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– how to read this Device 7SJ82 relay?

– check the configuration version and communication version of the device u added in the project with the actual version. go to the online device and read the device data, there u will find both versions of the firmware 7.9. when u right-click on the device you’ll find the option to unassign. check there is one offline device already assigned to this device. u cannot add 2 devices to the project and keep them assigned to 1 device at a time. it’s the same concept as in ABB where u cannot keep the technical key of two devices the same.
it is risky as u may upload the wrong configuration later sometime. so when u remove all the assignments be vigilant and check twice before uploading any configuration
– Yes another project file gives. But the new project I cannot read
– in a new project maybe u already read the same device before. if u read the device one time u cannot read again in the same project if u add another new device.
– All relay feeder protection relay update only this relay pending to read. yes, I understand. check all feeder relays you already read this device by mistake on some other device.
– how u assigned devices before?
– in the online device, if you drag and drop the device it will get assigned. that way serial number will not match but the assignment is done .so not important that the serial number will be the same as the assigned device. better is to right-click all devices and remove assignments of all devices and every time check after removes assignment try to read again. that way u will know which was the wrongly assigned. Now open a new project, after that also same problem
– Same condition only one relay is unable to connect
– IP is correct? Your laptop IP and relay IP must be in the same network
– I want to inject current & voltage please anybody tells me how injected?
– Put relay in Stimulation mode from Process mode

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– Any software to detect the baud rate?
– Any protocol analyzer is there through which 101 can be tested?
– That stimulation was available?
– In online mode go to devise information from there you can change the mode
– When any changed setting in relay time & date go to reset, how to keep stable time and date?
– check the battery at the back of the relay. there is the possibility that ur battery needs to be changed or there could be a sticker on the battery terminal to avoid discharge during on shelf. So remove that sticker and your time and date won’t reset

– in the last few days, someone had talked about the availability of software to test IEC 61850 signals, I would need this tester to be able to monitor signals emitted by SIEMENS 7um622 protection, for which for frequency functions only the IEC 6185 signal0 is always issued 3 to 7 seconds after the event, randomly and not subject to any interpretation. Let me explain better, the protection intervenes correctly at 47.5 HZ with a time of 4.0 S, the TRip control is emitted correctly after 4 seconds, but the IEC signal61850 trip is issued by the protection after a time ranging from 3 to 7 seconds. All other protection functions of this protection work correctly, both with the physical TRIP and with the IEC 61850 command. That’s why I would need to have software for verifying and sniffering IEC 61850 signals
– use IEC browser
– it comes in the package with DIGSI5 and 4. u can sniff 61850 using that
– Sorry, in DIGSY 4.93 I have IEC 61850 Station, I don’t remember that there is this possibility of sniffer
– go to ur search and type IEC browser

– I can’t communicate between PC and Omicron CT analyzer, Windows 10, please help me. Does anyone know how to simulate the 100%stator E/F?
– u have an injection module?
– you can also download it from the siemens website. you once confirm the by pinging your device, go to connect, enter the IP and enter port 102. IEC61850 by default uses port 102

– I am configuring ABB, REF615 series relay for a Transformer feeder protection. 3 stages of Overcurrent protection, 2 stages of an earth fault, and one more function of Inrush 2nd harmonics blocking is being used. Can anyone tell me which protection functions should be blocked with 2nd harmonics inrush?
– generally, harmonic blocking is used when u have a differential. TOC and EF usually are time delayed so no much need for inrush blocking. When earth fault is internal it usually trips on inrush as well
– yes this is can happen as inrush are not symmetrical. unsymmetry causes harmonics which can cause EF to operate.
But if there good enouis gh time delay, then there is no need.
– If any protection has a 2nd harmonic blocking function – just be on the safe side and enable it.
– How to clear inconsistency in a cycle time of 2 different FB
– Yes already this has happened at my location some days ago and that’s why I am changing the configuration. I am thinking of putting inrush in blocking of both OC AND EF except PHIP (short circuit overcurrent function). Is this the right way to do it?
– So it means I should not connect block output of inrush to protection functions?
– *Yes*
– Quality assurance manager to work with other staff to establish procedures and quality standards and to monitor these against agreed targets.
– How is this even possible
– U r seeing it added in a new project u mean?
– Yes
– After changing the IP in the station I need to click on important changes from IEC 61850 sys con
– from where u changed the IP? HMI or the Digsi?
– digsi
– but the station from where u changed must be of some project where the relay should be added already. Can’t get it
– Actually, I have checked and correct it. Just tell me when I add a new signal in the matrix I need to export or import the changes
– yes. when u add a signal u have to export changes to the SCD file which is the station file. after exporting, go to the station, add the signal in the dataset, then import that SCD back to Digsi as CID. then write it to the relay

