DIgSILENT Relay Library

DIgSILENT Power Factory software is one of the most powerful network analysis software that is used in all the areas of generation, transmission, and distribution. DIgSILENT stands for DIgital SImuLation and Electrical NeTwork calculation program. The purpose of this training is to acquaint engineers with the process of analyzing power systems to carry out research, industrial and […]

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Pre-recorded video

Pre-recorded video training offers significant advantages in flexibility, consistency, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. It allows learners to access high-quality, standardized training materials at their convenience, supports various learning styles, and provides valuable data for tracking progress. These benefits make pre-recorded video training an effective and efficient method for delivering educational content across diverse settings and audiences.

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Face-to-face training offers a holistic approach to learning that combines theoretical knowledge with practical experience. The personal interaction, structured environment, and immediate feedback make it an effective method for skill development and knowledge transfer. These advantages can significantly enhance the learning experience and outcomes for participants. We can conduct training at your place or a

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Generator Protection course

Trainer: Dr. Saeed Roostaee (Profile) Power plant introduction Generator Introduction Faults in Generators Abnormal Operating Condition Short-circuit study in Generators Generator Protection introduction Generator Protection Standard Multifunction Generator Protection System (MGPS) Generator Differential Protection Turns to Turns Faults Protection Stator Ground Fault Protection Rotor Ground Fault Loss of excitation Overexcitation and Overvoltage Protection System Backup Protection

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Industrial Communication

In this course, we have started with industrial communication basics and definitions. Then we learned about Modubs protocols and simulated Modbus protocol with Modubs poll and Modubs slave. In this module, we used Wireshark to capture the traffic and analyze the packets in different scenarios.In the next module, we reviewed the DNP3 concepts and then

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IEC 61850 Training

(Created: Dec 2018) (Last update: Sep 2023) In this course, you will learn how to use and configure the IEC 61850 station IEC 61850 Configuration Video Training Main Course Updates and Supplementary Files Helpful Files: IEC protocols for substation communications IEC 61850 Technical Overview Download the IEC 61850 training package Details Course Part 1: Substation

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