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Thank you for your interest in our products. Please find the following details and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need more details.

Basic Courses:

Advanced courses:

  • Testing and commissioning + Pre-requsites (DIGSI 4 + MiCOM + PCM600 + DIGSI 5 + PSCAD) ➡  contact us
  • Advanced IEC 61850 course + Pre-requisite (IEC 61850 course)➡  contact us
  • Advanced ETAP course + Pre-req (ETAP course)➡  contact us

Suggested Combined packages:

  • DIGSI 4, DIGSI 5, IEC 61850: EUR 150
  • DIGSI 4, DIGSI 5, IEC 61850, MiCOM: EUR 170
  • PCM 600, DIGSI 5, IEC61850, ETAP: EUR 220
  • DIGSI 4, DIGSI 5, IEC 61850, MiCOM, PCM600: EUR 225
  • DIGSI4, DIGSI5, PCM600, IEC61850, ETAP, PSCAD, MiCOM, Testing & Commissioning: EUR 350
  • All Packages included all future courses and updates: contact us

Payment (Option 1)

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Other payment options are available, feel free to contact us if any queries

Payment (Option 2) Bitcoin (BTC)

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