ABB PCM 600 training

PCM 600 is the software to configure ABB Relion 600 series relays. We have tried our best to prepare a comprehensive training package that includes prerequisites, main training, and supplementary files.

  • Video-based (pre-recorded)
  • Trainer: Dr. Saeed Roostaee (Profile)
  • Course creation: Nov 2019
  • Last updated: August 2023
  • Total Time till August 2023: 5 hours
  • + Supplementary Files (software, PDF, manuals, video, connectivity pack, …)
  • + Certificate of completion
  • + Technical Support

(Demo videos are available at the end of the page)


As your time & convenience matter, we’ve gathered helpful videos and slides and put understandable audio explanations on them. These files are attached to the training as Prerequisite A and Prerequisite B. It is suggested to watch these prerequisites before starting the main training.

Prerequisite A: (55 min)

  • Pre-A01 (duration 7:24): An overview of the PCM 600 functionality as well as how to get the software
  • Pre-A02 (duration 10:54): Communication and Project setup, establish communication between the physical IED and PCM 600, Manage project with PCM 600, Hardware configuration
  • Pre-A03 (duration 12:55): How to use the Application configuration tool in the PCM 600
  • Pre-A04 (duration 3:23): How to use the Graphical Display editor tool in the PCM 600
  • Pre-A05 (duration 2:00): How to use the Read and Write the tool in the PCM 600
  • Pre-A06 (duration 4:38): How to use the user management in the IED and PCM 600
  • Pre-A07 (duration 6:41): IED online monitoring, event viewer, signal monitoring, disturbance handling, and scheduler in the PCM 600
  • Pre-A08 (duration 2:34): How to use the signal matrix editor tool in the PCM 600
  • Pre-A09 (duration 4:27): Parameter setting tool in the PCM 600

Prerequisite B: (80 min) (sample at the end of this page)

  • Pre-B01: Opening the update manager and installing the updates available
  • Pre-B02: Opening PCM 600, create a project, and read all from the IED
  • Pre-B03: PCM 600 option settings
  • Pre-B04: PCM 600 user management settings
  • Pre-B05: Migrate configuration
  • Pre-B06: Compare hardware configuration
  • Pre-B07: Writing configuration into IED
  • Pre-B08: Interlocking between application configuration and signals matrix tool in PCM600
  • Pre-B09: Signal matrix
  • Pre-B10: Parameter setting
  • Pre-B11: Graphical Display
  • Pre-B12: Signal monitoring
  • Pre-B13: Disturbance handling
  • Pre-B14: Scheduler in PCM 600
  • Pre-B15: IED compare
  • Pre-B16: Technical key in ABB relay IED
  • Pre-B17: IEC 61850 GOOSE configuration in PCM 600
  • Pre-B18: IEC 61850 Report configuration in PCM 600 (Client-Server)
  • Pre-B19: SCL version in the IEC 61850 Ed1 and IEC 61850 Ed2 of an ABB IED relay

Main Training ABB PCM 600 training by Dr. Saeed Roostaee (4 hours in English)

  • Part 1: ABB relays history, PCM and connectivity pack installation, create project structure based on IEC 61850, different ways to add IEDs (ABB and non-abb relays), different steps to config a relay without reconfiguration and with reconfiguration, how to use Xrio format to set the parameters
  • Part 2: hardware configuration, config analog inputs (voltage and current), application configuration, function blocks and naming based on IEC 61850 standard, IEC symbol, and ANSI code, config a simple overcurrent function,
  • Part 3: config a simple distance protection function (SMAI, SMBI, SMBO, ZMMAPDIS, ZMMPDIS, FUFSPVC, …), configure sample signals based on the 7SA diagram (diagram is discussed and configured in the DIGSI 5 training pack)
  • Part 4: config a simple 67N protection function, config disturbance reports (ARDAR, BRDAR, LED)
  • Part 5: Parameter settings, XRIO format
  • Part 6: Product guide for a pre-configured distance relay, and ordering, and modifying pre-configured distance relay based on our projects, Analog inputs (current &s for voltage), Distance Protection functions, and Communication logic
  • Part 7: Current and Voltage protection functions and Earth Fault Protection Communication logic, Circuit Breaker Autorecloser and Tripping logics, Signal Logic and General IED functions, Virtual Binary inputs and outputs, Disturbance report analog and binary inputs

