformer differential protection
– Can anyone guide what to be done with this?
– Hi anyone have testing commissioning motor differential protection relay procedure please Sharing
– Short circuit level for this device
– This kind of error shows in sverker 900 Megger relay test kit anyone has an idea what is this?

– Maybe you could try to restart the device. And try to jumper each phase RST to neutral phase.
– Jumper are arranged like this is it ok?
– I have restarted the kit but it not working
– Jumper I1to neutral, then I2 to neutral, and so on. Simultaneously inject small current to monitor the device voltage ports are also not working
– How about the current ports?
-They are also not working
– Make sure when you start the device the knob selector in an off position.
– Check the fuses too

– Does anyone know if you can force or simulate voltage on an ABB relay? That is, without using a device like Omicron
– someone help, how can I test GE L90 diff relay as a stand-alone…without connecting with another one. You can only force digital outputs and simulate inputs. You can’t force analog signals such as voltage and currents. You need an external source
– I’ve never dealt with this relay but If it is for line differential, chances are that you’ll need two relays…the receiver and transmitter
– But you can still use the primary injection method to do the testing
– Do you have to test line differential?
– You can go to setting, testing, channel test, and loopback. Inject currents, the relay will consider one current as local and one as remote

– Hello guys, I’d like to ask maybe some of you ever test this type of relay?
– Where we can find the tms
– I think tms is 2
– TMS is nothing but round dial
– Yes it is 2
– In this case it’s 2

– for ref relay input problem. Ref620
– From the drawing, check the terminal point associated with this input. Isolate it then troubleshoot that circuit to find out where the “high/positive” signal is coming from
– why inside relay see this messages drawing not a problem?

– I am working with a 2X300 MW thermal power plant in India and our 400 kv switchyard is having Alstom MICOM P 441, REL 670 for protection also for the generator we are having siemens make 7UM622 and MICOM p345.
Is there any standard that speaks of about frequency of relay testing?
– Normally frequency of Numerical Relay testing depends on the utility practices.

– In our utility, we do annually. But in my opinion, it is not required annually.
– Numerical relay can be tested 5 years once. Scheme testing can be done annually.
– Anty one have a crack version of ase IED smart or IED scout for IEC 61850 simulation?
– How to do scaling of this pressure sensor
– these transmitters are of fixed range
– 615 series?
– try to use new project. if still like that try to factory reset the ied but if it still opetation

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– How to connect GPS to this siemens relay 7VE632
-synchronization via IRIG-B
– someone assist me with cpc 100 software.
– You either need IRIG B port on GPS receiver….or you need NTP to IRIG B convertor

– Please find below the parameters you are expected to use as discussed with RTM;
Reactance = 0.2215 ohm/km
Inductance = 0.20808 ohm/km
Suseptance = 0.07573 ohm/km
Distance = 313km
– Please how can I find the positive and zero sequence impedances from the above parameters thanks
– 400 KVAR 90 UNITS. 132KV CAPACITOR BANK. neutral CT 5/5. 132kv CT 400/5. Capacitor protection or unbalance relay current setting? Relay type SPAJ 160 C
– Normally Unbalance protection has one special other CT different from CT 132kv phase or CT neutral but if This CT 5/5A is just for SPAJ protection we adjust setting unbalance between 10 (..)20% In for nominal current this CT 5/5A
– Please explain the working of reverse power relay at consumer end for the small hydropower plant of declared capacity 24.75 MWWhat is recommended Characteristic angle for Directional Earth Fault protection (67N) on SEPAM S42 relay based on the following data:
Sepam relay is on the closed-loop network.
System grounding: resistance grounded (Two NGR Prallelled: 2x800A: 1600A).
The type used for 67N on Sepam: Type-02 (the protection function uses I0 vector magnitude).
Residual Current input on Sepam: Calculation of Summation three-phase current (not residual CT).
Your support will be really appreciated.
31etap 01:13 – abb pcm600:
31etap 05:20 – abb pcm600:
31etap 11:48 – Fatima: If anyone interested in ETAP discussion Whatsapp group, send ETAP to me on Whatsapp 🙏😊
Topics, ETAP software, Relay coordination, power system, industrial design
31etap 13:59 – abb pcm600: ETAP
31etap 17:54 -abb pcm600: ETAP
31etap 20:11 – abb pcm600 “: I want to know if my raw data for the sensor is 0 to 32767 and I wanted it to show in HMI in the format of 0 to 100 bcoz if in system sensor by mistakenly get faulty or I have to replace the sensor and the sensor of any other company in my system, so due to this I can change from HMI raw data in the format of 0 to 100 is it is possible??
31etap 20:15 -abb pcm600:
Micom p-243 protect compressor after start 15 minutes then trip
The indication in local HMI (motor fault alarm )but in the protection relay no indication but became an open position
When I go to the record I see this in the pic
31etap 20:15 -abb pcm600:
31etap 20:15 -abb pcm600:
31etap 20:24 -abb pcm600: I do isolation resistance for motor by using 5kv meggar the result was 4Gohm
31etap 23:09 – abb pcm600: Any contribution?!
01etap, 05:57 – abb pcm600: ETAP
01etap, 06:10 -abb pcm600: ETAP
01etap, 11:12 – abb pcm600: This message was deleted
01etap, 11:13 – abb pcm600: Etap
01etap, 12:11 – abb pcm600 “: Hello Guys. We are Providing Protection Data Management System
If you need to discuss send IPS to me on my personal WhatsApp
01etap, 12:12 – abb pcm600 “:
01etap, 13:38 – abb pcm600: This message was deleted
03etap, 19:40 – abb pcm600 “: In HMI how to create operator name error
03etap, 20:07 – abb pcm600: PTT-20200803-WA0002.opus (file attached)
04etap, 19:45 – abb pcm600: It’s over Current …what’s your start motor current start pick and protection micom configuration …?
04etap, 21:47 -abb pcm600: Respected members, Please guide me on how to carry out the Hi-Pot Test/Dielectric strength test for 22kV 3ph Breakers/Bus bar.
If the available source is DC for testing, how much voltage is to be applied, and any references of the standard for the same.
Thanks in advance.
04etap, 21:51 – abb pcm600: Hi Fatima,
05etap, 10:03 – Fatima added abb pcm600
05etap, 10:06 – abb pcm600: Thank you Fatimah
05etap, 10:09 – Fatima: Welcome
06etap, 22:48 – abb pcm600 “: How to write scripting language for 0 to 50 Low and 50 to 100 high value in C programming for HMI
12etap, 10:50 -abb pcm600:
Is it possible to rectify at site. Please guide…
13etap, 10:57 – Elec Engg: Hello everyone,

