training package: OMICRON Test Universe

OMICRON Test Universe 4.00 trainig package 

Please contact us for this training package 

Advanced Power in OMICRON Test Universe V4.00

Advanced Power Module in Test Universe V4



Power Module in Test Universe V4


21 Replies to “OMICRON Test Universe V4.00 training package”

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    please let me know how to get OMICRON test universe training package

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      sure dear learner
      kindly check your email

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      Training details on the first page of the website

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    How to get this training from Dr Saeed?

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      details are sent to your email, please check

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    let me know about this training package and any other training related to the relay testing

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      sent to your email

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    Your training packages are always the best, I have learned many new practical points from your lectures

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    I NEED this training package, please let me know how to DOWNLOAD

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      Please check your email for details about the relay testing and commissioning package

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    Hi can you send me the video of test universe .

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      as soon as this course be available, I will let u know

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    Can you send me a new link of this software? I need it for research and I cannot register (my registration is not approved because I am not a substation employee!) thanks a lot

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      kindly check your email,

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    informacion sobre el sofware y el curso

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      our support team on WhatsApp guide u: +989129613659

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    me podrías dar información de videos y costo

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      our support team on WhatsApp guide u: +989129613659