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8 Replies to “IEC 61850 TRAINING COURSE”

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    how much many this training course?

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      Please check your email for IEC 61850 video training offer

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    Interested, how much the cost?

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      IEC 61850 training pack details have been sent to your email

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    send details of training

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      Details have been sent to your email

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    hi, what is the difference between the other full package of (DIG 4 , 5 & iec 61850 course) & only IEC 61850 COURSE are the contents of IEC 61850 same in both these courses ?
    you can email me at below address ..

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      it is the same,
      IEC 61850 config is 4 hrs video training on IEC 61850 configuration and Full pack includes three packs (Digsi 4, digsi 5 and IEC 61850) which is 14 hrs video training.
      We are going to provide new methods for our training which the training will be dynamic and updates will be added to each pack,
      As I have your email in out contacts, I will update you when it happen