13etap, 21:34 – abb pcm600: Hello, please i need assistance on nari pcs9611 relay
Its new, so when powered on it displayed sub supervision Alarms:
Alm -time sync .
How can I cancel
13etap, 21:40 – abb pcm600: ok
13etap, 21:41 – abb pcm600: set the time synchronization to off instead of sntp
13etap, 21:42 – abb pcm600: Under settings?
13etap, 21:42 – abb pcm600: under device config or communication
13etap, 21:42 – abb pcm600: Ok
14etap, 15:36 -abb pcm600: Does any have idea of Proof Testing of equipments?
14etap, 19:26 -abb pcm600″: STK-20200815-WA0000.webp (file attached)
15etap, 01:11 – abb pcm600 “: Any one interested in Protection Data management system? Text me.
15etap, 09:47 – abb pcm600 “: Sounds good. Many thanks to all who are interested to know more about Protection data management system . We are planning to go for life demo if you are interested text me and I will share the zoom link
15etap, 14:00 -abb pcm600: Hi interested
15etap, 14:36 -abb pcm600: Does anybody has ZX0 ABB seitchgear O&M.manual
15etap, 14:37 -abb pcm600: Especially Gas handling procedures
15etap, 14:37 – abb pcm600:
HB 600-05 en
15etap, 15:10 -abb pcm600: HB 605 Gas handling Manual for ZX0
15etap, 17:44 – abb pcm600:
18etap, 17:46 – abb pcm600: Hi ,
I have tested my lightning arrestor for 11KV after removing from line and the IR value was 400 meg.
Few minutes laters I have tested it again the value raised to 15 Gig.
What can explain that?

