• Introduction: Provide an overview of SICAM PAS system
  • Install SICAM PAS software and System components
  • The new project, PAS Operation and Configure an IEC 103 interface
  • How to use Device Descriptions (files)
  • How to use the SICAM Value Viewer
  • Configure an IEC 101 interface and T101 slave interfaces
  • Configure an IEC 104 interface, T104 interface
  • Introduction to IEC61850
  • Creating a DIGIS database for a siprotec relay
  • IEC61850 system configurator
  • Data export and import
  • Configure an IEC 61850 interface
  • Normalization, Normalizing measured values
  • Configure a PAS CC interface, Configuring an HMI interface
  • Connect an IEC 61850 IED


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