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The busbar differential protection function (87BB) is the main protection function to protect busbars, and It relies on Kirchhoff’s current law. This law states that the vectorial sum of all currents flowing into a closed area must be zero.

Topics related to busbar protection and how to configure and set the busbar protection parameters have been recorded.

The various types of busbar arrangements are used in the power system. The selection of bus bars is depended on different factors for instance reliability, flexibility, cost, etc.

Single Bus-Bar Arrangement
single bus station with transfer bus (Main and Transfer Bus Arrangement)
double bus-single breaker station
double bus-single breaker station with the transfer bus
double bus-single breaker station with two bus-section and two bus-coupler breakers
one-and-a-half breaker station
double bus-double breaker station
mesh or ring bus station

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