9etap, 15:20 – abb pcm600: Hello guys,
19etap, 15:20 – abb pcm600: Please i need the manual of siprotec 7SA87
19etap, 17:28 – abb pcm600:
19etap, 19:43 – abb pcm600: This message was deleted
19etap, 19:43 – abb pcm600: This message was deleted
19etap, 19:44 – abb pcm600: This message was deleted
19etap, 19:45 – abb pcm600: This message was deleted
19etap, 19:49 – abb pcm600: This message was deleted
19etap, 19:51 – abb pcm600″:
19etap, 19:51 – abb pcm600″: Hello everyone, could you help me about the function of the TC1 on the delta winding ?
19etap, 20:04 – abb pcm600: Its a current transformer for the winding temperature gauge
19etap, 20:55 – abb pcm600″: Thank you !
19etap, 21:16 – abb pcm600″: someone knows what is the difference between I> and I >>
19etap, 21:16 – abb pcm600″: ??
19etap, 21:18 – abb pcm600: I> is the short time protection setting and I>> is the instantaneous protection settings of overcurrent relay
19etap, 21:19 – abb pcm600″: Ok, Thank you
19etap, 21:20 – abb pcm600: Can somebody tell me what happened if the tripping coil resistance and closing coil resistance of vcb is same ..then thier is any impact on performance of vcb ?
19etap, 21:25 – abb pcm600: You can return to the datasheet of the circuit breaker and closing and tripping coil, you can find the standard values of the resistance of the trip and closing coil and compare it to the measurement
19etap, 21:26 – abb pcm600: I just want to know the theoretical ans. Behind this ..
19etap, 21:26 – abb pcm600: As a electrical engineering point of view
19etap, 21:30 – abb pcm600:
19etap, 21:30 – abb pcm600: Read this paper
19etap, 21:30 – abb pcm600: It is very helpful
19etap, 21:40 – abb pcm600: closing coil resistance is designed much less than tripping coil resistance to have a stronger magnetic field
19etap, 21:44 – abb pcm600: Yes I know it is designed ..but my question is ..if they are same then …what happened ?
19etap, 22:26 – abb pcm600 changed their phone number to a new number. Tap to message or add the new number.
20etap, 20:06 – abb pcm600: MAM,
20etap, 20:06 – abb pcm600: I would like to relay professional video training pack.I need your help.To take this training,Can you help me a little.
21etap, 12:54 – abb pcm600: hi
21etap, 12:55 – abb pcm600: does somebody here have some “how to configure modbus protocol in SEL relays” document or somekind like that?
21etap, 13:41 – Fatima: Replied privately
22etap, 11:18 – abb pcm600: Someone have a method statement of Testing CVT Tan Delta
22etap, 11:18 – abb pcm600: Do you need procedures
22etap, 11:19 – abb pcm600: yes
22etap, 11:19 – abb pcm600: Ok will send
22etap, 11:19 – abb pcm600: Your mail ID
22etap, 11:20 – abb pcm600:
27etap, 23:13 – abb pcm600 “: You now can book for online demo using this link
31etap, 20:13 – abb pcm600: Hi friends,,
31etap, 20:14 – abb pcm600: Does any body have a project of RED670 relay.
31etap, 20:14 – abb pcm600: ?!
31etap, 20:14 – abb pcm600: Yeah …
31etap, 20:14 – abb pcm600: Can i have it please 🙏
31etap, 20:15 – abb pcm600: Ok … I’ll send the pcm600 files tomorrow …
31etap, 20:15 – abb pcm600: Anything in particular you are after !’vv
31etap, 20:15 – abb pcm600: ??
31etap, 20:16 – abb pcm600: Current line differential relays are fairly straightforward..
31etap, 20:17 – abb pcm600: Is there a difference ?!
31etap, 20:43 – abb pcm600: Anyone knows what is the problem when a source (power plant) transmit power to a substation, then the neutral current monitored in power meter is a bit higher normally…
31etap, 20:46 – abb pcm600: I know that It means that there is an unbalance current on each phase. But what else can be that causes of phenomenon..
31etap, 20:49 – abb pcm600: The P.F on phase R and S is lagging 0.9, but the phase T shows a leading P.F
02etap 20:56 – abb pcm600:
Hello guys, i need some understanding on this problem..
02etap 20:57 – abb pcm600: In case it’s internal fault, just assume that the 87 T relay and Ref relay will trip…
02etap 20:58 -abb pcm600: your understanding is correct
02etap 20:59 – abb pcm600: But apart from it, if primary Overcurrent (50/51P) works, it will trip the CB 150 kV and how avout the CB 20 kV ??
02etap 21:00 – abb pcm600: Is it required to trip the CB 20 kV too ?
02etap 21:03 – abb pcm600: 87T trip, REF not really, depend on the fault. PP fault or 3P internal fault wont initiate REF
02etap 21:04 – abb pcm600: yep… to isolate the power from LV side too, in case bus section in 20 kV side is closed
02etap 21:05 – abb pcm600″: Depends on the control scheme we use…in most of the cases we adopt if HV side CB trips on protection LV CB also gets trip
02etap 21:08 – abb pcm600: REF is more sensitive for earth faults in the differential zone
02etap 21:08 – abb pcm600: If it is an earth fault REF trips faster than Diff.
02etap 21:12 – abb pcm600: Okayy..thank you everyone for the answer..
02etap 21:14 – abb pcm600: I think that 20 kV CB will need to trip too to prevent reverse power from remanent voltage (power) at Bus 20 kV side
02etap 21:15 – abb pcm600: But if there is a remanent voltage in 20 kV side, is it possible to induced voltage in primary winding to create a current..
02etap 21:16 – abb pcm600: Since you have NGR…earth fault close to neutral may nit be detected by REF
02etap 21:16 – abb pcm600: Percentage of unprotected zone can be calculated based on relay settings and CT ratio
02etap 21:31 – abb pcm600: Yes..due to the resistance, the sensitivity will be limited..
02etap 21:40 – abb pcm600: Have everyone ever tried, to induced voltage on secondary winding of step down Transformer i.e. lets say 150/33 kV. How about the primary winding transformer, does it will generate a low current or a harmonic current
02etap 23:29 -abb pcm600: Actually fault moves towards source. In actuall LV will not trip because fault current will move towards source side(150kv) side but if intertrip function is available then LV 20kv side will trip too
06etap 18:27 – abb pcm600:
06etap 18:29 – abb pcm600: Anyone knows about the calculation to get the value of Z1 Sensit. Iph>1 ? 🙏🙏
06etap 18:29 -abb pcm600″: Fault current should be above this value to identify zone 1 or zone 2 faults
06etap 18:30 – abb pcm600: 👌I got it.. But how to get this value ..
06etap 18:33 – abb pcm600: Okay. I have found it was 1.2 x CCC / CT Ratio
06etap 18:42 -abb pcm600″: Thanks
06etap 18:43 – abb pcm600: Youre welcome bro 💪
06etap 19:18 -abb pcm600: CCC indicates which value please clarify I have doubt in this
06etap 19:31 – abb pcm600: Current Carrying Capacity
06etap 19:33 – abb pcm600: Of the conductor
06etap 19:36 -abb pcm600: Thank you
07etap 17:27 – abb pcm600: In Distance Relay
07etap 17:27 – abb pcm600:
Anyone knows the CB IS( In Service) Time function ??
07etap 17:30 – abb pcm600: Since I close my CB thenthe IS time starts to count to set AR Block
07etap 17:32 -abb pcm600″: If cb is manually closed than after this time CB will be considered in service and Auto Recloser function will be enabled too,
07etap 17:33 – abb pcm600: Oh i see
07etap 17:33 – abb pcm600: But why it AR block indication is appeared.
07etap 17:34 – abb pcm600: After the CB IS Time starts to count..
07etap 17:35 – abb pcm600:
Still strugling on this distance relay
07etap 17:43 -abb pcm600″: Because during CB IS time AR Function is disabled to block the AR on SOTF fault,
07etap 18:06 – abb pcm600: change to ABB REL670
07etap 18:07 – abb pcm600: What type of relay is this one
07etap 18:26 – abb pcm600: Hahaha..Need to be scheduled soon 🤗
07etap 18:26 – abb pcm600: P443 Micom
08etap 09:54 – Fatima added A1 5414r.
12etap 19:19 – abb pcm600: hi guys
12etap 19:19 – abb pcm600: does anybody here has p14d modbus register
16etap 14:18 – abb pcm600: Hey….who knows ZIV default password
16etap 14:18 – abb pcm600: thanks
16etap 14:37 – abb pcm600: Any ZIV relays specialist
16etap 19:47 – abb pcm600: Hello all, does anyone has a GRL 200 Toshiba Line Current Diff Manual Book ?
16etap 19:48 – abb pcm600: 🙏🙏
16etap 20:02 – abb pcm600: Four corner numbers 7931
17etap 12:04 – abb pcm600 “: Dear Sir/Mam
Our Specializations

  • Manufacturing of all types of Automation Panels, PLC Panels, SCADA Control Panels, Drives, VFD, Sensor, HMI, PLC Controller, Communication Cables,etc
  • All type of control panels as per customer requirements.


