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Frequent questions

What are the course times?

We have 3 modalities: Face to face courses, live courses, and recorded courses.
The live and face-to-face courses have a predetermined schedule, contact us for the courses of the month.
The recorded courses have no fixed hours, you can watch them at your own pace and you can repeat the classes as many times as you want.

How can I obtain my certificate?

To obtain the certificates it is necessary to activate the package on your system and watch the main training videos after you have finished the course, contact us for your certificate. The certificate has no additional charge and it will be sent to your email or WhatsApp.

How can I ask my questions?

Don’t worry! You can ask your questions on WhatsApp or by email.

Can I download the main videos and course materials?

The main videos can not be downloaded. However, they have unlimited time access and you can watch them online at any time and many times.

The supporting files of each course (pdf, videos, software) can be downloaded.

how many systems I can activate training package?

you can activate the training package only on one system.

Will the training package get deactivated After the windows change?

No, After windows change the training package remains activated and there is no need to activate it again.

What is the pre-requisite player to watch the videos?

For playing the video you need to install the VLC 32-bit version. You can download it from the below link.

Click here to download the VLC player

Is there any discount?

To respect our previous customers, our price is fixed and no cost reductions. Based on this, our price is increasing over time. So the earlier you buy, the lower the price you have to pay.

Can I access the course on my mobile?

No, currently the course can be activated on the windows platform only.

Is there any additional charge for the updates of each package?

No additional charges for the updates.

What language are the videos in and do they have subtitles?

Videos are in English and currently, they do not have subtitles. The used English is simple and easy to understand.

The only thing we ask of you is to give it a try, there is a lot to learn!