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Trainer: Dr. Saeed Roostaee

Course outline

Electrical System

  • Introduction to Electrical System
  • Construction of Electrical System
  • Single and Three-Phase electrical circuit basics


  • Fundamentals of Power System Analysis
  • Design and Simulate Electrical Power System Using ETAP Software
  • Creating New Project in ETAP
  • Understanding ETAP Software Overview & Toolbars
  • Create Single Line Diagram in ETAP With Conventional Modelling Method & Auto-Build (Time Saving)
  • Load Flow Analysis – Theory, Comparison of Hand Calculations and ETAP Results
  • Load Flow Analysis Example
  • Short Circuit Analysis – Theory, Comparison of Hand Calculations and ETAP Results
  • Short Circuit Analysis Example
  • Protection and Coordination
  • Protection Coordination (Relay Coordination) Analysis – Theory
  • Protection Coordination Analysis Example
  • Protection Coordination Analysis – Auto Star Evaluation

Electrical substation

  • Introduction to Electrical System
  • Construction of Electrical System
  • Substation configurations
  • Instrument Transformers and Principle of Operation of Trip Circuit
  • Types of Circuit Breakers
  • Types of Relays According to Function, Construction, and Time Characteristics
  • CT & PT Design
  • CT Protection Class
  • PT Protection Class
  • Numerical protection relays
  • Definition of Busbar and Different Busbar Schemes

Electricity Generation

  • Introduction to Electrical Power Systems and Why We Need High Voltage
  • Introduction to Generating Power Plants
  • Hydroelectric Power Plants and Their Types
  • Hydraulic Head in Hydroelectric Power Plants
  • Diesel Generators
  • Fossil Fuel – Conventional Power Plants
  • Gas-Fired Power Plants and their Types
  • Nuclear Power Plants
  • Geothermal Power Plant and its Types
  • Solar Energy
  • Wind Energy

Synchronous Generator

  • Synchronous Generator Working Principle and Its Types
  • Faraday’s Law of Induction and Lenz’s Law
  • Wound Rotor and Squirrel Cage Induction Machines
  • Doubly-Fed Induction Generator
  • Self-Excited Induction Generator
  • Generator Load Sharing
  • Generator faults
  • Generator protecion relay IEDs
  • Generator Protection functions


  • Transformer Introduction
  • Transformer design
  • Sizing & Selection
  • Transformer Design Calculation
  • Transformer MVA Sizing using ETAP
  • Transformer X/R Ratio Calculation
  • Transformer Faults
  • Transformer Protection Functions
  • Transformer Protection Relay IEDS

Cable & Overhead Transmission Lines

  • Construction of Overhead Transmission Lines
  • Introduction of Cable
  • Voltage Drop Calculation
  • Example Cable Sizing Calculation
  • Cabling and Wiring Method
  • Jointing of Cables
  • Cable Schedule
  • Cable Tray Layout
  • Construction of Underground Cables
  • Cable Sizing Analysis using ETAP


  • Basics of Synchronous and Asynchronous Motors
  • Motor Nameplate
  • Motor Connections
  • Motor Sizing and Selection
  • Motor Design Calculation
  • Motor Starting Analysis
  • Motor Starting Analysis Examples
  • Motor Faults, Faults, and Protection Functions
  • Overview of the Motor Protection Functions

Power factor correction

  • Power Triangle & Power Factor Improvement
  • Method for Improving Power Factor & Types of Capacitors
  • Reason for Failure of Capacitors
  • Low Voltage Capacitor Construction
  • Capacitor Sizing Calculation

Earthing system design

  • Effect of Current on the Human Body
  • Types of Electric Hazards
  • Classification of Earthing Systems
  • Components of Earthing System
  • Design and Resistance of Earthing Electrode
  • Design and Resistance of Earthing Conductor
  • Measurement of Earth Resistance by Megger and Three Point Method
  • Design Earthing or Ground Grid Using ETAP