DIGSI 4 Training Details

Part 1: How to Install DIGSI 4 (Length: 01:57) The procedure of installing DIGSI 4 software with the serial number is shown in this part. Part 2: Introduction to SIPROTEC Relay Families (Length: 06:50) Different SIPROTEC relay families with the feature and applications are introduced in this part. Part 3: Wiring Connection (Length: 03:02) Different […]

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DIGSI 4 Online Training Course

SIPROTEC protection relays from Siemens can be used throughout all applications in medium and high voltage. SIPROTEC Compact and SIPROTEC 4 devices can be parameterized and operated via DIGSI 4 software.     Today, SIPROTEC 4 is considered the standard for numerical protection systems in all fields of application. SIPROTEC 4 provides suitable devices for all

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Advance Distance Protection

This course contains the following topics: Distance Protection for transmission lines: part 1 Symmetrical Components Distance Protection: Earth-Faults and Fault Resistance Residual Compensation Factors: K0 and RE/RL, XE/XL Distance Protection for transmission lines: part 2 Distance Protection: Earth-Faults in Isolated and Resonant Grounded Systems Distance Protection: Negative Sequence Direction measurement Distance Protection: Tele-Protection and weak

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