Contact Us
Trividh Tech Solution
Mob. +918668859174
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Everything About Automation, Electricals, Instrumentation
17etap 13:17 – abb pcm600: Hello guys..i have a Zivercom relay for Tap changer…everything looks fine but its not Tapping who can assist tanks
18etap 12:12 – abb pcm600: is anyone familiar with Siemens Siprotec 4 7SD Line Current Differential relay? For example one end of the relay is select in Commissioning mode(test mode), will the remote end relay differential protection be in commissioning mode or test mode also? Thanks
18etap 13:55 -abb pcm600: Commissioning mode at one line end will not turn on commissioning mode automatically to other side..Plus commissions mode is completely different from test differential mode
18etap 13:56 – abb pcm600: Thanks for the explanation
18etap 13:56 – abb pcm600: Can you explain a bit more on the test differential mode?
18etap 13:56 – abb pcm600: Does turning the test differential mode at one end will also activate the test differential mode of the remote end?
19etap 08:08 – abb pcm600:
Anyone REM620 relay this message what problem please
19etap 18:33 – abb pcm600:
25etap 18:01 – abb pcm600: Any one has the actual standard IEEE 485 or an excel sheet?
25etap 18:02 – abb pcm600: I need to size substation batter charger please !!
25etap 18:48 -abb pcm600″: IEEE 485-2020?
25etap 19:20 – abb pcm600: Yes please ..
25etap 20:18 – abb pcm600″: Do you have an email that I can send it to?
25etap 20:27 – abb pcm600:
25etap 20:27 – abb pcm600: Thank you sir!!!
25etap 20:37 – abb pcm600: K
26etap 01:16 – abb pcm600″: Does anyone know what these signals are used for?
26etap 01:16 – abb pcm600″:
26etap 01:17 – abb pcm600″: Apparently they are permissive of Switches
26etap 01:17 – abb pcm600″: RECEPTION RRR, RRA, RRX and RRY
26etap 01:18 – abb pcm600″: the arrangement of the substation is as follows
26etap 01:18 – abb pcm600″:
26etap 14:39 – abb pcm600: Have anyone tested Cap bank differential protection in Siprotec 5 7SJ85 relay ??
29etap 16:33 – abb pcm600:
who can help please
29etap 16:33 – abb pcm600: This message was deleted
29etap 16:34 – abb pcm600: constantly getting this error while writing to the IED
29etap 16:42 – abb pcm600: delete the hmi page first
29etap 16:42 – abb pcm600: do the lisence update tool
29etap 16:42 – abb pcm600: okey
30etap 01:12 – abb pcm600:
30etap 01:13 – abb pcm600: Does any one hav software for this relay micom2.1
30etap 01:14 – abb pcm600: is this micom or ziv
30etap 01:14 – abb pcm600: This cant be Micom i doubt
30etap 04:46 – abb pcm600: Yes i need ziv and micom 2.1 both
30etap 04:48 – abb pcm600: I hav found micom software if any one can giv ziv software as well plz
02etap, 23:47 – abb pcm600:
In our substation incomer feeder is tripping at downstream and upstream without any fault when switching on outgoing feeders.
02etap, 23:47 – abb pcm600: Please suggest any idea to solve the above mentioned issues
03etap, 09:35 – abb pcm600“: What fault recorded by relay?
03etap, 11:13 – abb pcm600: There is no fault on relay but upstream and downstream is tripping when switching on any outgoing feeders.
03etap, 16:35 – abb pcm600:
Dear All members
We will very excited to present your our Test set Relay.
Product Details :The VEBKO AMT 105 Universal Relay Test Set and Commissioning Tool is the universal solution for testing all generations and types of protection relays. Its powerful six current sources (three-phase mode: up to 128 A / 400 VA per channel in AC) (one-phase mode: up to 64 A / 200 VA per channel in AC)with a nice dynamic range, make the unit capable of testing even high-burden electromechanical relays with very high power demands. The VEBKO AMT 105 Relay Test Set and Commissioning Tool is the best choice for applications requiring the highest capability, amplitude and power.
In addition The VEBKO AMT 105 have the ability of testing this instruments : Transformer,Circuit Breaker,Resistance,CT,CVT,Meter,RTD
03etap, 16:36 – abb pcm600: waaa….upto 64 Ampere….
3etap, 16:40 – abb pcm600:
Product Details :
The VEBKO AMT 105 Universal Relay Test Set and Commissioning Tool is the universal solution for testing all generations and types of protection relays. Its powerful six current sources (three-phase mode: up to 128 A / 400 VA per channel in AC) (one-phase mode: up to 64 A / 200 VA per channel in AC)with a nice dynamic range, make the unit capable of testing even high-burden electromechanical relays with very high power demands. The VEBKO AMT 105 Relay Test Set and Commissioning Tool is the best choice for applications requiring the highest capability, amplitude and power.
In addition The VEBKO AMT 105 have the ability of testing this instruments : Transformer,Circuit Breaker,Resistance,CT,CVT,Meter,RTD

