user x: Thanks in advance
user x: GE T60
user x: Thanks in advance
user x: Does anyone have motor protection handwritten notes.. kindly share🙏👍
user x: In substations used for HV distributions, Is it good of having neutral in separate grounding while combined pits if not attached with it?
What would be better ?
user x : Hi
How to add LV REF Protection Block in REF615 Relay?
Kindly guide
user x:
Shall I use this block for 51G protection in REF615 Relay
user x : Anyone Plz?
user x: Please check the configuration of the relay if the configuration is K block default available
user x: HZREF block available you can use
user x : Can anyone send me the pdf/notes of different types of tests and their purpose, conducted on all Substation Equipment??Thank you all
user x: All transformer bushes can test C&DF or not
user x : Okay
user x : Anybody has an idea abt GE T60 Multiline Relay configuration?
Plz share with me if you have any videos

Transformer Protection – YouTube

Adaptive and sensitive transformer protection. Multilin protection & control devices deliver innovative steps to provide diagnostic and monitoring solutions …


IEC-61850 – YouTube

How2 – YouTube

We’ve been hard at work on the new YouTube, and it’s better than ever.


EnerVista – YouTube


UR Platform – YouTube

We’ve been hard at work on the new YouTube, and it’s better than ever.

user x : Thanks so much
user x : Thanks😊👍🏼
user x : But in this video,
I could not find any logic related configuration for Transformer Protection T60Model
user x: If I want to see fault in Km on 7UT Distance relay
Which is the option?
user x: 7SA522
user x : Trip log
user x: 10 Commandments for Corporate Life

  1. Never trust anyone blindly. Blindly trusting anyone is like driving a car with your eyes closed.
  2. What happens in the office, should remain in office. Never take office gossip to home and vice versa.
  3. Enter the office on time, and leave the office on time. Neither your office nor office meetings are helping you to improve your health.
  4. Never make a Girlfriend/Boyfriend or a Brother/Sister in office. It will most likely backfire.
  5. Expect nothing. If someone helps you feel thankful. Else, you will learn how to do things on your own.
  6. Never rush for a position. If you get promoted, that’s good. If not, it doesn’t matter. You will always be remembered for your knowledge and good nature, not for your designation.
  7. Never run behind office stuff or brood over office matters when you’re outside the office. You have better things to do in life.
  8. Avoid taking everything on your ego. There is a reason why salary is called ‘compensation’. You are being paid. Use your assets to get happiness.
  9. It doesn’t matter how people treat you. Be humble. You are not everyone’s cup of tea.
  10. In the end, nothing else matters more than your health, happiness, and inner peace.
    user x Dineshwaran ind changed their phone number to a new number. Tap to message or add the new number.
    user x: What does it mean
    user x: It means Id> operate.
    Differential relay trip
    user x: Yes now how to reset it
    user x: Yes, you should take rest for led and then reset for indication.
    user x:
    I want to see fault in Km but this message appears/shown on relay
    user x: Anyone having synchronizing panel SLD where 2 nos LV DG set are working in parallel.
    user x: Please share…
    user x : Hi everyone
    user x :
    What Mean this
    user x : BIL?
    user x : I know its Basic insulation level but I need more information
    user x: Read insulation coordination …SS Rao.
    user x:
    user x : Just came to know about it from a friend
    user x: Why this happen?
    user x : They’ll restore. But in today’s world and Grid Automation solutions it still shouldn’t have failed…..

So many Grid classifications/ configurations since our MIT times, shouldn’t have failed if properly implemented.

So many Grid schemes in today’s world, which we were taught even during our 7th Semester in 1993, if implemented correctly, the Grid could not have failed.

Just saying….
user x: Shouldn’t have happened
user xh: 400 kV means still belonging to PGCIL.
user x: PGCIL should be accountable
user x: System ain’t redundant
user x: Ño system redundancy


