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  • Background and Introduction
  • New Energy
  • Information Spectrum
  • Global Trends
  • Applications
  • Battery Storage
  • Challenges of the New Energy World
  • New trends in power electronics for the integration of wind and photovoltaic
  • Review of the appropriate storage-system technology
  • Future trends in renewable energy systems based on reliability and maturity
  • Microgrids and it’s working
  • Stability analysis of Microgrids
  • Microgrids and their Role in Smart Buildings and Smart cities
  • Smart Grid and Power Electronics
  • DC and Uninterrupted AC Power Supplied for Automation Application
  • Electric Vehicles: Challenges and Opportunities
  • Fundamentals of Grid-connected system
  • Control and analysis for grid-connected solar inverter

South Australia Blackout of 28 September 2016 –was the cause due to the massive use of Renewables?

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