Siemens Protection Devices Limited (SPDL)

SPDL – Reyrolle Product Introduction


History of Reyrolle with over 100 Years Experience

Reyrolle has been synonymous with electrical protection devices in the sectors of sub-transmission, distribution and industrial applications for decades. Historically, Reyrolle relays, initially sold mainly in traditional markets, are now sold worldwide as part of the Siemens protection network.

Since its foundation, Reyrolle has been an innovation driver in product development – based on a strong focus on market, customer and technology. Worldwide established brand names such as “Solkor” and “Argus” demonstrate this. But there is more: A wide range of Reyrolle products has determined technological firsts in the market.
The comprehensive range of Reyrolle products provides the total protection requirements of distribution markets – ranging from
overcurrent protection via transformer protection and voltage control to a full spectrum of auxiliary and trip relays. The portfolio
includes many famous products such as “Argus”, “Duobias”, “Solkor”, “Rho”, etc.


To serve specific needs in industrial applications, a range of proven products such as “Argus overcurrent”, “Solkor line differential” and “Rho motor protection devices” is offered.
Through successive generations, Reyrolle numerical products have been developed to increase value to system operators.
This increase in value is the result of consistent development:

Siemens Protection Devices Limited (SPDL)  Introduction – Portfolio Offering

  •  Ease-of-use as a principle – our withdrawable product solutions allow flexible, easy operation through high user
  • One size fits all – the 4U housing height and the latest generation of numerical products features 1A/5A CT Input,
    and some models are provided with universal DC supplies.
  • Learn once, know all – the new product generation provides a similar look and feel as earlier products. If Reyrolle numerical
    devices have been previously used, there is a high consistency in both programming and interrogation.
  • With Reydisp Evolution, a comprehensive software support toolkit for relay setting, fault interrogation and general
    system information is provided. It is backward-compatible with all previous Reyrolle numerical devices.
  • IEC 61850 communication interface option.


Reyrolle – Withdrawable solution for distribution grids


7SR10 (Argus) Overcurrent Protection; non-directional

7SR11 (Argus) Overcurrent Protection; non-directional

7SR12 (Argus) Overcurrent Protection; directional

7SR22 (Argus) Overcurrent Protection; directional

7SR45 (Argus) CT Powered Overcurrent Protection; nondirectional

7SR105 (Rho) Motor Protection

7SR17 (Rho) Motor Protection

7SR158 Voltage & Frequency Protection

7SR24 (Duobias) Transformer Protection

7SR18 (Solkor) Feeder Differential Protection; with directional OC