Learning is a continuous process and enables us to be competitive in our field. Consistent with this belief and built on a strong experience in this field, we offer video training courses for practicing professionals in the area of Substation Automation and Protection Relays. The material of each course is designed to help you to be a professional in the field.

PSCAD Training for protection engineers

Part 1: In this part, a simple three-phase AC system is simulated. Different elements and their parameters are explained with details.

Part 2: In this part, a simple distance protection scheme is presented with details.

Part 3: In this part, a relay study case, Digital fault recorder, and how to use this component to test a protection relay are presented.

Part 4: In this part more relay study cases are presented.

Part 5: This part presents an experimental study on impedance-based fault location function. Several faults in different locations are simulated in PSCAD, The Comtrade file of each is loaded in the Omicron test universe and the associated voltage and current are injected to the SEL 421 (Distance relay) to test the relay fault location.

Attached videos to the PSCAD training course

Introduction: We have collected helpful videos and attached to this course. Therefore we have not repeated these topics but upload them on Google drive. It is recommended to watch these videos in order and then start our videos in this training pack.

  • 00 Installation Guide for PSCAD
  • 01 Introduction PSCAD
  • 02 The PSCAD workspace
  • 03 The ‘Drag Drop’ feature using PSCAD
  • 04 Simple Circuit
  • 05 An overview of the examples
  • 06 PSCAD tutorial – Brief overview of PSCAD-EMTDC software
  • 07 PSCAD tutorial – Building of a simple power system network- Part 1
  • 07 PSCAD tutorial – Building of a simple power system network- Part 2
  • 08 PSCAD Tutorial 1
  • 09 Birds Eye View in PSCAD
  • 10 Sticky note feature
  • 11 Free Hand Selector feature in PSCAD
  • 12 Copy Transfer feature using PSCAD
  • 13 Copying and pasting components and definitions between PSCAD
  • 14 Export definitions that contain other page modules using PSCAD
  • 15 Parameter Grid feature in PSCAD
  • 16 Simulation sets and batch run
  • 17 Runtime Progress Bar
  • 18 Runtime Slow Motion feature
  • 19 Stop Simulation Set feature in PSCAD
  • 20 Simulation of Transient Analysis of a Power System during a fault using PSCAD Software (1)
  • 21 Modelling Cables and Transmission Lines with PSCAD-EMTDC
  • 22 Importing Data From PSCAD Program For Fault Location
  • 23 PSCAD tutorial – Distance relay in PSCAD- Part 1
  • 24 PSCAD tutorial – Distance relay in PSCAD Part 2

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