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for furthers information
Web site:
03etap, 16:43 -abb pcm600: Can i ask how much the price??
03etap, 16:45 – abb pcm600: This single kit can test transformers, relays, cts, vts and breakers?
03etap, 16:51 – abb pcm600: Yes Mr Sir
For more information
YouTube channel:
06etap 18:10 – abb pcm600:
AMT105 is a universal solution to testing all types of protection relays and instruments such as power transformers, current transformers, potential transformers, capacitor transformers, circuit breakers, cable and RTD. This device is capable of testing all electromechanical relays and protection instruments and equipped with six 32 A current sources (64 a in 3PH mode, 128 A in 1PH mode), four 150V voltage sources (450V in single-mode), current and voltage combination cable, 8 analog binary inputs, 2 DC analog current and voltage inputs with high accuracy, 4 binary outputs, Dc voltage sources (212V). We can assure you that AMT105 is one of the most outstanding machines on the market, and our confidence in it is supported by our three-year-warranty.
06etap, 21:54 -abb pcm600“: This message was deleted
06etap, 22:04 – abb pcm600: battery voltage please ?
09etap, 20:29 – abb pcm600: guys
09etap, 20:29 – abb pcm600: does anybody here has acSELerator software from sel?
09etap, 23:05 – abb pcm600: Yes
09etap, 23:23 – abb pcm600: aaa…
09etap, 23:23 – abb pcm600: would you mind to share it here 😍😍😍
09etap, 23:40 -abb pcm600: Yes
09etap, 23:41 -abb pcm600: I will sent tomorrow
09etap, 23:48 -abb pcm600: Any circular regarding fare service life of various testing equipments in power sector.
12etap, 13:14 – abb pcm600:
Hi, has anyone every replace this mauell annunciator window tiles with a 3rd party tiles? or other alternative ? thanks….just looking for other price-reasonable alternative…
12etap, 14:30 – abb pcm600: Put a piece of paper
12etap, 14:46 – abb pcm600: ok thanks for the idea
14etap, 13:25 – abb pcm600″:
14etap, 13:25 – abb pcm600″: Hi Guys
We are facing this kind of rebooting issue with AREVA Micom P742 peripheral Unit for busbar protection. Anyone have any idea regarding this issue. How to overcome this??
16etap, 21:42 – Fatima: Protection Relay Discussion Group in Telegram
17etap, 15:03 -abb pcm600: Can we use 10 ac drive on 15 hp motor
17etap, 15:08 -abb pcm600: 12.5 hp drive on 15 hp motor
21etap, 17:24 – abb pcm600: Hi All, do you guys ground the shield of control cables at both end or only single end?
21etap, 17:37 -abb pcm600: PTT-20201022-WA0000.opus (file attached)
21etap, 17:38 – abb pcm600: Single end
21etap, 17:41 – abb pcm600: I see..thanks for your response. How about for CT VT Cable?
24etap, 10:48 -abb pcm600: Anybody know alind relay password please
28etap, 10:49 – Fatima added abb pcm600
28etap, 10:35 – abb pcm600: May I know would there be issue if we use a CT with high Burden (15VA for example) for a protection relay (microprocessor type). For old mechanical type i understand that the CT need higher burden to drive the armature
28etap, 15:51 – abb pcm600:
05etap, 14:40 – abb pcm600:
when i turn on generator in this panel my generator has unstable frequency but when i operate it on manualy the frequecy stabilize. what may be the cause of this?
05etap, 14:40 – abb pcm600:
here is my genset set.
05etap, 14:43 – abb pcm600: Is ur gen set is synch with other gen
05etap, 14:43 – abb pcm600: no sir.
05etap, 14:59 – abb pcm600: What is voltage
05etap, 15:01 – abb pcm600: plzz check the gain & other setting for ur operator panel
05etap, 15:03 – abb pcm600: 460v
05etap, 15:03 – abb pcm600: there is no probel with engine & gen set itself it is the only problem with operator panel feed back signal which will be generate as per setting
05etap, 15:06 – abb pcm600:
05etap, 17:44 – abb pcm600: It is wierd
05etap, 17:44 – abb pcm600: Cause freq regulation is in generator itself not in woodward
05etap, 17:47 – abb pcm600: yes kind of.
05etap, 17:47 – abb pcm600: we try to bleed fuel on generator. but nothing happend
05etap, 18:17 – abb pcm600: I thought Woodward only do parallel synchronisation
05etap, 18:18 – abb pcm600: And some protection functiona
05etap, 18:19 – abb pcm600: but are only using small loads thats why we dont sync. our generators
05etap, 18:24 – abb pcm600: I looked at the manual for easygen
05etap, 18:24 – abb pcm600: Actually there is a function frequency control
05etap, 18:26 – abb pcm600: I have same system
05etap, 18:27 – abb pcm600: But never got time to check every function in Woodward
05etap, 18:28 – abb pcm600: i do check some function but the configuation has a password. the management told me that the supplier has the access to its unit .
05etap, 18:30 – abb pcm600: Please, contact the supplier
05etap, 18:30 – abb pcm600: And post answer here
05etap, 18:31 – abb pcm600: yes wir.
05etap, 21:36 – abb pcm600: U can check the access code or password in the manual may be the manufacturer didn’t change the default password
07etap, 01:47 -abb pcm600: document_très_intéressant 📕ÉTUDE DES PROTECTIONS DES RÉSEAUX ÉLECTRIQUES MT (30 et 10 kV) PDF : 👇Télécharger_maintenant👇
09etap, 15:18 – abb pcm600″: does anyone knows about arc resistance and tower footing resistance value for 765KV transmission line.
10etap, 16:06 – abb pcm600 “: Be careful a huge Cyber attack is going around in whatsapp
10etap, 16:06 – abb pcm600 “: Don’t trust any one from your friend list if he send you a link or ask for any information call him first
13etap, 07:41 – abb pcm600:
13etap, 07:41 – abb pcm600:
13etap, 07:42 – abb pcm600:
13etap, 07:42 – abb pcm600:
13etap, 07:42 – abb pcm600:
13etap, 20:36 -abb pcm600:
30etap, 08:37 -abb pcm600”: Dear sirs

