Consider these features of the SIPROTEC 5 7SJ82:

  • Directional or non-directional overcurrent protection with auto reclose option
  • Arc flash protection (3 sensors, with point and/or bare-fibre sensors)
  • Up to 23 binary inputs and 16 binary outputs
  • Frequency monitoring with multi-stage load shedding
  • 1 or 5 A CT’s inputs selected by software – no need for different relay hardware
  • Version with 8 CT inputs for breaker and half schemes or Capacitor bank protection applications.
  • Small LCD display, or large LCD for use as HMI and custom control/display screen
  • Fundamental design includes advanced cyber protection features
  • Field upgradeable communication card
    • Serial copper or fibre for DNP
    • Ethernet copper or fibre for DNP-iP, IEC 61850 or both protocols simultaneously (this allows for DNP to SCADA and IEC 61850 Goose messages for interlocking functions to other relays)
  • Time sync via IRIG-B or with above Ethernet SCADA interface: NTP or PTP protocols
  • USB front port and separate rear Ethernet interface for remote engineering access
  • Industry-leading online and offline logic monitoring tools for development, testing and commissioning
  • Function point licencing allows additional functions to be added after order. Depending upon hardware version, features include adding sync check, reverse power, CB fail, CB restrike protection, fault location or phasor measurement


The Ultimate Feeder Protection Solution

Siemens SIPROTEC 7SJ82 Overcurrent protection relay with point arc flash. Line sensor not shown.
The 7SJ82 is the non-modular entry into Siemens SIPROTEC 5 overcurrent protection range. The 7SJ85 is the modular version, which allows expansion modules to be added providing more current, voltage or binary I/O, SCADA or arc interfaces. All SIPROTEC 5 units are supported by the one software tool “DIGSI 5” which is used for design through to commissioning and maintenance.