System redundancy failure
user x: No RCM implementation
user x: If system redundancy failure
user x: Warm Greetings from the Amara Raja Group!!
Currently we are looking for suitable professionals for the below positions. Please go through the below details and let us know if you are interested.
Job code 028: Engineer / Sr. Engineer – Engineering & Design for LV & MV Panels with B.Tech/B.E – EEE having 3+ years of experience in Engineering & Design department.
Purpose of this Role:
• To provide best technical costing support for the Tenders & Enquiry and support marketing team for getting the orders.
Responsibilities of this role:
• Scrutinizing the technical specification to fit in our manufacturing product basket.
• Prepare the tender BOM with respect to the technical specification of the customer.
• Prepare the costing with multiple switchgear options.
• Negotiating with the suppliers of Switchgear & Non-Switchgear items and finalizing the best fit supplier for the project.
• Submit the Material cost, BOM, QAP and other supporting documents (If any) to Marketing team.
• Follow up with marketing for the submitting of the tender package.
• Attending Pre-Order technical discussion with customer.
• Support for the order conversion rate so as to maintain the order book.
• Verify the tender specification and the Purchase order for similarity. In case of mismatch escalate the issue to marketing.
• Submit the tendering BOM, Customer Specification, required correspondence to the order Execution Team.
• New Vendor identification to improve the quality and to achieve better costing of the project.
• Ensure the on-time delivery of the tender package.
If you would like to explore this opportunity please revert back with your updated resume as early as possible to along with that please mention the following details.
Total Experience:
Current CTC:
Expected CTC:
Mobile Number:
Notice Period:
Current Location: `
Willing to relocate Tirupati , Chittoor district, Andhra Pradesh (Yes / No):
It would be highly appreciated if you refer this job opportunity to your friends/colleagues who would be interested for the position.

With Best Regards,
Business HR
Amara Raja Power Systems Limited
user x: We are hiring electrical design engineer for our Maraimalai Nagar plant.

Experience:3-6Yrs Max

Salary: Negotiable

Should have fair experience in AutoCAD.

Should have atleast 3 years of experience in LV, MV & Hv

Should have in depth knowledge in electrical Scheme.

Note: Preferred Immediate joiner.

Interested candidate may share your resume to or Inbox me.

user x: If any one having ZIV differential relay please give me
user x :
What mean these two things 1-type NORG. 2-IMP Voltage 5.93
user x: 2 – IMP VOLTAGE
That is % impedance voltage…
For distribution transformer it generally upto 6%
user x : Hi everyone, how we can change the phase Shift in vector group without change the internal connection of winding?
user x: According to vector group, change the primary and secondary external connection
user x : How could be done?
user x : If you have connection RST Primary side, RST Secondary side and vector group 11 for example .
To change the vector group 1 change RST TO TRS FOR To side togather
user x : Sorry TSR CONNECTION
user x : You mean if I have vector group Dyn11 and I want to change the phase Shift to 1
I just reverse the connection from RST TO TSR 🤔
user x : Yes from two side
user x : And the other vector group the change in phases squence different
user x: So, if we have to transformer have same connection but different in phase Shift and want to connect them in parallel we just reverse the external connection for one of them?
user x : Yes
user x : Thanks a lot 🌹
user x : Welcome
user x: This message was deleted
user x:
user x changed the group description
user x: This message was deleted
1user x: Worth reading to understand the need for material of earth electrode.
user x: Thanks for sharing.🙏
user x: You are welcome.
Stay tuned for such an interesting blogs.
user x: Dear candidates:


We have opening for EPlan Electrical Designer with our Reputed Client

job Description of EPlan Electrical Designer.

To design electrical control panels as per client requirement in AUTOCAD (2D wire frame)and DRAFT SIGHT.
Designing power, control diagrams for required industrial automation panels.
Inspecting the control panel enclosure and making sure all dimensions are as per the main drawing.

Wiring the control panel as per the drawing and do the continuity test.

Implementing new automation technologies like PLC, HMI, SCADA.

Wiring transformer, line choke, MCB ,MCCB, Relay, Contatctor, Solenoid coil, SMPS, door limit switch, cooling fan, etc.
Programming the Variable Frequency Drive(VFD), Timer, Temperature controller.

Involving in field wiring and motor commissioning activities.

Preparing Material Requisition Slip (MRS) for the entire project.

Meeting with production engineers and asking for updates or corrections made on the main drawing.

Visiting various site and learning many advanced technologies adapted.

Interacting with Management and seniors for any further development in designing.

Interested candidates can apply with your updated resumes.

user x: What is function of instantenious option in relay and why important or necessary
user x : India’s first vertical GIS substation

Sterlite Power’s Gurgaon Palwal Transmission Ltd. (GPTL) project holds a unique distinction. It is home to ‘India’s first vertical GIS substation’- a game-changing solution that has revolutionised the global power transmission sector by innovatively addressing the critical challenge of space.
Gurgaon Palwal Transmission Ltd. is a 130 km-long Inter-State Transmission Line built in an urban landscape, right in the heart of Gurugram and its neighborhood.

