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PSCAD Training

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Part 1: A simple three-phase AC system is simulated in this part. Different elements and their parameters are explained in detail. (4 sections, 40 minutes)

Part 2: A distance protection scheme is presented in detail. (4 sections, 41 minutes)

Part 3:This part presents the Digital fault recorder in PSCAD and how to config the recorded signals in a fault analysis tool (SIGRA). (2 sections, 32 minutes)

Part 4: several relay study cases. (2 sections,16 minutes)

Part 5: The impedance-based fault location function and how to test this function in a relay. Both single-end and double-end methods are explained and the process of testing this function using PSCAD, SIGRA are presented in detail. An experimental study has been carried out where several faults in different locations are simulated in PSCAD, The Comtrade file of each is loaded in the Omicron test universe and the associated voltage and current are injected into the SEL 421(Distance relay) to test the relay fault location. (5 sections, 92 minutes)


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4 reviews for PSCAD Training

  1. Dayan

    Is the Supplementary files fee charge separately?

    • Shaima

      it is free for the users and need to be enrolled in the training first

  2. Mehul

    The best course I’ve attended in the last time

  3. Faisal abbass

    enjoy every part of the course

  4. Shelton G.

    It is full of information. I will continue to seek more products from this instructor.

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