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This course contains the following topics:

  1. Distance Protection for transmission lines: part 1
  2. Symmetrical Components
  3. Distance Protection: Earth-Faults and Fault Resistance
  4. Residual Compensation Factors: K0 and RE/RL, XE/XL
  5. Distance Protection for transmission lines: part 2
  6. Distance Protection: Earth-Faults in Isolated and Resonant Grounded Systems
  7. Distance Protection: Negative Sequence Direction measurement
  8. Distance Protection: Tele-Protection and weak infeed
  9. Distance Protection Power Swing
  10. Distance Protection Monitoring Functions
  11. Distance Protection Series Compensated Lines
  12. Fault locator with 2 ended measurement
  13. Earth Fault protection
  14. Auto Re-close and Sync Check
  15. Distance Protection OHL Setting Example

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    Could u please send sample of Matrial …I would like to know about worth and cabability of pdf …If its ok …I can purchas ..

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      click on the video links in front of each topic.

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    i’m very much interested in course please send the price and course details.

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      Please check your email for the Advance Distance Protection