Gurugram is a growing economic powerhouse. Understandably, this bustling industrial region registers a high demand for electricity to power its densely populated commercial and residential areas. Building a linear transmission power project in the heart of Gurugram meant a major challenge in terms of paucity of space. Moreover, the transmission lines and towers had to pass through prime real estate and securing the right-of-way (ROW) was a complicated affair. Securing land parcels for constructing three Gas-Insulated Substations (GIS) at Prithla, Kadarpur and Sohna Road was also an uphill task for the team as a conventional 400/220 kV substation, which spreads out laterally, requires nearly 12 acres of land.

In response, the engineering team at Sterlite Power came up with a brilliant idea – a vertical substation which, as the name goes, was developed as a compact, multi-storeyed structure. The innovative idea houses the 400 kV GIS equipment on the ground floor, the 220 kV GIS on the first floor and the open 220 kV switchyard on the roof. The entire GIS substation occupies just 3.8 acres, thus, reducing the land required by as much as 75 percent. There were other space-saving innovations too. For instance, the project built multi-circuit monopole towers across the transmission path, using micro piling to create the foundations.
In addition to space-saving, another remarkable advantage of these vertical substations is the reduced carbon footprint. In the GPTL project, these substations have offset more than 18,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually, vis-à-vis its conventional counterparts. Since real estate for urban power projects remains a continuing challenge the vertical substation design packs a power punch given the numerous advantages. By optimising the use of available land, it offers cost and space efficiencies. Sterlite Power has filed a patent application for this innovation.

In April 2020, amidst the national lockdown owing to the pandemic, the project was successfully commissioned with help from the local administration. It is fully operational today and true to its commitment, playing a vital role in evacuating about 2,000 MW of reliable power to more than three million households in Haryana. By ensuring a reliable supply of power, the GPTL project would be instrumental in reducing the use of highly polluting diesel generator sets in Gurugram and the adjoining areas of Manesar and Palwal, thereby helping to make it DG-set free.

Built on a robust foundation of technology and innovation, GPTL has been a true manifestation of our core purpose — ‘Empowering humanity by addressing the toughest challenges of energy delivery’.

user x : Siemens Rupesh.vcf (file attached)
1user x : Admin, pls add this number
user x: Nice
user x: Please share more data related to vertical substation.
user x : Good
user x : What means staggered busbars? And need Picture for explaining pls
user x: Also Pls tell me about the GIS make and details
user x: Can anyone tell me the Procedure of the Hipot test of Cables??Thanks
user x:,the%20insulation%20is%20not%20marginal.
user x: I have already gone through this, it’s a little bit confusing..
user x :
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user x : Hi everyone, If I have transformer YNd11 and want to connect differential Protection is the CT on Primary should connect in Delta and CT on Secondary should connect in Star when I use Numerical relay or not?
user x: Yes,u are right..
user x : Dont need to reverse connection of CT?
user x: No need to do anything in numerical relay. Just input the data of ur transformer and relay all do the rest. Your cts star point however must be pointing towards T/F or away from it
user x :
user x : Good, so here in Picture why he change the connection of CTs and the relay that used is RET (numerical)?
user x : This message was deleted
user x : Thanks a lot 🌹
user x: Thanks a lot 🌹
user x : Thanks a lot 🌹
user x : Transformer configuration??
user x :
Hi everyone did anyone know what the type of this motor and how it connected?
user x: Any one have drawing of AC/DC Panal make SSE
user x : Hi
In REF615, Disturbance recorder and Events showing time wrongly.
I noticed 4hours delay in disturbance recorder.
How to make both disturbance recorder and Event make same time.
Anybody Plz?
user x : Indias first 1,200-Kv Substation.

India’s power sector will witness a new era in the transmission segment when state-run Power Grid Corp will launch a 1,200-Kv ultra-high voltage (UHV) test station along with experimental lines in Bina, Madhya Pradesh. The investment for the project is estimated at Rs 800 crore. The company is also setting up a 1,200-Kv transmission line for commercial purpose, which will be constructed between Wardha and Aurangabad in Maharashtra.