– When I’m injecting 0 angles by kit. The relay showing different angles
– Change reference value in measurement mode. Yes, Choose IA or IB, or IC The default is VA. Usually, there is no voltage in the differential relay, which means no reference

– Hi all That is this the reason for this error? I have one query that breaker got tripped on earth fault (7sj64) during no-load and the setting is 0.06 and all the three-phase is showing current (Primary) as 20A and I have taken trf IR it is showing in Giga ohm
– Very sensitive setting. Are you using sensitive current input, if not pls increase the threshold?
– Yes using SEF input
– CT ratio?
– Set 20% of transfer full load current, if its distribution transformer. Otherwise, check zero-sequence current for earth fault and set accordingly.
– Looks 18A passes through the SEF input, so please check the CT connection. Is it residual connection or separate CT input, check for multiple CT earthing these are might be the cause of tripping. I have used three ct inputs for 51N through phase ct, and SEF input through transformer neutral ct

– I did mlfb up-gradation 7UT61316EB921AC0 to 7UT61316EB921AC2 after mlfb up-gradation relay is updated in additional functions 5 to 6 hours relay goes off continuously. can anyone tell me what is the issue was occured in the relay? I checked ragged-out inside power card also.
– Change the VD address And try to connect to the device. Make sure that relay file vd address and physical device have the same VD address
– How to check the VD address in the relay manually?
– This is the VD of The relay to whom I am transferring the file. But when I put THIS VD address to the file which I want to transfer. Shows an invalid VD address. Menu >setting>setup>extras>device ID
– When I am trying to retrieve data from the sip 5 relay I getting is error kindly suggest to me what to do
– You have to initialize relay once you changed the VD address

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– Why mimic is showing close while the breaker is open and vice versa?
– might be configured inverted in relay HMI or SCADA HMI
I have a communication problem with the system and the 6MD66 bay unit, I have changed the power module with a different one from a different MLFB. I couldn’t load files because of MLFB. Is there a method to update MLFB?
– BI 1 is for CB on, BI 2 is for CB off
– Check your wiring
– Change wiring or change assignment
– Wiring cannot be changed. How to change assignments?
– use digsi
– I used breaker DP. configured BI 1 and 2. In DP first is open, second is close. But I want the first close and second open
– Wiring can’t be changed
– Through CFC can be done?
– Use cmd inf block
– Not possible as it only accepts DP input

– Why I am not able to change the parameters?
– Have u system connected in the IEC61850 protocol? If yes then you need Project files
– Not connected
– Directly click it and enable it
– Not editable
– Then u have directly connected with relays. This picture shows that you are working offline
– Have u connected directly with the relay?
– I first tried online. Then in offline mode. In both situations its not editable
– Once again connect with relay then check
– It is a variant file that’s why you cannot change
– Is there a way to change in a variant file?
-You must have the same pset in relay software and relay itself
– On Digsi manager, right-click on the file, object properties open. On communication modules, make both of them no. Send a setting file to relay again, now you can change it.
– Means Slot 11, 12 right?
– Make both of them none. But if he has a variant file then also we cannot change!? During online also it is not possible to change device configuration?
– Make sure you have the backup setting file.
– The solution is through here. But if we make none MLFB doesn’t match. You got the solution.
– I have done…. But I am not able to connect
– Try over there, change only once, and try.
– Initialize.

