DIGSI 4 Training

(Created: Nov 2018) (Last update: Dec 2021)

DIGSI 4 training will take you through the key stages of working with DIGSI 4 by using practical examples. This online course is suitable for electrical engineers with a desire to understand the fundamentals of configuring SIPROTECT 4 with DIGSI 4.

DIGSI 4 Online Training

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What you learn:

  • Part 1 (01:57): How to install DIGSI 4
  • Part 2 (06:50): Introduction to SIPROTEC Relay Families
  • Part 3 (03:02): Wiring Connection
  • Part 4 (19:12): Start with DIGSI
  • Part 5 (12:36): Archive, Export, Import
  • Part 6 (11:00): Masking I/O
  • Part 7 (04:51): Masking I/O
  • Part 8 (13:08): Masking I/O
  • Part 9 (16:21): Default and Control Display
  • Part 10 (11:57): CFC
  • Part 11 (07:59): CFC and Implementation of Experimental Example
  • Part 12 (04:26): CFC Interlocking Example
  • Part 13 (04:13): CFC Protection Example
  • Part 14 (11:01): CFC Explanation of all blocks
  • Part 15 (08:34): Power system data 1
  • Part 16 (19:13): Setting Group
  • Part 17 (03:06): Oscillographic Fault Recorders
  • Part 18 (04:39): General Device Settings
  • Part 19 (03:40): Time Synchronization and Interfaces
  • Part 20 (09:04): Device Driver and Firmware Update
  • Part 21 (14:36): Config SIPROTEC relay in a Practical Project

Free Updates:

Updated on Dec 20, 2021: SIPROTEC 7UT6 config & setting description, and how to test differential function in SIPROTEC 7UT6

Certificate of completion for our enrolled members:

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28 thoughts on “DIGSI 4 Training”

  1. i am eagerly waiting for new courses, as i really enjoyed the way you provided digsi 4 training, especially practical sections

  2. Ezejiofor Chigozie Augustine

    Good day sir,
    My name is Ezejiofor Chigozie Augustine, i want to pay for the video materials on how to programme, test these Siemens ralay, but i cannot use PayPal, i only use a Gaurantee Trust bank Master card, my email is ezejioforaugustine@gmail.com

    1. Protection Engineer

      Thanks for you interest, yes we have discussed on whatsapp and problem solved. Thank for your interest in our product and purchasing

  3. I am interested and would like to know if this is single user video or the videos can be reused multiple times.

  4. I am interested in DIGSI 4 and DIGSI 5 training. Can I have a demo license to try a small training module out before I purchase the full package. I am in the US (Columbus, Ohio). I am an electrical engineer with a testing company. Our technicians mostly see SEL relays, but are frequently tasked with testing Siprotec relays as well. I want to know enough to guide them through the Siemens relays.
    Marty Hibbard

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