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Features and features of EMTP software:

– The very diverse and different examples included in this version are one of its outstanding features.
– The software outputs can be seen with the SCOPE VIEW program.
– The output of the plots can be exported to Autocad software.

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distance protection in emtp

– The program outputs can be exported in different formats to different environments, including Matlab software, which significantly increases the efficiency of this version compared to other versions. And it is easy to connect simulations in different environments.
– Increasing the speed and improving the graphical interface of the program
– The EMTP WORK graphical interface is used in this software version. This graphical interface creates a NET LIST from the single-line circuit to be executed in the main program.

differential protection in emtp

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8 Replies to “EMTP 4.2.1 ”

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    will this training include ,LIOV , harmonic analysis, differential , time-distance protection, PAM SUIT ?


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      not completed yet

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    thank you please let me know after completion

    thank you

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    Hi Will you also provide software?

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      plz txt on WhatsApp: +989129613659

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    I need to simulate transient faults using Emtpworks. Do you offer on line lessons. I have not the sofware before

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      Ok, we will update you for the next training on this topic

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    i need EMTP-RV 4.2.1 x64