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  • Online+ Pre-recorded Training
  • 3-5 April 2024
  • 22-24 March 2024
  • Pre-requisite training: DIGSI 4, DIGSI 5, IEC61850
  • Language: English
  • Supporting Files
  • Trainer: Dr. Saeed Roostaee (Profile)
  • Limited seats available
  • Registration link: expired

Module I: Substation Automation System

  • Substation Automation System-an overview
  • Introduction to Communication
  • Network Theory
  • Fundamentals of Communication Via Ethernet Various Topologies in SIEMENS SAS

Module II: Bay Level Engineering (IEC 61850 and Modbus)

  • Add SIPROTEC 4 6MD66 device
  • Setting the Network Parameters
  • 6MD configuration
  • IEC61850 Configuration
  • Updating ICD – Files

Module III: Station Level Engineering SICAM PAS

  • Introduction to SICAM PAS Automation System
  • SICAM PAS Tasks
  • Fields of Application
  • SICAM PAS Features
  • Scalability – Software and Hardware Configuration for Small to Large Applications
  • Basic Package “ Full Server”
  • SICAM PAS Packages (IEC 61850, Profibus FMS (SICAM/SIPROTEC specified protocols), IEC 60870-5-103, DNP V3.00, Profibus DP, Modbus, ILSA (Internal LSA protocol, OPC-Client, Automation CFC)
  • Licensing
  • Licensing With Feature Enabler
  • IEC 61850 Services in IEDs and SICAM PAS
  • SICAM PAS Configuration (Working with Project Databases, Creating a New Database, Adding and Managing Systems, Adding an Application (IEC 61850 Client), Importing a SCD file, Updating One or Several Device(s), Adding ModbusApplication, Parameterizing ModbusApplication, Added EMA90 ModbusMap, Defining the Device Template (ModbusMap), Adding IEC 60870-5-101 Slave Application, Inserting the Control Center of IEC 60870-5-101 Slave, Inserting the SNMP Application, Monitoring IEC 61850 IEDs Connection Status With SNMP, Inserting a PASCC Application to Full Server System, Inserting Control Center to PASCC Application, Inserting a PASCC to a New System (DIP)
  • Creating a CFC file
  • Human-Machine Control Center Mapping, Exporting of HMI1 Interface
  • Normalization
  • Create a Normalization Template
  • Scaling a measured value
  • Assignment of normalization in Mapping
  • Archiving Configured Project, Un-archiving Project
  • SICAM PAS Value Viewer
  • Control function
  • Testing data
  • ValueViewer: Communication diagnostics


  • Export of HMI information from SICAM PAS
  • Check the content of a PXD file
  • Introduction to SICAM PASCC Control Center
  • SICAM PASCC Control Center ‐ Overview
  • SICAM PASCC Components
  • SICAM PASCC Communication
  • SICAM PAS Wizard
  • WinCC Explorer
  • Graphic Objects Library
  • Switchgear Objects
  • Schwitchgear Objects – Styles and States
  • Alarm Logging – Message List
  • Control & Monitoring
  • WinCC & PASCC Licensing
  • SIMATIC WinCC / SICAM PASCC Installation Steps
  • Transfer The License Keys
  • SIMATIC WinCC / SICAM PASCC Time Synchronization & NTP
  • SICAM PASCC Starting The WinCC/PASCC Software
  • SICAM PASCC Creating/ Opening a New Project
  • SICAM PASCC Defining The Computer Properties General Tab, Startup Tab, Parameters Tab, Graphics Runtime Tab
  • Adding a Communication Driver
  • Connection Properties
  • Entering the IP Address of SICAM PAS Servers
  • Error Log File of SICAM PAS Wizard
  • Select the Right SICAM PAS Protocol Suite
  • Set PAS IP Connection
  • Importing of the Sample Pilot Project .pxd File
  • Checking Structure Tags of a New Project
  • Structure Tag Elements
  • Symbol Library
  • SICAM Administrative Internal Tags
  • Schwitchgear Objects – Tag Connection
  • Design of Graphical Objects
  • Switchgear Objects – Sychro-Check
  • Alarm Logging – Events & Alarms
  • Alarm Logging – Message Queue & Mes Ack Tags
  • Tag Logging – Measured Values
  • WinCC Horn Tools– Sound File
  • Tag Logging – Archive Configuration
  • Trends Picture
  • Topological coloring
  • Event List
  • Alarm List
  • Protection Message List
  • Horn, Alarm Acknowledgment
  • Creating an Event List in the Graphics Designer
  • User Administrator
  • Login via button
  • Report Designer – Print Job
  • Project Archive, Duplicator
  • Bay Blocking

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