Learning is a continuous process and enables us to be competitive in our field. Consistent with this belief and built on a strong experience in this field, we offer video training courses for practicing professionals in the area of Substation Automation and Protection Relays. The material of each course is designed to help you to be a professional in the field.

PSCAD Training for protection engineers

  • Language : English
  • Trainer : Dr. Saeed Roostaee (Profile on Linkedin)
  • This course will be available soon

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    I need this training

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      Thanks for your interest, I ll update U for this training

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    I am interested in training

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      this training is not completed I ll update you for this training

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    Hi this is arunmozhi. I Need training.

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      Ok arunmozhi I will update you once this training course ll be completed

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    I need this training

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      thanks for your interest, we ll update you once it available

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    please let me know

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    Need this training.

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      we ll update you once it available,

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    Interested. Please let me know once finished.

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      Sure, I ll update
      Thanks for your interest

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    I should participate in the pscad study

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      Thanks for your interest, pls check your email for PSCAD training

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    please send me the details

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    Hi me too need info

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      Hi check ur email, ETAP offer and pscad training details have been sent to ur email

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    I’m interested in this training as well.


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      Hi JC,
      pls check ur email for ETAP offer and PSCAD training

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    Can you send me please information about this course!

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      has been sent to ur email

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      IEC 61850 training offer has been sent to ur email

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    Dear Sir, could you please provide link to download PSCAD training tutorials.

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      kindly check ur email for relay

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    Please send me an offer for this

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      check ur email for tittle: Test Universe, ABB PCM 600, Easergy Studio and PSCAD