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DIGSI4 training using examples. we will be taking you through all the key stages of working with DIGSI 4. Among other things, we will be showing you how to Create station topology, parameterize control monitor devices, Route information, Change display images, Configure logical functions, Task definition, Topology, Parameters, Routing, Logics, Display, Configuring busbar protection, Exchanging, and archiving data, Analyzing faults with SIGRA 4, Working online, Modem Connection, Direct Connections, Ethernet and IEC 61850         

Training on DIGSI 4 and DIGSI 5 Training, contact us 

Rs 2500 Click here to pay on

DIGSI 5 Training
DIGSI 4 Training Full package

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20 Replies to “DIGSI 4 Tutorial”

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    Dear Sir,
    What is the price of IEDSCOUT?
    Is it a trial edition?

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      u can find more info on your email

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    unable to play it , its in iso format how to convert itto playable format

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      Ravish, the software to open the ISO with serial number has been sent to your email, pls check your email and contact us if any problem or question you have

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      check your email plz

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    Thanks for Digsi Video Training, Very helpful

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      Hi ,

      Can you share me that videos Please.


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    Hello, I need Training on DIGSI 4. Thanks

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      kindly check your email

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    digsi training plz eng saeed

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      Online and videos or offline and training class ?

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    Merhaba ,

    Lütfen bu videoları paylaşır mısınız?


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      Pls make the payment,

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    Could you send me additional information about the training.

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      sure, just check your email

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    Can you please share the DIGSI 4 Training Video

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      We have discussed on whatsapp