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Dr. SAEED ROOSTAEE (Sr. Technical Trainer (Protection Relay IEDs, IEC 61850, Substation Automation))

Dr. Saeed LinkedIn Profile

Technical Trainer (2012 to Present) Trained and certified more than 3000 engineers worldwide (Online, Pre-recorded and face-to-face training)

Samples of the training courses that can be held by Dr. Saeed Roostaee (generally any customized training power system protection and automation)

  • Power system protection training
  • Industrial plant protection
  • ETAP for protection engineers
  • Digsilent Power Factory
  • Generator protection training (basic to advanced levels)
  • Motor Protection (basic to advanced levels)
  • Transformer protection (basic to advanced levels)
  • Transmission line protection (basic to advanced levels)
  • Busbar protection (basic to advanced levels)
  • Feeder protection (basic to advanced levels)
  • Fault simulations and fault analysis
  • SIPROTEC 4 and DIGSI 4
  • SIPROTEC 5 and DIGSI 5
  • SIPROTEC 7SS52 and 7SS85 Advanced training (Centralized and distributed)
  • 7SA Distance Protection (basic to advanced levels)
  • ABB PCM 600
  • ABB CAP 505
  • MiCom and Easergy Studio
  • Vampset and SEPAM relay
  • Schweitzer and ACSELERATOR QuickSet training
  • Relay Testing and commissioning
  • OMICRON Test universe training
  • Vebko AMT 105 and AMPro training
  • Xrio, OCC, and PTL
  • IEC 60870 Protocol training (with simulation tools)
  • Modbus Protocol training (with simulation tools)
  • DNP 3 Protocol training (with simulation tools)
  • Advanced IEC 61850 training (with simulation tools)
  • IEC 61850 configuration
  • Industrial Ethernet training
  • SIEMENS Substation Automation System
  • SIPROTEC 6MD bay controller training
  • SICAM PAS training
  • SICAM SCC training
  • IEDScout Training
  • Wireshark training for Substation Automation engineers
Dr. Saeed Roostaee ‘international Technical Trainer in Power system protection and Automation’ (Online, face-to-face)

Project assistant: Power System Automation including Substation Automation, leading to Distribution Automation“, Delhi, India (June 2016-Nov 2017)

  • Setting up the transmission line fault location laboratory with the OMICRON CMC-256 and SEL IEDs.
  • Research on protocol testing, and implementation of the IEC 61850 in the laboratory environment
  • Research on substation automation, power system protection, and smart grid
  • Investigation and design of communication requirements for substation automation System and analysis of IEDs Data
  • Substation Automation Design and Configuration using IEC 61850 Devices

E-commerce manager at SimiNasrMaad (2017-2018)

Application Engineer at Zarin Saba (2007-2010)


  • Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering (2014-2018) Thesis Topic: “Reliability and availability assessment of transmission line protection functions based on IEC 61850 standards”. GPA: 197/250 (79%)
  • M.Tech. in Electrical Engineering, (2009-2011)
    Thesis Topic: “Implementation of Object-Oriented modeling in the horizontal communications of Substation Automation System (GOOSE Applications) Using IEC 61850 standard”, Grade: 19.5/20
  • B. Tech. in Electrical Engineering, (2004-2008)
    Thesis Topic: “Distributed control system in substation automation system”, Grade: 19/20

Selected Publications

Completed Training Courses:

  • Power System Protection Testing with the OMICRON Test universe, Omicron Academy, India 40 hrs 2016
  • Advances in Power Electronics & Renewable Energy Sources, GIAN Course, JMI, New Delhi, India 15 hrs 2017
  • Recent Trends in Power System Reliability Evaluation: Models and Applications 15 hrs 2017
  • Control for Renewable Energy and Micro-grids, Grade A, GIAN Course, JMI, New Delhi, India 17 hrs 2016
  • PLC and SCADA, IIT Delhi & CETPA, Noida, India 16 hrs 2016
  • Power Quality, IEEE workshop in IIT Delhi Section 8 hrs 2015
  • Labview, IEEE workshop in NSIT Delhi section 16 hrs 2015
  • Home Automation, REES52 in IIT Delhi 16 hrs 2015 9. Web Designing, REES52 in IIT Delhi 16 hrs 2015
  • Design of solar systems, Grade 90 of 100 17 hrs 2013
  • Smart home, Grade 86 of 100 50 hrs 2013
  • Design and analysis of AVR Microcontroller, Grade 96 of 100 272 hrs 2013
  • Design of Pneumatic controller, Grade 95 of 100 50 hrs 2013
  • Design and analysis of PIC Microcontroller, Grade 96 of 100 250 hrs 2013
  • Introduction to Fiber Optics, IRAFA Management & Industry Group 2 hrs 2013
  • Vehicle maintenance, Grade 76.5 of 100, 160 hrs 2012
  • Computer network 20 hrs 2011
  • Microcontrollers in Robotics, grade 93 of 100 122 hrs 2010
  • Robotic Hardware, A-rank, grade 96 of 100, 90 hrs 2010
  • Fundamentals of Robotics, grade 86.5 of 100, 136hrs 2010
  • PLC Operator (1st Rank), grade 71 of 100 186 hrs 2008
  • Design and analysis of Microcontroller circuits, grade 87/100, 350hrs 2008
  • PLC Operator (2nd Rank), grade 87.5 /100 342 hrs 2007

Micom P123 overview and testing with Vebko AMT105

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    I am currently working as protection engineer I need a training in ABB,Siemens,ge,micom relays,iec61850 and digsi premium software with license. Please give a quote.

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      Please share your request with our team on WhatsApp: +989129613659

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    We have Alstom Micom P143 relay , I want to extract Setting and PSL files from one healthy relay.

    I am able to download setting file but PSL is not downloading , do u have any idea

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      plz txt on WhatsApp: +989129613659

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    I am interested to your ETAP training, would you please email me the details?

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      Hi Ken Chan,
      Details have just sent to your email, please check your email for the ETAP training package details

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    I am interested to your SIEMENS Siprotec 5 Training package. How can I get access to this ? I also sent email to you please check it.

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      Hi, replied your email

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    I want to join ETAP Course pls advice.

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    Bonsoir SAEED, je suis ravi de votre grande expérience
    je travail actuellement sur un relais MULTILIN T60 GE qui n’est pas encore programmé et je n’arrive pas à charger
    le programme à partir du logiciel ENERVISTA.
    J’ai besoin d’aide.

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    Dear Mr. Saeed,

    I have difficulties regarding GOOSE between Siemens Siprotec 5 and ABB REC670 relays. Is this topic covered in IEC61850 training? If not, which training do you suggest for this?

    Kind Regards,