– How to monitor BO of 7SR relay in Reydisp evolution
– Try pressing the circled icon. Then u can add which signal u want to monitor. Icon( monitor instruments)

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– hi, I couldn’t get work recloser by IEE >> fault. anyone could help me? Reclose by phases fault works well, but only gets trigger with sensitive fault. We tried it in different forms: with only one voltage and Current in angle fault (-90°). Injecting 2 voltage and current, fault in all cases same result, relay didn’t send reclose signal to breaker.
– Assign output contact of overcurrent protection to initiate AR, Then assign breaker ready status and breaker open status
– We did it, and works for phases fault, but not in the cases of sensitive ground. A ring transformer Current holds the three power wires and supplies to this Siemens relay coil
– Which output is working for sensitive earth fault give that output to initiate AR. Another method is to make CFC for AR external start through the sensitive earth fault output
– Are you sure, the AR should be working for an EF (let alone SEF)? I wouldn’t think so. The presence of an EF is deemed to be permanent, and therefore you shouldn’t attempt to reclose it. read in online then you will get or on side of the relay you wipo get sticker
– By the way, what voltage level are we talking about?
– 20kV. It is a distribution line. relay is in a Low voltage transformer station 20000 Volt to 400 Volts
– ok, so what I have said mainly applies at Tx. voltage levels. At Distri volt levels, depending on the physical construction of your line & topography involved, you may choose to enable AR for EF.
– Is your AR single or multishot? (Not that this matters here though).
– single. We don’t understand why AR works by phases fault but not for sensitive Current fault when trigger at this function works, but not reclose For testing putt, Z1B fault need to be injected or not For 7sd522?
– Yes you should inject to test it

– why we are using check zone in busbar differential protection? What is the use?
– it’s zone confirmation because busbar protection shut down the entire FDR connected to a particular zone like double confirmation
– Check zone sees overall current in and out irrespective of isolator status so in event of any discrepancy in bus image to CU.BBP shall not malfunction. It’s like 2out of 2 logic
– What is 2 out of 2 logic?
– For issuing trip commands both BZ & CZ should pick up.

– Can anyone help me? How do I must config on Digsi 5 if hard wiring phase N and client nee display on BCU Ph-Ph primary value?
– Can I use 7SR18 Solkor for Transformer Differential Relay?
– No
– As you cannot enter vector group and interposing CT selection settings Better to use 7sr242 R/RF RELAY Study materials, please provide And testing methods

– Why is the relay giving trip command at the start of the motor? What do you think happens when the motor starts?
I have a question with regards to designing protection for Differential Relay Function 87 (transformer). Where should you put the relay? Upstream (11kV) or Downstream (0.4kV)? or both ENDS?
– Both! It Is a differential relay!
– It draws a very high current. Exactly, the motor draws a very starting current approx. 6-7 Inom. So if the relay picks up is less than the starting current (which I suspect to be the case, and it is highly likely to be an ANSI 50 function. The relay trips (almost) instantaneously.

– Ia+Ib+Ic =InOr 3Io=Ia+Ib+Ic. What is the difference in the equation please clarify?
– this gives zero-sequence, this gives neutral current When this summation is to be used
– In earth fault relay operates on In or 3Io?
– Same. This is not software But a cloud app

– hello is 59N the same as 59G?
– N is calculated while G is measured. Open ALM and check
– N can be measured. Residual of all three-phase CTs (Ia+Ib+Ic) fed to a current element is N, whereas G is what is measured by a CT looking for current that returns back to the system thro’ the earth. Try to reboot the pc Or reinstall
– So both can be measured.

– Do the relay go off while upgrading firmware?
– After waiting a lot of time, the firmware upgrade status didn’t come to digsi 8.4 the msg came that firmware status was not received from the relay/device Whereas when manually checked/scrolled the relay. The firmware was upgraded inside the relay But the error LED was also there So, we restarted the relay manually, then the error LED was also gone, And firmware upgraded