I need to disable goose controls in REF 615 ABB relay.Is it possible from HMI?
30etap, 15:52 – abb pcm600: Any expert in L&T emx3 softstarter
03etap 11:16 – abb pcm600 “: Any one required Schneider plc HMI or vfd
03etap 14:01 – abb pcm600: Anyone have Micom P632 Data Model Manager
03etap 14:46 – abb pcm600:
04etap 12:20 – abb pcm600: who can assist me with an ied scout thats licenced
04etap 15:44 – abb pcm600: REG630 how to testing method DOPPDPR function Power Angle setting anyone have formula
07etap 13:47 – abb pcm600: Hello..Could anyone be having transformer test guides preferably based on megger make test equipment?
13etap 11:36 – abb pcm600″,abb pcm600, abb pcm600 and abb pcm600 left
09etap 12:36 – abb pcm600: Pacis configurator from Schneider, can anybody have this software if yes kindly send me the link, it’s urgent please help me
09etap 13:37 -abb pcm600: Somebody have REX640 TERMINAL DIAGRAM??
09etap 14:23 – abb pcm600: Does anyone know how to choose zero sequence transformer
09etap 18:50 -abb pcm600: share mail id n which version u want?? SCE ?
10etap 00:21 – abb pcm600:
10etap 00:22 – abb pcm600:, any version, yes SCE
11etap 16:21 -abb pcm600:
In VAMP300 relay display LED continye glow without assign ,without mapping with DI points… what is the issue please kindly suggest!!
11etap 17:15 – abb pcm600: Vacancy: We have a requirement of service engineer for different IED configuration. Preferred candidate from West Bengal or Orissa
11etap 17:16 – abb pcm600: If interested kindly send me your resume.
11etap 18:03 – abb pcm600: Any lead also welcome
Those who want to change their role can inform me and inform the vacancies to your college circle, i give referal gift vouchar to our engineers. Share below message in all know electrical group, college group
15etap 09:43 – tdyt: Great thank you
17etap 12:02 -abb pcm600: This message was deleted
18etap 00:52 – abb pcm600:
18etap 17:06 -abb pcm600″: This message was deleted
18etap 17:07 – abb pcm600: 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
18etap 17:11 – abb pcm600: 👌👍👍👍
18etap 17:13 – abb pcm600: Why is it deleted
18etap 17:17 -abb pcm600″:
(PPBES)Practical Protection Engineering Basic.pdf
18etap 17:19 – abb pcm600: Thanks
18etap 17:19 – abb pcm600: 🙏
18etap 17:21 -abb pcm600″: Pleasure ,
18etap 17:24 – abb pcm600: Thanks for this book…a very nice one
18etap 17:26 -abb pcm600″: Pleasure,
18etap 17:28 – abb pcm600: Thanks 👍👍👍
18etap 17:29 -abb pcm600″: Welcome,
18etap 18:11 – abb pcm600″: Fine book….thanks for sharing this.
18etap 18:14 -abb pcm600″: Welcome
18etap 18:17 – abb pcm600: Excellent
18etap 19:04 -abb pcm600″: Welcome
18etap 19:08 – Hemani: 👌🏼👏🏼
18etap 19:10 – Khetha“: This message was deleted
21etap 15:15 -abb pcm600: Need help in ABB RVC APFC Relay programming.
Mohamed badr: If any one have any video or PDF explain ISA three phase secondary injection
I need to configure some issues in REB500 software related to the renaming of Bay units.
If anyone have a license for REB500. Can help me please.
01etap11:13 – abb pcm600 left
31etap 12:00 – abb pcm600: ABB normally do not release that license which allows you to configure
31etap 12:00 – abb pcm600: The user license there isn’t much you can do with it.
31etap 12:17 abb pcm600”: Thanks for your response
How can I do now?
31etap 12:59 – abb pcm600: Contact ABB
01etap09:48 – abb pcm600:
01etap12:58 -abb pcm600: May the NEW YEAR bring you happiness, peace and prosperity. Wishing you a wonderful 2021 to you and your family members 💐💐💐
03etap12:48 – abb pcm600″: Hello everyone, I hope all are fine 👍
03etap12:48 – abb pcm600″: Kindly someone tell me that in C264 Relay, how to change sychro-check parameters and find the passwords.????
03etap12:58 -abb pcm600: Connect to Cat tool to these device n check network parameter
03etap18:09 – abb pcm600:
05etap07:40 – abb pcm600:
Trying to read the setting but the reading takes some few hours .. Is there Any solutions ??
05etap09:39 -abb pcm600″: I assume some delays in the network..try connecting them one-to-one if possible..
05etap11:00 – abb pcm600: Try to reboot the relay
05etap11:45 – abb pcm600: what could be the problem if Generator Shuts Down on High or Over Frequency, Over Frequency Runaway
05etap11:47 – abb pcm600: If you are connected to the grid:

