DIGSI 5 full package (Trial version or free version)

DIGSI 5 is the configuration and operation tool for all SIPROTEC 5 Protection relays. with DIGSI 5, you can create system topologies, configure hardware and communication networks, set function settings, and perform many further tasks.

You perform all configuration tasks offline from your PC without the need for a SIPROTEC 5 device. You transmit all data online to the SIPROTEC 5 device later on – for example, directly through a communication network. For communication, DIGSI 5 and SIPROTEC 5 are based on current standards such as IEC 61850 and proven technologies such as Ethernet.
There are 3 different variants of DIGSI 5:

  •  For simple applications using individual SIPROTEC 5 devices, select DIGSI 5 Compact. With this variant, you deal with most standard tasks such as setting parameters or reading out process data. In addition, this variant also includes the CFC editor and the DIGSI 5 test suite for testing SIPROTEC 5 devices and functions. CFC offline and online debugging is supported to verify the created logic before downloading it to the device.
  • The DIGSI 5 Standard variant has an extended scope of functions. This variant includes, among others, a display editor which you can now also use to create your own symbols. With DIGSI 5 Standard, you simulate the topology of a system as a 1- 1-phase representation and you configure hardware and networks on a graphical basis. DIGSI 5 Standard offers full IEC 61850 support, including system configuration.
  •  DIGSI 5 Premium is the high-end variant of DIGSI 5. You analyze fault records with SIGRA and you use
    the advantages of flexible engineering and functional naming for IEC 61850. You will find a detailed overview of the features of the 3 variants in the Help topic entitled Features of the Different DIGSI 5 Variants.

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Useful SIPROTEC 5 & DIGSI 5 Manuals

DIGSI 5 Software Description  DIGSI 5 Software Description 

SIPROTEC 5 Operation Manual SIPROTEC 5 Manual

SIPROTEC 5 Hardware Description Manual SIPROTEC 5 Hardware Description Manual

SIPROTEC 5 Engineering Guide DIGSI 5 Manual SIPROTEC 5 Engineering Guide DIGSI 5 Manual

Now DIGSI 5 V7.5 and DIGSI 5 V7.8 are also available on the SIEMENS website

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