Download PSCAD file:

Network name Download PSCAD file + Comtrade file in default mode
001: singel line with fault
002: three terminal single line
003: three terminal parallel line
004: Double Fault one Segment
005: Double Fault Two Segment
006: Parallel Line
007: Parallel Line Ground
008: Series Capacitance
009: Power swing Synchronous
010: Asynchronous Multiple Tums
011: Asynchronos With Fault
012: CT Saturation
013: CT Saturation Differential
014: Current Harmonic diode
015: Power Swing 1
016: PQ_Trans
017: BusburProtection
018: Parallel Line 1
019: Parallel Line 2
020: Busbur Protection
021: Inrush Current
022: Transient Switching 1
023: Transient Switching 2
024: Power Swing 2
025: Synchronous
026: 3 Phase Fualt
027: singel test
028: In rush current 2
029: Open Breaker

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4 Replies to “Template networks in PSCAD for transient testing”

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    “Network name Download PSCAD file only Comtrade file in default mode”. Pls clarify what are we actually getting?

    1. PSCAD Model files ?
    2. Comtrade files generated by the models?

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      Thanks for your comment. You will get both (PSCAD Model files and Comtrade files generated by the models)

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    Dear sirs,
    Can you send me a link to download a free PSCAD software for Microgrid, modelling, control, analysis, simulation and testing.Also can you send me a software for drawing Microgrid single line diagrams.
    Bangar Raju
    Cell no : +919963348277
    E-mail :

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      if you are interested the link for free, pls google it, you may find it.