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– what protection relay do you recommend for the delta ungrounded system earth fault protection relay?
– As you’ve mentioned, it’s ungrounded, so you won’t be able to detect E/F by detecting E/F current. You would have to detect E/F by detecting a neutral voltage shift. Any relay that can do this can be used. You would need three single-phase VTs connected in a broken delta config. fed to the voltage terminal for this.
– What’s the ANSI number Of relay, I need to use?
– 59N, off the top of my head. This is what is required to be done to detect E/F on ungrounded systems.
– do I need to use Directional OG? is it related to the 59N?
– No. The question of direction comes when you want to determine the direction of the current flow.
– Do I need to provide 59N as well on outgoing feeders or just the two incoming feeders from two different transformers?
– In your case, the system is ungrounded, so although there will be capacitive current flow thro’ the unfaulted phases, it’s a challenge measuring such low-level currents.
– here’s the portion. I have 2 incoming 1 busty and several outgoing feeders
– if I put 59N on the incoming feeder, I don’t need to put 59N on the outgoing feeder? Tell me what is your purpose of putting two relays, one on incomer & the other on outgoing?
– it is UD (Ungrounded Delta)-secondary winding of the upstream power transformer I just want to check what is the minimum protection I need. What I concern about is when we apply this kind of relay for the outgoing circuit, they will all trip their outgoing CBS once there is an earth fault that occurs at any point of the power circuit.
– I agree, and this is the biggest risk for this protection that works on this principle on ungrounded systems. This is why such protections are applied to isolated ungrounded systems, which are an entity by themselves.
– An earth fault on any part of this network will manifest as a neutral voltage shift on some other part of the network and can be located as far away as you can.
-Since there is no measurable current involved, there is no question of grading, so it’s pointless putting one on O/G & another on I/C.
– There are 2 ways you can detect an E/F, one by detecting the presence of zero-sequence current which is predominantly 3rd harmonic in nature and can be done on grounded systems. The other is by measuring the neutral voltage displacement.
– Neutral voltage displacement occurs in both grounded and ungrounded systems, in grounded systems when you measure just the current, it is 50/51N (non-directional). When you use both current & neutral voltage displacement, it is directional E/F 67N.
– so where should I put the 59N?
– so there’s no need for me to put it on the outgoing because it’s the same voltage source and neutral voltage displacement that will occur in the income. In an ungrounded system, you can only measure the voltage displacement.
– Correct, I would suggest you put it on the incomer, that way if the incomer CB trips, the E/F is no longer sustained. What you are measuring is 3Vo

– Is there a way to manage individual tripping of feeders?
– The solution ungrounded earth fault protection is 59N on each incoming feeder and outgoing feeder. but there is no selective tripping.
– I wanted to achieve selective tripping.
– However, whether this is correct or not from a protection philosophy point of view, I don’t know. Apply directional earth fault
– directional earth fault? applicable for Ungrounded System?
– Can you share, how you achieved directional settings on an ungrounded system you dealt with?
– RCA is – 90 deg
– What is the maximum forward angle ad minimum forward angle?
– If 90 deg, Then will Operating region will be 0 to 180 deg. 10 to 170 When try to upgrade CFG to a newer version getting this error, please help
– Can 5 winding differential protection be implemented?
-1 hv and 4 lv using 7ut87. If you have the same ratio TC in LV for 4 winding. Or you can make Lv1 +lv2

– Is there any IEC station or goose configuration?
– install the iec61850 configurator

– Hello everyone, I am facing this error while installing digsi 4.94. Can anyone guide what am I doing wrong?
– Important! To use DIGSI 4 V4.94 Service Pack 1 on a PC with Windows 10 .Net Framework V3.5 must be installed manually. A respective message during the installation of DIGSI 4 like in the older version is not displayed with DIGSI 4 V4.94 Service Pack 1. If .Net Framework V3.5 is not installed on the PC IEC 61850 devices can not be opened. Please do install .Net Framework V3.5 manually to open IEC 61850 devices again.

– When I am giving the input one by one input are fluctuating And the breaker is getting tripped
– Check device input threshold voltage
– relay threshold is 88
– Normally they have all inputs high When they start the process Inputs starts fluctuating. They have a motor Which runs through vfd for 1minute
– Input threshold is 138, supply voltage 110v dc. They have directly given 220 v dc at the input For 7sj662
– If the output is latched then it will remain high if it receives command once. In the next command, it will remain high until is reset by hand

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