Till now, the power is transmitted on 765Kv /800Kv lines. The existing 400Kv line can transfer about 600 Mw power, 800Kv line can do between 1,200 Mw and 2,400 Mw and 1,200-Kv transfer 6,000-8,000 Mw, according to experts from the Indian Electrical and Electronics Manufacturers Association (IEEMA), which is associated with the project. With the government’s plan of adding over 100,000 Mw capacity in the coming 12th Plan coupled with the challenges put up by environment hurdles, right of way and transmission losses, there is a need to develop a more sound transmission system.

About 35 manufacturers, including BHEL, Areva, Siemens and Sterlite have joined hands with PowerGrid to establish the 1,200kV test station. The test line in Bina is being constructed with two 1200kV test bays in which the leading manufacturers are providing main equipment such as transformers, surge arresters, circuit breakers, transformers among others. These test bays and test lines shall be used for various field trials initially. “This will usher a new phase in the transmission sector as with a limited right of way (RoW), bulk power will be evacuated from the point of generation to the load centre. The transmission capacity, thus, will be fulfilled with one such line only catering to the capacity of several generators,” PowerGrid Chairman and Managing Director S K Chaturvedi told Business Standard.

According to IEEMA, the first 1,200kV system field was tested and commissioned in the former Soviet Union in 1985 after 12 years of research, which was discontinued after the disintegration of the Union. Then, Japan started developing a 1,000kV UHV system in 1978 and tests are still on. China started developmental work on a 1,100 kV UHV system in 2005 and a pilot project is presently under testing.

IEEMA’s Senior Director Operations Anil Nagrani said, “This will be an experimental line. There are many advantages of setting up a 1,200 Kv line. With unavailability of RoW, space crunch and various environmental issues, the existing power network can be upgraded to 1,200 Kv lines within the same space or little higher space.”
user x: Does anybody have Relay Setting Calculation excel files for substation relays?
user x: This message was deleted
user x: 👍
Can any one help to find out when max demand occurred👆
user x: : Schneider conzrev 6400
user x: How to calculate Kvarh
If last Kwh reading is 1670129.5 and present is 1670582.2
P.f 0.95
M.F 1000
user x :
user x: Anyone can tell me What is the function of CBCT??
user x : To senses unbalanced current
user x: Can u plz elaborate it,thanks
user x:
What type of error this
user x: I can’t able to update
user x: Any solution
user x: Normal CT used to measure current in any particular corner phase. CBCT in otherwords called Core balance CT which is placed over the cable OD or all covering all 3 phase bus or cable. So that it measures the unbalance current in the 3 phase system.
user x: Core Balance Current Transformer or CBCT is a ring type current transformer through center of which a three core cable or three single core cables of three phase system passes. This type of current transformer is normally used for earth fault protection for low and medium voltage system.

Secondary of CBCT is connected to Earth Fault Relay. During normal operating condition as the vector sum of three phase current i.e. (Īa + Īb + Īc =0) is zero therefore no residual current in the primary will be present. Here residual current means zero sequence current. Therefore there will not be any flux developed in the CBCT core and hence no current in the secondary circuit of CBCT.

Advantage of Core Balance Current Transformer:
The advantage of using CBCT for earth fault protectionis that only one CT core is used instead of three core as in conventional system where the secondary winding of three cores are connected residually. Thus the magnetizing current required for the production of a particular secondary current is reduced by one third which is a great advantage as the sensitivity of protection is increased.

Also, the number of secondary turn does not need to be related to the cable rated current because no secondary current flows under normal operating condition as the currents are balanced. This allows the number of secondary turns to be chosen to optimize the effective primary pick-up current.

Core Balance Current Transformer is normally mounted over a cable at a point close to the cable gland of the Switchgear. In case cables are already laid in a Switchgear, physically split core, which is also known as Slip-over type CT, are used.
user x: Thanks shiva ji🙏🏻🙏🏻
user x: You are welcome
user x :
Hi, what is mean of DE and NDE?
user x : I need explain these term
user x: Driving end
user x: And non driving end
user x : I know that
user x: Driving end is connected to turbine
user x: Driving end is coupler side with moving turbine
user x : You mean that drive end connect to load
user x : If I have induction motor
user x :
user x: Yes
user x : Good, the front bearing is driving end so NDE is the rear bearing? Right
user x : For motor
user x : Yew
user x : Thanks a lot 🌹
user x: Welcome
user x: Any one have Siemens 7SA 522 calculation sheet if yes then pls share
user x: Load connected end is DE
Non load end caled NDE
user x : Hi everyone, what mean p1 and P2
user x : And why it different for the same motor
user x : Pls Show full name plate
user x : I dont have it 🤕
user x : P1 is the total induced power to the pump system. P2 is the power coming from the motor (shaft effect). P2 is the nominal power of the motor. The difference between P1 and P2 indicates either: the efficiency of the motor (ηmot.)

