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ABB PCM 600 training

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Prerequisite A: (55 min)

  • Pre-A01 (duration 7:24): An overview of the PCM 600 functionality as well as how to get the software
  • Pre-A02 (duration 10:54): Communication and Project setup, establish communication between the physical IED and PCM 600, Manage project with PCM 600, Hardware configuration
  • Pre-A03 (duration 12:55): How to use the Application configuration tool in the PCM 600
  • Pre-A04 (duration 3:23): How to use the Graphical Display editor tool in the PCM 600
  • Pre-A05 (duration 2:00): How to use the Read and write the tool in the PCM 600
  • Pre-A06 (duration 4:38): How to use the user management in the IED and PCM 600
  • Pre-A07 (duration 6:41): IED online monitoring, event viewer, signal monitoring, disturbance handling, and scheduler in the PCM 600
  • Pre-A08 (duration 2:34): How to use the signal matrix editor tool in the PCM 600
  • Pre-A09 (duration 4:27): Parameter setting tool in the PCM 600

Prerequisite B: (80 min) (sample at the end of this page)

  • Pre-B01: Opening the update manager and installing the updates available
  • Pre-B02: Opening PCM 600, create a project, and read all from the IED
  • Pre-B03: PCM 600 option settings
  • Pre-B04: PCM 600 user management settings
  • Pre-B05: Migrate configuration
  • Pre-B06: Compare hardware configuration
  • Pre-B07: Writing configuration into IED
  • Pre-B08: Interlocking between application configuration and signals matrix tool in PCM600
  • Pre-B09: Signal matrix
  • Pre-B10: Parameter setting
  • Pre-B11: Graphical Display
  • Pre-B12: Signal monitoring
  • Pre-B13: Disturbance handling
  • Pre-B14: Scheduler in PCM 600
  • Pre-B15: IED compare
  • Pre-B16: Technical key in ABB relay IED
  • Pre-B17: IEC 61850 GOOSE configuration in PCM 600
  • Pre-B18: IEC 61850 Report configuration in PCM 600 (Client-Server)
  • Pre-B19: SCL version in the IEC 61850 Ed1 and IEC 61850 Ed2 of an ABB IED relay

Main Training ABB PCM 600 training by Dr. Saeed Roostaee (4 hours in English)

  • Part 1: ABB relays history, PCM and connectivity pack installation, create project structure based on IEC 61850, different ways to add IEDs (ABB and non-abb relays), different steps to config a relay without reconfiguration and with reconfiguration, how to use Xrio format to set the parameters
  • Part 2: hardware configuration, config analog inputs (voltage and current), application configuration, function blocks and naming based on IEC 61850 standard, IEC symbol, and ANSI code, config a simple overcurrent function,
  • Part 3: config a simple distance protection function (SMAI, SMBI, SMBO, ZMMAPDIS, ZMMPDIS, FUFSPVC, …), configure sample signals based on the 7SA diagram (diagram is discussed and configured in the DIGSI 5 training pack)
  • Part 4: config a simple 67N protection function, config disturbance reports (ARDAR, BRDAR, LED)
  • Part 5: Parameter settings, XRIO format
  • Part 6: product guide for a pre-configured distance relay, and ordering, modify pre-configured distance relay based on our projects, Analog inputs (current &s for voltage), Distance Protection functions, and Communication logic
  • Part 7: Current and Voltage protection functions and Earth Fault Protection Communication logic, Circuit Breaker Autorecloser and Tripping logics, Signal Logic and General IED functions, Virtual Binary inputs and outputs, Disturbance report analog and binary inputs

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8 reviews for ABB PCM 600 training

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    thanks for your helpful training

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  2. Hossam

    Very good course, I enjoyed it very much, a lot of useful information.

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  3. Yousif

    Good explanation, simple explanation but very practical

    • Er. Fatima

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    keep up

  5. Imran Afzal Khan

    Very good instructor, makes it simple to understand. Thank you

  6. Faisal abbass

    Great job, looking forward to more from you

  7. Romero

    Thanks for your efforts, great training from my point of view

  8. Michael James

    Remarkable training 👏

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