Power System Protection & Automation Training + Support


Online+ Pre-recorded Training 3-5 April 2024 22-24 March 2024 Pre-requisite training: DIGSI 4, DIGSI 5,…

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DIGSI 5 Training

SIPROTEC 5 & DIGSI 5 Training Course Video-based (pre-recorded) Trainer: Dr. Saeed Roostaee (Profile) Course…

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Pre-recorded videos with online access Free updates Free certification Free technical support Main Training (Pre-recorded sections)…

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CAP 505 Training

ABB CAP 505 (Computer Aided Programming system) can be used to config the ABB RED…

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DIGSI 4 Training

DIGSI 4 training will be taking you through the key stages of working with DIGSI…

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Learning is a continuous process and enables us to be competitive in the area of Power System Protection & Automation. Consistent with this belief and built on a strong experience in this field, we offer various services and education products such as:

  • Prepare many video training Courses
  • Customized training for several companies and deliver it in the online and face-to-face mode
  • Support engineers remotely from all over the world
  • Calculate the relay setting and prepare the configuration files for many protection relay IEDs
  • Prepare XRIO and OCC files to help engineers in testing the relays
  • Create many WhatsApp groups and Telegram groups to support engineers

Please browse our website- if there are any requests or ideas, feel free to contact us.

Video Training Packages: One of the main objectives of the Elec-Engg is to provide video training packages. The possibilities of interactive video training are endless. Such training can be accessed whenever and wherever it is needed, as often as is necessary. It is highly cost-effective, reduces travel, and is time-saving. We provide professional video training packages for practicing professionals in the area of Substation Automation and Power System Protection. The content of each course is designed to help you in being a professional in that field.

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