  • Burn the rotor due to induced currents.
    If you are in islanders mode:
  • damage the connected equipments
    05etap11:57 – abb pcm600:
    05etap12:21 -abb pcm600″: Thanks
    05etap12:46 -abb pcm600: Please resend this document (PPBES) Practical protection Engineering Basic.pdf
    05etap12:52 -abb pcm600″:
    (PPBES)Practical Protection Engineering Basic.pdf
    05etap12:53 -abb pcm600: Thank you.
    05etap13:00 -abb pcm600″: Welcome
    05etap13:53 – abb pcm600: is it ok to run a generator that varies 59.9-60.1 frequency ?
    05etap15:26 -abb pcm600: yup
    08etap14:23 – abb pcm600:
    08etap14:23 – abb pcm600:
    08etap14:24 – abb pcm600: Trying to read ABB RET 670, but the messages show up like this
    08etap14:24 – abb pcm600: Any insights of this problem
    08etap14:24 – abb pcm600: 🙏🙏
    11etap12:43 – abb pcm600: Doea anyone know how to add delay time in VT Fail ABB RED 670
    11etap13:42 -abb pcm600″: Not very sure but….Inconsistent state means the current values in pcm are not reflecting the ied values. If a read does not resolve this try to see if there is a new version of pcm.
    11etap16:50 – abb pcm600:
    11etap16:50 – abb pcm600:
    12etap20:28 – abb pcm600″: 132kV transformer HV breaker was close on NO load and LV breaker was open, but suddenly differential relay operate and give differential trip. In fault study, HV side current was 860 Amp. Somebody tell me that what could be reason??
    12etap20:30 -abb pcm600″: For how much time the transformer was on no load?
    12etap20:31 -abb pcm600″: 132/11.5kV ?
    12etap20:31 – abb pcm600″: Approximately 10 to 15 minutes
    12etap20:31 -abb pcm600″: MVA?
    12etap20:32 – abb pcm600″: 132/22 kV (wind power plant)
    12etap20:32 – abb pcm600: Not inrush current
    12etap20:32 -abb pcm600″: Yess
    12etap20:32 – abb pcm600″: Yes
    12etap20:32 -abb pcm600″: There must b some issue ,
    12etap20:32 – abb pcm600: So this is not inrush
    12etap20:32 -abb pcm600″: Do TTR and winding resistance,
    12etap20:35 – abb pcm600: If it is the new commissioned plant then the issue will be in relay setting otherwise check transformer winding…do the IR…
    12etap20:35 – abb pcm600″: I did excitation test @ 10 kV and results was OK.
    12etap20:36 – abb pcm600″: Plant is in operation from last 4 years.
    12etap20:37 -abb pcm600″: You will have to do TTR and winding resistance to diagnose the matter ,
    12etap20:37 -abb pcm600″: Hope you will get the problem by doing these tests,
    12etap20:37 – abb pcm600″: OK
    12etap20:38 – abb pcm600″: Thanks to all
    12etap21:13 -abb pcm600: Any mechanical protection PRD,BUCH has operated..Did u retrieved the fault records from relay..
    12etap21:14 – abb pcm600: TTR??
    12etap21:15 -abb pcm600: turns ratio test
    12etap21:20 – abb pcm600″: No any trip from mechanical protection.
    12etap21:21 – abb pcm600″: In fault record HV current was 860Amp and LV current was 0 amp
    12etap21:24 – abb pcm600″: Check the CT ratio adopted in the differential relay….and what was the differential current setting adopted and actual current during relay operated
    12etap21:38 -abb pcm600″: Transformer turns ratio
    12etap21:45 -abb pcm600″: HI 👋
    12etap21:47 – abb pcm600″: In 3 phase
    12etap21:49 -abb pcm600″: Did you check lighting arrester AT 132 KV SIDE
    12etap21:52 -abb pcm600″: Yes surge arrestor can also be damaged or weakened ,as you are using Yard CT for Differential protection,
    12etap21:54 -abb pcm600″: @923236933469 do also check your HV arrestors,
    12etap21:55 – abb pcm600: Can anyone help me in PACiS configurator
    12etap22:28 – abb pcm600″: Physically that was OK, for counter I will check
    12etap22:29 -abb pcm600″: Do hipot test of arrestors,might be differential tripped because of arrestors,
    12etap22:41 – abb pcm600: If u have secondary injection kit like omron or preja plzz do the secondary injection to know that there is no problem from the relay side…
    13etap10:30 – abb pcm600:
    13etap14:55 – abb pcm600: can i ask why my plc doesnt read flow
    13etap14:55 – abb pcm600:
    13etap18:49 – abb pcm600:
    13etap18:53 – abb pcm600: Check that analog signal is reaching from ur flow meter to plc?
    13etap18:54 – abb pcm600: Check 4 to 20 amp signal
    13etap18:54 – abb pcm600: let me do tommorow thank you sir . for tips and info
    13etap18:55 – abb pcm600: is this available for overseas?
    13etap18:56 – abb pcm600: Only for India
    13etap18:58 -abb pcm600″: PTT-20210113-WA0003.opus (file attached)
    14etap09:40 – abb pcm600: Hi, any update on the tripping ? curious to know…thanks
    16etap04:51 – abb pcm600:
    19etap12:22 – abb pcm600:
    19etap12:22 – abb pcm600: Subscribe. All free
    19etap16:20 – abb pcm600″: Any one have relay test sheets for AREVA relays
    20etap17:39 – abb pcm600:
    What does this error means while connecting siprotec 07SJ6021 relay
    20etap17:39 – abb pcm600:
    21etap01:16 – abb pcm600″ left
    25etap10:48 – abb pcm600: Hello guys, does anyone know how to avoid distance trip when VT Fail occured on 3 phase in REL 670 ?
    25etap12:10 – abb pcm600 “: Any one has any material for Artificial intelligence application in Protection?
    25etap12:15 – abb pcm600:
    Pls help me how to install pcm 2.10
    25etap14:24 – abb pcm600: Strongly recommend installing on virtual machines
    25etap14:25 – abb pcm600: After 3~4 different versions they always conflict and give errors …
    25etap14:25 – abb pcm600: I run different virtual machines on esxi hyper visor
    26etap19:41 – abb pcm600:
    26etap19:43 – abb pcm600: I need help to analyze this Disturbance Fault Record whether it is due to Lighting or Flash ..🙏🙏
    26etap19:46 – abb pcm600: It was fault on Line Diff and Reclose on Phase R
    26etap22:19 – abb pcm600: Anyone Plz tell me,what is relay coordination and its functions,thanks
    26etap22:45 -abb pcm600″: Kindly send .cfg file
    26etap22:46 -abb pcm600″: Line auto-reclosed successfully?
    27etap01:27 – abb pcm600:
    WAVEWIN REPORT Disturbance Record GI CERME BAY SGMD II.rar
    27etap01:27 – abb pcm600: Yes Sir
    27etap17:12 – abb pcm600: This message was deleted
    27etap17:35 – abb pcm600: This message was deleted
    27etap17:36 – abb pcm600: This message was deleted
    29etap08:51 – oijoi: We have 50/1 5p15 CT installed on 33 kv feeder whos fault current initially was very less but now Power supplier has installed 50MVA transformer 11% impedance
    29etap08:55 – abb pcm600: And fault current is almost 8000Amps, I believe I need to upgrade protection CT in order to meet high fault current
    29etap08:55 – abb pcm600: Can anyone suggest
    29etap08:56 – abb pcm600: What’s the 33kv fault level ?
    29etap08:56 – abb pcm600: Now it is 8000 amps
    29etap08:56 – abb pcm600: Fault current level
    29etap08:58 – abb pcm600: 50 MVA transformer installed at state electricity board substation and we are consumers with 33 kv feeder voltage
    29etap09:00 – abb pcm600: 50MVA 220/33 KV star/ star connected transformer 11% impedance
    29etap09:01 – abb pcm600: Is the ct used only for over current and earth fault ?
    29etap09:01 – abb pcm600: Yes 50,51, 50G, 51G
    29etap09:04 – abb pcm600: Strictly speaking, I would put 200/1 5P40 2.5 VA
    29etap09:04 – abb pcm600: However if the relays have CT saturation detection, you could go lower.
    29etap09:04 – abb pcm600: What’s the relay being used ?
    29etap09:05 – abb pcm600:
    Micom P117
    29etap09:06 – abb pcm600: P127
    29etap09:07 – abb pcm600: Do you have the CT test results. In particular the DC resistance of the CT.
    29etap09:07 – abb pcm600: No sir
    29etap09:08 – abb pcm600: Can you give your consideration or calculations for this selection
    29etap09:08 – abb pcm600: 8000/200 =40.
    29etap09:09 – abb pcm600: So you need an accuracy limit factor of 40, with a low burden
  • 9etap09:09 – abb pcm600: You won’t need much burden as the relay is numerical and installed inside the switchgear
    29etap09:10 – abb pcm600: Got it Thanks
    29etap09:10 – abb pcm600: Noted
    29etap09:11 – abb pcm600: Your existing 50/1, 15 VA may actually work if you knew the DC resistance.
    29etap09:12 – abb pcm600: Do I have to check with CT testing kit??
    29etap09:12 – abb pcm600: I believe CT supplier should I have this information
    29etap09:13 – abb pcm600: Yeas if you have a test equipment (Omicron CR analyzer or similar) that should be easily possible
    29etap09:13 – abb pcm600: That’s possible, however normally the manufacturer will not specify the DC resistance for 5P/10P class act’s. No harm in asking them though
    29etap09:13 – abb pcm600: CT’s
    29etap09:14 – abb pcm600: CT Analyser
    29etap09:15 – abb pcm600: Ok I will check with him today, as I don’t have omicron kit available near by That the only option I have
    29etap09:15 – abb pcm600: How you coordinate DC resistance with fault current
    29etap09:20 – abb pcm600: Wait
    29etap09:20 – abb pcm600: I’ll write it down can’t type it it’s a bit of a process
    29etap09:21 – abb pcm600: Ok thanks
    29etap09:28 – abb pcm600:
    29etap09:29 – abb pcm600: So if Rct<= 1.75 ohm, you can use it 29etap09:30 – abb pcm600: For a 50/1 A ct this may be achievable. 29etap12:14 – abb pcm600:
    My suggestion will be , need to Replace 33 kv side CT with ,. 1000/1A, 5P10,15 VA
    29etap12:29 – abb pcm600: With this approach, I’ld reckoned checking the pick up values.