Update March 2022

Update August 2023:

  • How to get started with PCM600
  • How to create a plant structure in a PCM600 project
  • How to use Parameter Setting in PCM600
  • How to use Application Configuration in PCM600
  • How to use Graphical Display Editor in PCM600
  • How to use Disturbance Handling Editor in PCM600
  • How to use IEC 61850 Configuration in PCM600
  • How to add new software packages and hardware modules to an existing REX640 protection relay
  • How to connect to a relay to use PCM600 and find its information
  • How to update firmware for the 615 Series relay
  • How to use the “License Update Tool” in PCM600 for the REX640 relay

Supplementary training files – Part 1 (4 hrs video)

  • 01. ABB Relion 611 series.mp4
  • 02. Feeder Protection Relay virtual training ABB REF615.mp4
  • 03. How to connect to a relay and find its information in PCM600.mp4
  • 04. ABB REF630 hardware overview.mp4
  • 05. ABB REF 630 Wiring and connection.mp4
  • 06. ABB REF 630 Factory Reset.mp4
  • 07. REF 615 Physical connection.mp4
  • 08. Relion REF 615 from panel.mp4
  • 09. Connect REF 615 to PCM600.mp4
  • 10. REF 615 experimental setup with binary input and output connection.mp4
  • 11. How to set display contrast in the ABB Relion 600 series.mp4
  • 12. How to set CT and PT ratio from local HMI in the ABB Relion 600 series.mp4
  • 13. How to set CT phase and CT earth fault in the Relion REF 615.mp4
  • 14. Testing & commissioning of the ABB REF615.mp4
  • 15. Relion 670 series.mp4
  • 16. How to add hardware modules to Relion 600 series.mp4
  • 17. How to find ABB Relion Order Specific File.mp4
  • 18. ABB Relion 670 and 650 series features.mp4
  • 19. RET 650 Transformer Protection.mp4
  • 20. REF 615 Operated and reset function.mp4
  • 21. RED 670 Operated and reset function.mp4
  • 22. How to check fault recorder from local HMI in the ABB Relion 600 series.mp4

Supplementary training files – Part 2 (5 hrs video)

  • 00. How to Download PCM 600.mp4
  • 01. How to install PCM 600.mp4
  • 02. Installing ABB PCM600 and getting start.mp4
  • 03. PCM 600 version 2.4 installation.mp4
  • 04. Introduction to ABB PCM 600.mp4
  • 05. ABB Relion connectivity package and update manager.mp4
  • 06. PCM 600 installation and getting started with the configuration of ABB REF 615.mp4
  • 07. Create a new project in ABB PCM 600 offline mode.mp4
  • 07. Create a new project in ABB PCM 600 online mode.mp4
  • 09. Configuring ABB PCM 600.mp4
  • 10. File Management in PCM600.mp4
  • 11. Project Import and Logic config in PCM600.mp4
  • 12. PCM600 Environment.mp4
  • 13. Read parameter and config file from Relion 670 IEDs.mp4
  • 14. Write parameter and config to Relion 670 IEDs.mp4
  • 15. Set the technical key on PCM600.mp4
  • 16. PCM 600 License Update Tool.mp4
  • 17. PCM 600 Error IED Configuration Type, not match.mp4
  • 18. PCM 600 Error SQL server instance not found in PCM60.mp4
  • 19. REF 610 Relay Datasheet.mp4
  • 20. Signal Matrix Tool in PCM 600.mp4
  • 21. Parameter Settings Tool in PCM 600.mp4
  • 22. Change input label in PCM600.mp4
  • 23. Check function in PCM600 online mode.mp4
  • 24. Change binary input signal in PCM 600.mp4
  • 25. Signal and event monitoring in PCM 600 online mode.mp4
  • 26. Event Viewer Tool in PCM 600.mp4
  • 27. Disturband Handling Tool in PCM 600.mp4
  • 28. Fault record in PCM600.mp4
  • 29. REF 615 online mode.mp4
  • 30. Metering value setting in PCM 600.mp4
  • 31. Test mode in ABB relays.mp4
  • 32. Draw display in PCM 600.mp4
  • 33. ABB Vacuum CB.mp4
  • 34. ABB 145 KV SF6 CB.mp4
  • 35. ABB CB Manual and wiring diagram.mp4
  • 36. How to change Trip Circuit Supervision setting from REF 615 local HMI.mp4
  • 37. Breaker counter in PCM 600 and Relion 600 series.mp4
  • 38. LR or Local remote control in ABB Relion.mp4
  • 39. Reset ABB relay LEDs in PCM 600.mp4

