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Relay Protection for Power System

Customer request: TOPIC: RELAY PROTECTION FOR POWER SYSTEMDATE: 2ND WEEK OF OCT 2024VENUE: KL (Malaysia)LEVEL: INTERMEDIATE Power system protection relays operate when there is a disturbance of the voltages, currents, or frequency on the high-voltage network, preventing or minimizing their effects on the affected plant. We are looking into Power system protection relays that operate […]

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Generator Protection course

Trainer: Dr. Saeed Roostaee (Profile) Power plant introduction Generator Introduction Faults in Generators Abnormal Operating Condition Short-circuit study in Generators Generator Protection introduction Generator Protection Standard Multifunction Generator Protection System (MGPS) Generator Differential Protection Turns to Turns Faults Protection Stator Ground Fault Protection Rotor Ground Fault Loss of excitation Overexcitation and Overvoltage Protection System Backup Protection

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Change training format

Format 1: Exe files Install the VLC32 bit version, and click on each exe file to access the videos online. Click here to see how to use Format 1 Format 2: License key Install the App (Windows, Android, Mac), copy the license key into the player Click here to see how to use Format 2

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