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  • Trainer: Dr. Saeed Roostaee (Profile)
  • Pre-recorded videos
  • The demo is available based on the request
  • Course creation 8 April 2023
  • Last update: 10 June 2023
  • Total hours: 6 hrs and 17 min till 10 June 2023
  • The updates will be added for free and no expiration.

Chapter I: Transformer Introduction

  • Course introduction and transformer history (13 min)
  • Concepts of the Electric Power Transmission Transformers (10 min)
  • How does a Transformer work part I (7 min)
  • How does a Transformer work part II (4 min)
  • Transformer Parts and Functions (28 min)
  • Single-phase and three-phase transformers (2 min)
  • Transformer shipping and installation (9 min)
  • Large Transformer Transportation (1 min)
  • Transformer Equivalent Circuit (5 min)
  • Why do we need an equivalent circuit (5 min)
  • The Series Components (8 min)
  • The Shunt Components (6 min)
  • The Internal Ideal Transformer (4 min)
  • Simplifying the Transformer Equivalent Circuit Part I (6 min)
  • Simplifying the Transformer Equivalent Circuit Part II (4 min)
  • Simplifying the Transformer Equivalent Circuit Part III (6 min)
  • Vector Group Connections (15 min)

Chapter II: Transformer Faults

  • Power Transformer Faults (3 min)
  • Top 10 Transformer Blasts and Short Circuits (15 min)
  • Power Transformer Explosion Incidents & Reasons & Precautionary Measures (4 min)
  • Winding & Terminal Failures (4 min)
  • The Effect of Through Faults on Power Transformers (4 min)
  • Tap Changer (OLTC) Failure (3 min)
  • Transformer bushings How it works (1 min)
  • High Voltage bushing Faults early Detection and bushing monitoring (36 min)
  • Why is Online Transformer Bushing Monitoring So Important (3 min)
  • Transform Miscellaneous Failures (3 min)
  • Why do we need Transformer Protection? (2 min)
  • How do we Protect Transformers? (9 min)
  • GE Transformer Protection& Control IED (2 min)
  • SEL 787 & ABB RET 670 (14 min)

Chapter III: Transformer Protection Functions

  • Differential Protection Part I (16 min)
  • Transformer Differential Protection Part II (14 min)
  • Differences between digital transformer differential relays (7 min)
  • Simulate different cases and test the differential transformer protection function (9 min)
  • Restricted Earth Fault Protection(REF) in Transformer (7 min)
  • High Impedance Restricted Earth Fault Protection working principle (7 min)
  • Stability Resistance and Metrosil Resistance in REF Protection (12 min)
  • Low impedance REF (8 min)
  • Buchholz relay (4 min)
  • Transformer Buchholz Protection Relay principal (2 min)
  • Inside the Buchholz relay (4 min)
  • Buchholz relay by MR (5 min)

Chapter IV: Transformer Protection Relay IEDS

  • ABB RET 670 Hardware structure (11 min)
  • ABB RET 670 Transformer Protection Application template (6 min)
  • ABB RET 670 Configuration and T2WPDIF Function block (12 min)
  • ABB RET 670 Parameters and T2WPDIF parameters (11 min)
  • Simulation of the differential protection algorithm in the ABB RET 670 relays (12 min)

SIEMENS 7UT85 configuration

Transformer Protection Training Video course by Dr. Saeed Roostaee

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The ABB RET 670 is a numerical generator protection relay designed to provide comprehensive protection and control functions for generators in power plants and other industrial applications. The device offers a wide range of protection features, such as overcurrent, voltage, frequency, and differential protection, as well as advanced functions for grid synchronization and monitoring. With its high-speed processing capabilities and advanced communication options, the RET 670 ensures reliable and efficient protection of generators, helping to enhance system reliability and prevent equipment damage during fault conditions.

Restricted Earth Fault (REF) protection in transformers is a differential protection scheme that detects earth faults within the transformer windings by comparing the current entering and leaving the transformer. The system uses current transformers to measure and compare the current flow, and if an imbalance is detected, it indicates the presence of a fault within the transformer. REF protection is designed to provide fast and reliable detection of earth faults, enabling the disconnection of the transformer from the system to prevent damage and ensure the safety of personnel and equipment. This advanced protection scheme is essential for maintaining the integrity and operational efficiency of transformers in power systems.

Transformer Differential Protection is a crucial element in safeguarding transformers from internal faults. By comparing the current entering and exiting the transformer windings using current transformers, this protection scheme can detect any imbalance that signifies a fault. If a fault is detected, the system initiates a trip signal to isolate the transformer from the network, preventing further damage. Differential protection is vital for ensuring the operational integrity of transformers and enhancing system reliability by swiftly isolating faults and minimizing downtime. It plays a critical role in maintaining the performance and longevity of transformer assets in power systems.

The Siemens 7UT85 is a numerical transformer protection relay that offers advanced protection features for medium and high-voltage transformers. It is equipped with various protection functions such as differential, overcurrent, and restricted earth fault protection, ensuring reliable and comprehensive protection for transformers. The 7UT85 is designed to provide accurate fault detection and fast response times to safeguard transformers from internal faults, helping to maintain system reliability and operational efficiency. With its flexible configuration options and integrated communication capabilities, the Siemens 7UT85 is a versatile and effective solution for transformer protection in power systems.

The Buchholz relay is a protective device used in oil-filled electrical equipment, such as transformers and tap changers, to detect and respond to faults and abnormalities in the oil insulation system. This relay operates based on the principle of gas accumulation in the oil. When a fault occurs within the equipment, such as a partial discharge or overheating, gas is generated, leading to increased pressure in the oil. The Buchholz relay is triggered by this pressure build-up and sends a signal to isolate the equipment to prevent further damage. Additionally, the relay can provide early warning of developing faults, allowing for proactive maintenance to be carried out. Overall, the Buchholz relay serves as a critical component in ensuring the safety and reliability of oil-filled electrical equipment.

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