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Traditional protective relay books are written by engineers as a resource for engineers to use when modeling the electrical system or creating relay settings, and they often have very little practical use for the test technician in the field. The Relay Testing Handbook is a practical resource written by a relay tester for relay testers; it is a comprehensive series of practical instructional manuals that provide the knowledge necessary to test most modern protective relays. The complete handbook combines basic electrical fundamentals, detailed descriptions of protective elements, and generic test plans with examples of real-world applications, enabling you to confidently handle nearly any relay testing situation. Practical examples include a wide variety of relay manufacturers and models to demonstrate that you can apply the same basic fundamentals to most relay testing scenarios.       

This Package contains five handbooks: 

  • No. 1. Principles and Practice (PDF – 214 Pages)
  • No. 2. End-to-End Testing (PDF – 100 Pages)
  • No. 3. Principles and Practice (PDF – 660 Pages)
  • No. 4. Creating and Implementing Test Plans (PDF – 102 Pages)
  • No. 5. Testing Voltage Protection (59/27/81) (PDF – 66 Pages)

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