Communication Architecture for IP-Based Substation Applications

IP communication is being extensively introduced into the operation of the Electrical Power Utility. The substation IP network environment has evolved from acting as an extension of the office LAN to a state, where it is carrying multiple services, including the transport of critical and sensitive data.
IP communication, being a one-platform solution that relieves you from designing and maintaining more than one
network, is not a one-technology solution. Therefore, the implementation of an IP network needs to be carefully planned to achieve the expected scalability and performance.
This Technical Brochure includes the following:

  • A compilation of user requirements and expectations concerning existing and envisaged services in the new
  • networked environment of the substation.
  • A description of possible network migration processes
  • Guidelines on how to choose an optimum network architecture
  • A description of important parameters to be considered for each relevant technology.
  • Six case studies describing project and process experiences

Communication Architecture for IP-Based Substation Applications Download

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