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Prerequisite Training packages

ABB REG670 Training package (Advanced level)

  • Trainer: Dr. Saeed Roostaee (Profile on Linkedin)
  • Pre-recorded videos
  • Supplementary Files
  • The course is still being recorded and new sessions will be added over time
  • The course is licensed and you need a Windows computer to view the videos
  • Download this course: contact us or leave a comment on this post
  • For more info, please leave a comment on this post or contact us on WhatsApp: +989129613659

Course Details:

Configuration in the PCM600

  • Generator, GSU, ET Transformer Unit Protection System
  • Analog inputs, Generator & Transformer- CT and VT
  • Generator protection functions (87G, 40G, 78, 50S, 46, 51V, 49S, 59, 27, 21G, 32R, 50/27, 64GB, 64R, 47, 64s-95 &100%, 81 O&U, 24G)
  • GSU Trans Protection Functions (87T, 87GT, 64T(87N), 51N, 50/51T)
  • Excitation Trans Protection Functions (50.51ET, 49ET)
  • Trip matrix, Blocking logic
  • Binary Outputs, LED Signal, Output Contact test
  • Disturbance recorder
  • IEC 61850 Signals

Parameter setting and Relay calculations

  • 87G Generator Differential Protection
  • 87T GSU Trans. Differential Protection
  • 87GT Overall Differential Protection
  • 40G Generator Field Failure Protection
  • 78G Generator Pole Slipping Protection
  • 50S, Generator Split phase overcurrent protection
  • 46 Generator Negative Phase Sequence Protection
  • 51V Generator Voltage-Dependent O/C Protection
  • 49S Generator Stator Overload Protection
  • 59G Generator Overvoltage Protection
  • 21G Generator Underimpedance Protection
  • 27G Generator Undervoltage Protection
  • 32R Generator Reverse Power Protection
  • 64S Generator 95%&100% Stator Earth Fault Protection
  • 51/27 Generator Dead Machine Protection
  • 64GB Generator Busbar Earth Fault Protection
  • 64R Generator Rotor Earth Fault Protection
  • 81O Generator Overfrequency Protection
  • 81U Generator Underfrequency Protection
  • 24G Generator Overflux Protection
  • 47G Generator Fuse Failure Supervision
  • 50/51ET Excitation Trans. Overcurrent Protection
  • 49ET Excitation Trans. Overload Protection
  • 51N-GSU Gen. Step-up Trans. Neutral Point OvercurrentProtection
  • 64T GSU Trans. Restricted Earth Fault Protection
  • 50/51T GSU Trans. Over Current Protection
  • 50/51SST Station Service Trans. Over Current Protection

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