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  • Whats App : +917303437524

Our Products:

  • DIGSI 4 video training (3 hrs)
  • DIGSI 5 video training (7 hrs)
  • IEC 61850 Configuration (4 hrs)
  • ETAP video training (5.5 hrs + updates)

8 Replies to “Payment”

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    I am interested in the ETAP Training, Please do inform once it is ready as I would like purchase. Thanks.

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      Ok, we will update you, but it is better to buy it with preorder offer as the price may increase

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    Success transaction, please check and sebd IEC61850 training pack to my email

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      recived with thanks, IEC 61850 video training pack link sent to your email, feel free to contact us if any queries,

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    I am interested IEC 61850 training videos. Please send the details to

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      offer has been send to ur email

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    I would like to ETAP Training corse. Please info about preorder offer

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      Yes, check ur email pls