TC 38, specialized in standards for Instrument Transformers, decided to restructure the whole set of stand-alone Standards in the IEC 60044 series and transform it into a new set of standards composed of general requirements documents and specific requirements documents. This set of standards under the new set labelled IEC 61869 contains a base standard (common clauses) and specific standards for conventional and so-called « non-conventional instrument transformers », or « Digital Instrument Transformers».

IEC 61850, being a system oriented standard series, leaves many options open in order to support present and future requirements of all sizes of substations at all voltage levels.

To reduce the engineering amount required to achieve interoperability for the digital interface between instrument transformers and equipments that use the digital signal (like protective relays or meter or bay level controllers), the IEC61869 standard specifies additional constraints on implementing a digital communication interface.

10 Practical PPT files form SIEMENS

Sample Pages:

PB201 Configuration DIGSI 5 – Network Interfaces and IEC 61850 Settings

Initial Considerations:

  • The SIPROTEC 5 device must have an IEC 61850 Interface in order to be assigned to an IEC 61850 Station
  • There are no configuration parameters in DIGSI 5 for the PB201 Module
  • Ethernet Plug-In Modules as well as J-Port have to be properly parameterized.
  • In case GOOSE Messages are necessary in the process bus network, an independent Plug-In Module has to be foreseen.
  • For Process Bus Application the Edition 2 is mandatory.

Process bus Application Bus bar Voltage and Coupler

ProConf Configuration Steps

ProConf – SMV assignment

ProConf – Network settings

ProConf – Network settings

Preparation of ProConf MetaData.xml in case of unknown MU vendor

ProConf – Load configuration to PB201

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