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Sample parts of the PCM 600 Training By Dr. Saeed Roostaee
PCM600 ABB Protection and control IED manager

  • PCM 600 Introduction
  • Communication and project setup in PCM 600
  • Update Manager tool
  • Hardware Configuration tool
  • Read from IED
  • Write to IED
  • Application configuration in PCM 600
  • Signal Matrix tool
  • Parameter Setting tool
  • Signal matrix and parameter setting in PCM 600
  • Interlinking between Signal Matrix tool and Application configuration tool
  • IED Compare tool
  • Disturbance Handlin tool
  • Signal Monitoring tool
  • PCM 600 Monitoring
  • Graphical Display Editor in PCM 600
  • Graphical display editor
  • Migrate configuration tool
  • PCM Options
  • IED user Management tool
  • Scheduler
  • Set Technical Key tool
  • Goose Communication engineering (GCB)
  • Changing the SCL version of IED
  • Client-Server engineering (RCB) for vertical communication
ABB Relion 670 series application
ABB PCM 600 training – Fault location function
ABB PCM 600 IED manager

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