06etap 15:17 – abb pcm600: Ynynd1
06etap 15:18 -abb pcm600″: And tertiary (delta winding) is unloaded??
06etap 15:18 – abb pcm600: Yes, I agree too 😁
06etap 15:18 – abb pcm600: Yes. Its unloaded
06etap 15:18 -abb pcm600″: Then no issue transformer will follow system phase sequence,
06etap 17:17 – abb pcm600: Hmm i see thank youu
06etap 17:18 -abb pcm600″: We have situations like this ,
06etap 18:02 – abb pcm600: This message was deleted
06etap 18:10 – abb pcm600: Yeaabb pcm600..luckily 💪
07etap 20:21 – abb pcm600:
08etap 11:42 – abb pcm600: IMG-20210223-WA0002.jpg (file attached)
What is the difference of IN-HV Deriv Angle and IN-HV Measd Angle on monitoring online
08etap 11:46 -abb pcm600″: Derived means the neutral current have been calculated by summation of IA, IB and IC where as measured means neutral wire of ct secondary is connected to neutral element of the relay, and it is actually being measured,
08etap 11:50 – abb pcm600:
08etap 12:11 – abb pcm600: What is dead zone in protection??
08etap 12:13 -abb pcm600: Dead zone is Zone between CT & Open CB
08etap 12:14 – abb pcm600: It’s the point not seen in the zone of protection that of a relay. If a fault occurs at this point, the relay will not issue a trip. Usually between CT and breaker
08etap 13:48 – abb pcm600: Oabb pcm600 i see..IN HV deriv is neutral vector calculation, meanwhile In HV measd is a neutral REF winding
08etap 13:49 -abb pcm600″: We cannot say it is neutral ref winding until we see the setting of the relay,
08etap 13:52 – abb pcm600: Hmm okay..setting of the wiring diagram right .
08etap 13:53 -abb pcm600″: Setting of the relay and schematic drawing depicting connection of the ct secondary wires with the differential reay,
08etap 13:53 -abb pcm600″: Differential relay*
10etap 17:07 -abb pcm600: Hi,what is different between Vk and Vk/2 in kneepoint explains please
10etap 23:55 -abb pcm600: VID-20210223-WA0003.mp4 (file attached)
12etap 14:15 – abb pcm600″: Some body have this software?? SEL-5030 acSELerator QuickSet Software,
12etap 14:16 – abb pcm600″: For SEL protection relays… Kindly share this software.
12etap 14:19 – abb pcm600: Did u try their website.
12etap 14:19 -abb pcm600″: You can easily download it from sel website by creating account
12etap 14:19 -abb pcm600″: Account should be of company oriented,
12etap 14:58 – abb pcm600″: Yeah, I created account on website but now they reviewing account. After that I can download software or manual etc.
16etap 15:46 – abb pcm600: IMG-20210223-WA0004.jpg (file attached)
18etap 10:18 – abb pcm600: Any one has relay setting calculation file with all details ?Plz do share in group,thanks
19etap 16:45 -abb pcm600: How can be calculate MDI
20etap 20:56 – abb pc

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