DIGSI 4 training will be taking you through all the key stages of working with DIGSI 4 using practical examples. The course is in English and the total length is 190 minutes.

DIGSI 4 Online Training


  • Part 1: How to install DIGSI 4 (Length: 00:01:57)
  • Part 2: Introduction to SIPROTEC Relay Families (Length: 00:06:50)
  • Part 3: Wiring Connection (Length: 00:03:02)
  • Part 4: Start with DIGSI (Length: 00:19:12)
  • Part 5: Archive, Export, Import (Length: 00:12:36)
  • Part 6: Masking I/O (Length: 00:11:00)
  • Part 7: Masking I/O (Length: 00:04:51)
  • Part 8: Masking I/O (Length: 00:13:08)
  • Part 9: Default and Control Display (Length: 00:16:21)
  • Part 10: CFC (Length: 00:11:57)
  • Part 11: CFC and Implementation of experimental example (Length: 00:07:59)
  • Part 12: CFC Interlocking Example (Length: 00:04:26)
  • Part 13: CFC Protection Example (Length: 00:04:13)
  • Part 14: CFC Explanation of all blocks (Length: 00:11:01)
  • Part 15: Power system data 1 (Length: 00:08:34)
  • Part 16: Setting Group (Length: 00:19:13)
  • Part 17: Oscillographic Fault Recorders (Length: 00:03:06)
  • Part 18: General Device Settings (Length: 00:04:39)
  • Part 19: Time Synchronization and Interfaces (Length: 00:03:40)
  • Part 20: Device Driver and Firmware Update (Length: 00:09:04)
  • Part 21: Config SIPROTEC relay in a Practical Project (Length: 00:14:36)

DIGSI 4 Online Training

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DIGSI 4 video training sample:

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      Professional Package (DIGSI 4, DIGSI 5 & IEC 61850 Configuration Pack)


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