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These days can’t perform many of the required analyzes in electrical networks without using the relevant engineering software. Therefore, engineering software has been very effective in industrial environments. One of the most famous software is ETAP which is used in the analysis of distribution networks in industrial Plants and is made by the Operational Technology company. In this training package, in addition to collecting the required technical information in an attractive multimedia environment, various analyzes, and how to do them using ETAP software are presented practically.

26 Replies to “ETAP Training”

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    I am very interested in ETAP course just on question does the course include theoretical background on the topics or just the software training.

    please could you send me the offer and when the course start

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      Hello Samir, details have been sent to ur email

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    May I know the complete details about this training.

    I don’t know about the ETAP but I want to learn.

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      Yes, pls check ur email for ETAP training details

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    I’m interested for training in ETAP,can I get details

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      Yes, pls check ur email for price information and payment link.

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    I want to learn protection relay testing Training with Omicron CMC Through online .

    Kindly send me the details and course fee

    During the training shall I get course material like testing procedure for template formats etc

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      as soon as this course be ready I will let you know

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    Interested to learn etap

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      details have been sent to ur email

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    plz share to me more info about payment and the price

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      Done. plz, check your e-mail

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    Kindly confirm me the total amount for ETAP and PSCAD with discount togetherly if taken means

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      details have been sent to your email

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        Hi I want to learn Etap.
        will you provide software also? for practice?
        and what’s the fee?

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          plz check your email box

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    it would be great if u send me more detail on my eail

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      yes, u can check it out

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    Could you please provide cost details about different courses.

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      sure. dear Evariste sent to your email

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    I am interested for the ETAP training

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      tnx for your interested, details sent to your email dear

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    Hello. I need to do certified, detailed full Etap Electrical Course for designing 72MW,11kV substations; for Oil&Gas Sector. It is very urgent.
    Please help and guide.

    Thank You.

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      Hello, our course is focused on protection relay and settings and for protection engineers

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    Greetings, please share with mefurther information to enroll in this course. Qusai -Regards

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      Greetings Qusai, details have been sent to your email, please check your email for the ETAP training package