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IEC-61850 is a proprietary international protocol for substation automation systems. This protocol can control the automation system limitations partially and makes device monitoring possible from just one control center.

In this course, you will learn how to use IEC 61850 to integrate and communicate with SIPROTEC 4 & 5.

IEC 61850 Configuration Video Training

IEC 61850 System Configurator Video Training


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Part 1: Substation Automation- Overview

substation protection and control systems development, from conventional to digital substations with some pictures of a real substation. Then, it presents the importance of communication in this system and why it is necessary to use a common communication protocol and molding function system in the substation automation system.    

Part 2: An introduction to IEC 61850 & how to learn it effectively

A brief history of the standard IEC 61850 Ed.1 & Ed.2, its purpose, and its benefits are presented in this chapter. One problem with learning the IEC 61850 is the variety of documents, topics, and the gap between academics and industry in this area. This part introduces an effective way to learn practical IEC 61850 standards.

Part 3: Overview of the main features of IEC 61850-Part I

This part overviews the OSI model, MMS protocol, and the used devices in the IEC 61850 network. Then, different packets (GOOSE, Report, and Sample Value) and services (for time synchronization, master-slave, client/server, and publisher/subscriber) are presented in this module.

Part 4: Overview of the main features of IEC 61850-Part II

The concept of object-oriented modeling and the data modeling of IEC 61850 are presented in this part. Then different types of GOOSE messages, report control blocks, and SCL files are introduced. This part also presents the connection terminals, communication, and time synchronization ports of a merging unit installed in the process bus lab setup.

Part 5: IEC 61850 data structure and data format-Part I

Initial IEC 61850 settings in DIGSI 5 and the connection between the information routing matrix and IEC 61850 structure editor are presented in this part. The device is opened via OMICRON IEDScout and the data structure of the IED and the relation between them and the IEC 61850 signals in DIGSI 5 are explained. Then the device is exported with different IEC 61850 data formats and different sections of the exported files are explained in detail. To understand the interoperability of IEC 61850, a device from another manufacturer (SEL) is also exported and different sections of this file are explained.

Part 6: IEC 61850 data structure and data format-Part II

Different tools of the IEC 61850 structure editor in DIGSI 5. Editing of the IEC 61850 data model and adding the user-defined LNs are explained too.

Part 7: IEC 61850 station in DIGSI 5 and IEC 61850 System Configurator

A device is added to the IEC station in DIGSI 5 and the station is opened via IEC 61850 System Configurator to explain different parts of the station and the configurator. The connection between each editor in the configurator and the station file is also presented in this part.

Part 8: GOOSE configuration and the publisher/subscriber LNs

The GOOSE configuration between two SIPROTEC 5 devices is presented in this part. The publisher and the subscriber Logical Nodes before the GOOSE configuration and after the GOOSE configuration are compared in the IEC 61850 station files and the information matrix in DIGSI 5.

Part 9: GOOSE simulation via IEDScout

The publisher and subscriber IEDs before and after GOOSE configuration are simulated in the OMICRON IEDScout. The sniffer tool is used to capture the simulated GOOSE of the publisher IED. To show the GOOSE repetition, the value of the GOOSE signal is changed in the IED simulator, and the captured GOOSE after the change is analyzed too.

Part 10: GOOSE configuration and simulation between SIP 5 & SEL relays

An IED from another manufacturer (SEL) is added to the station and the GOOSE configuration between SEL and SIPROTEC IEDs is presented in the IEC 61850 configurator. Then the simulation of the publisher and subscriber IEDs has been done via IEDScout.

Part 11: Time synchronization settings and SNTP configuration

The configuration of the SNTP (Simple Network time protocol) for time synchronization in DIGSI 5 and IEC 61850 system configurator

Part 12: Case study-Part I

In DIGSI 5 training, relays were added and configured based on the diagram of the case study project. This part presents the IEC 61850 configuration in the same case study project. The IEC 61850 and SNTP settings have been entered based on the case study project documents. The table of the communication cables and the diagram of the substation automation architecture is described in this part.

Part 13: Case study-Part II

The report configurations based on the table of reports configured on servers are presented in this part. The signals of the distance IED are added to the data set and a report control block is added to transmit the event to the clients. The report control block settings are also explained in this part.

Part 14: Case study-Part III

The GOOSE configurations are based on the GOOSEs table and the GOOSE message subscription list.

Part 15: IEC 61850 configuration in DIGSI 4

  • the IEC 61850 configuration in DIGSI 4
  • The data model of a SIPROTEC 4 IED is shown in the OMICRON IEDScout
  • the IEC 61850 signals in the masking IO with this data model

Part 16: IEC 61850 configuration between SIP 4 & SIP 5

  • The IEC 61850 station configuration with SIPROTEC 4 and SIPROTEC 5 devices

Part 17: Sample project

  • The application of GOOSE signals, a sample project
  • The IEDs and IEC 61850 configurations (send a GOOSE signal from SIPROTEC 5 to SIPROTEC 4)
  • use the GOOSE signal in a function block of the DIGSI 4 CFC editor

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