Digsi 4 training using examples. we will be taking you through all the key stages of working with DIGSI 4. Among other things, we will be showing you how to

  • Create station topology
  • parameterize control monitor devices
  • Route information
  • Change display images
  • Configure logical functions
  • Task definition
  • Topology
  • Parameters
  • Routing
  • Logics
  • Display
  • Configuring busbar protection
  • Exchanging and archiving data
  • Analyzing faults wih SIGRA 4
  • Working online
  • Modem Connection
  • Direct Connections
  • Ethernet and IEC 61850

Training on DIGSI 4 and DIGSI 5 Training, contact us

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DIGSI 5 Training
DIGSI 4 Training Full package

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    Thanks for Digsi Video Training, Very helpful

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    digsi training plz eng saeed

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    Can you please share the DIGSI 4 Training Video

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      We have discussed on whatsapp