Product Detail (you get):

  • DIGSI 4 offline video training (185 Minutes) (more info)
  • DIGSI 5 offline video training (435 Minutes) (more info)
  • IEC 61850 Configurator training (246 Minutes) (more info)
  • + Certification (Certificate)

Payment detail (you pay):

Several payment methods are available. After payment, we will send you links and serial numbers to active each package.

Contact detail (Feel free to contact):

  • WhatsApp +917303437524

16 Replies to “Professional Package (DIGSI 4, DIGSI 5 & IEC 61850 Configuration Pack)”

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      Thanks Adnan,

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    How can I make payment from India

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      Payment method 2 and payment method 4 can be used for Indian users

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    Thanks for your efforts
    Good stuff

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      Thanks Zakir

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    I can not pay in Turkey. How can make payment

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      we have already discussed on whtsapp,

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    Paid through PayPal, please send details

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      Recived with thanks, links and details (DIGSI4, DGSI 5 and IEC 61850 config pack) have been sent to your email

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    Hi Saeed,

    I just purchased Professional Package (DIGSI 4, DIGSI 5 & IEC 61850 Configuration Pack) via Paypal.

    Can you please email me download details.


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      Hi Khan, already sent

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    Hi Saeed,
    Payment done through Yekpay, please share details.
    Moti Raj

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      Hi Moti, well received Thanks, please check your email

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    Dear Dr. Saeed
    I have made payment through PayPal, please share details

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      Payment received with thanks, I have sent you download links and serial numbers to activate each package