Supplementary training files – Part 3 (8 hrs video)

  • 01. REF 615 relay overcurrent configurations
  • 02. RTD configuration for REM 620 Relay
  • 03. How to check RTD for REM 620
  • 04. How to calculate thermal overload trip time
  • 05. How to do Configuration in PCM600 REF615 configuration ABB relay configuration
  • 06. How to enter setting to protection functions in PCM 600
  • 07. How to do Configuration in PCM600 REB 611 configuration ABB bus bar relay Configuration
  • 08. ABB Distance Relay Configuration REL 670 part 1
  • 09. ABB Distance Relay Configuration REL 670 part 2
  • 10. ABB Distance Relay Configuration REL 670 part 3 (Fault locator)
  • 11. ABB Distance Relay Configuration REL 670 part 4 (Relay setting)
  • 12. Testing ABB RED670 Communication
  • 13. Testing ABB RED670 (Configure and settings)
  • 14. Distance relay RED 670 Line differential protection
  • 15. SOTF DLD Timing Test
  • 16. Power swing blocking RED 670
  • 17. RED 670 Relay testing
  • 18. Testing Distance relay RED 670 Line differential protection
  • 19. Distance relay RED 670 Line differential protection blocking scheme
  • 20. Distance relay Current reversal
  • 21. Distance relay RED 670 Line differential protection Current reversal
  • 22. How to do effective testing in ABB Relion® 670 and 650 series

Supplementary training files – Part 4 (2 hrs video)

  • 01. Goose config between two ABB relays in PCM 600.mp4
  • 02. Goose config between RIO Remote input-output and an ABB relay in PCM600.mp4
  • 03. Goose Config between ABB and non-ABB relays.mp4
  • 04. Goose config between Micom and ABB Relays.mp4
  • 06. Goose config in a multivendor areva.mp4
  • 07. Goose Error code 32 on ABB relay.mp4
  • 08. Prepare SCD file with ABB RTU client.mp4
  • 09. Convert IID file into CIDfile.mp4

Supplementary training files – Part 5 (PDFs)

  • PCM 600 Getting Started guides
  • Manuals for the IED 670 series
  • Connection diagrams: REB670/ REC670/ RED670/ REG670/ REL670/ RES670/ RET670/ RET670
  • 670 series Manuals (Engineering/ Installation/ Operation)
  • 670 series Communication Protocol Manuals (IEC 61850, LON, SPA
  • IEC 61850 data model description
  • Accessories for 670 series IEDs Product Guide
  • Bay control REC670 Manuals (Application, Commissioning, Product Guide, Technical)
  • Busbar protection REB670 Manuals (Application, Commissioning, Product Guide, Technical)
  • Generator protection REG670 Manuals (Application, Commissioning, Product Guide, Technical)
  • Line differential protection RED670 Manuals (Application, Commissioning, Product Guide, Technical)
  • Line distance protection REL670 Manuals (Application, Commissioning, Product Guide, Technical)
  • Phasor measurement unit RES670 Manuals (Application, Commissioning, Technical)
  • Transformer protection RET670 Manuals (Application, Commissioning, Product Guide, Technical)

Supplementary training files – Part 6 (Project files)

  • 670 series Configuration Templates (REB670 / REC670 / RED670 / REG670 / REL670 / RES670 / RET670)
  • Pre Configuration pcmi files (REB670 / REC670 / RED670 / REG670 / REL670 / RES670 / RET670)

Supplementary training files – Part 7 (Software)

  • PCM600
  • Relion 670 series Connectivity Package

After activating the PCM 600 pack on your system, we will issue your certificate for the course.

Some samples of the Certificate of Completion

Click here to watch the Demos

ABB PCM 600 training – Distance relay configuration   

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