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Have you ever been looking for comprehensive training, but you get confused & waste your time by not finding useful content?

Don’t worry because we’ve collected and added 5 hours of helpful supplementary videos to the main course too, So you won’t miss anything important. Just recommended to watch the attached videos first, then start the PSCAD main course.

  • Language: English
  • Main course length: 4 hrs
  • Trainer: Dr. Saeed Roostaee (Profile)
  • Format: Pre-Recorded Video with online access
  • Lifetime access
  • Certificate
  • Continous update
  • The training link and activation code will be sent to your email immediately after payment

Pack Details:

Part 1: In this part, a simple three-phase AC system is simulated. Different elements and their parameters are explained in detail. (4 sections, 40 minutes)

Part 2: A distance protection scheme is presented in detail. (4 sections, 41 minutes)

Part 3:This part presents the Digital fault recorder in PSCAD and how to config the recorded signals in a fault analysis tool (SIGRA). (2 sections, 32 minutes)

Part 4: several relay study cases. (2 sections,16 minutes)

Part 5: The impedance-based fault location function and how to test this function in a relay. Both single-end and double-end methods are explained and the process of testing this function using PSCAD, and SIGRA is presented in detail. An experimental study has been carried out where several faults in different locations are simulated in PSCAD. The Comtrade file of each is loaded in the Omicron test universe and the associated voltage and current are injected into the SEL 421 (Distance relay) to test the relay fault location. (5 sections, 92 minutes)

  • The training link and activation number will be sent to your email after the +payment.
Standard Tower is selected and modeled in the PSCAD
Standard conductors are selected
line parameters are calculated with different methods
Testing of a relay fault location is presented
Single-end and double-end fault location methods are presented
Modeling of a simple distance protection scheme is presented

Certificates For PSCAD Learners

  1. F 1000: Click here to download
  2. F 1001: Click here to download
  3. F 1002: Click here to download
  4. F 1003: Click here to download
  5. F 1004: Click here to download
  6. F 1005: Click here to download
  7. F 1006: Click here to download
  8. F 1007: Click here to download
  9. F 1008: Click here to download
  10. F 1009: Click here to download
  11. F 1010: Click here to download
  12. F 1011: Click here to download
  13. F 1012: Click here to download
  14. F 1013: Click here to download
  15. F 1014: Click here to download
  16. F 1015: Click here to download
  17. F 1016: Click here to download
  18. F 1017: Click here to download
  19. F 1018: Click here to download
  20. F-1019: Click here to download
  21. F-1020: Click here to download
  22. F-1021: Click here to download
  23. F-1022: Click here to download
  24. F-1023: Click here to download
  25. F-1024: Click here to download
  26. F-1025: Click here to download
  27. F-1026: Click here to download
  28. F-1027: Click here to download
  29. F-1028: Click here to download
  30. F-1029: Click here to download
  31. F-1030: Click here to download
  32. F-1031: Click here to download
  33. F-1032: Click here to download
  34. F-1033: Click here to download
  35. F-1034: Click here to download
  36. F-1035: Click here to download
  37. F-1036: Click here to download
  38. F-1037: Click here to download
  39. F-1038: Click here to download
  40. F-1039: Click here to download
  41. F-1040: Click here to download
  42. F-1041: Click here to download
  43. F-1042: Click here to download
  44. F-1043: Click here to download
  45. F-1044: Click here to download
  46. F-1045: Click here to download
  47. F-1046: Click here to download
  48. F-1047: Click here to download
  49. F-1048: Click here to download
  50. F-1049: Click here to download
  51. F-1050: Click here to download
  52. F-1051: Click here to download

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