This answer on Google
user x: installed distance relay 7SA522 with CT ratio 300/5 and PT 132kv/110v now if I want to change CT ratio from 300/5 to 600/5 so which setting value will be also change in the relay
user x: Required data module manager for
above version.
user x: In India, need service engineer for commissioning of UPS and DC Panel sourced from China. Any references please share.
user x: Hi everyone
Can I download the conectivety package without this option?
user x : Just download first one ( 5.1.8)
user x: During test c&df of 132kv Transformer Bush show DF result in minus
user x: Anybody can explain the about “configure the Ethernet setting to VAMP 57 relay by HMI”…it is possible
user x :
Anyone know what this? And for what it use?
user x : Is this busbar Bushing?
user x: Dear all Greetings,


Wanted-we required Protection Relay Testing and Commissioning Engineer.

Skill – MICOM relays, ABB relays, Siemens relays and Schneider relays (distance protection, Differential Protection, Motor Protection, Generator Protection and Busbar protection)

Work Location – Anywhere in India

Preferred Engineer – 3 to 5 years Experience with above title & skill.

Expected time – Immediate to start the work

Employment type- Permanent

Contact : K.Sunderrajan (Project manager)
Ph: +91 9344550829

Please send your resume also
I got this type error while running pcm600
user x: Any solution for this error
user x: Once you manually start SQL server
user x: If I start manually then
Press start
user x: Sql started?
user x: If started means now u try pcm
user x: Ok sir let me try
user x: Thanks for your support 🙏
user x: Ok. 👍
I tried sir, but this error came
user x : Dear reinstall your pcm600
user x: Pcm 2.10 version
user x: Ok sir
user x: Same error coming sir
user x: I have downloaded from official website
user x: Antivirus turned off
user x: Is there any solution sir
user x: U have any hotfix of this version?
user x: Same problem was with me
user x: And knw m unable to reinstall pcm600 in that laptop
user x: I installed pcm2.10 hotfix also
user x : Your pc windows10? Please go pcm latest version 2.9
user x: Pcm600 2.9 also I tried😢
user x : Anybody know how to rectify the Agile communication error?
user x: why we removing VT connection when working on the high voltage winding of the generator relating with isolation procedure?
user x : Try start PCM600 in administrator mode. Then, if doesn´t woked, try re-instal PCM600 and sql server, ( restart de computer.

user x: This also I tried bro but still same error
user x: I can’t able to restart the server
user x: This message was deleted
user x: Pls share end section 1 & 2 calculation of RET670 relay
user x A:
user x : Why impedance correction factor is needed for short circuit analysis
user x: This message was deleted

user x : Hi, anyone know what this device and how to work?
user x:
user x: Check the above link and download the manual required. I am also new to this device.
user x :
Hi, what mean this NE and RE and DE and other letter in table? This RMU by schneider
user x changed their phone number to a new number. Tap to message or add the new number.
user x: Dear sir/madam,

Good day.

We are undertaking all type of electrical works, like engineering projects, electrical control panels manufacturing, servicing, commissioning, annual maintenance contract, operation maintenance of electro-mechanical installations etc.

For more information, please visit our website

Please send us your valuable enquiry to quote/execution.

user x: 🙏🙏🙏
user x: Location
user x : Anybody did power swing in ponova kit with P54x relay
user x : Anyone know what Mean this I cont? In CT
user x : The standard value of rated continuous thermal current is the rated primary current.
user x : Please explaine more
user x : Rated continuous thermal current

The continuous rated thermal current is the current which can be permitted to flow
continuously in the primary winding without the temperature rise exceeding the
values stipulated in the standards. Unless otherwise specified it is equal to the rated
primary current, i.e. the rating factor is 1.0.

In applications where the actual currents are higher than the rated current, a rating
factor must be specified. With a rating factor of for instance 1.2 the current trans-
former must withstand a continuous current of 1.2 times the rated current. The ac-
curacy for metering cores must also be fulfilled at this current. In IEC 61689-2 it is
called extended current rating and has standard values of 120%, 150% and 200%
of the rated primary current.
user x : Thanks a lot 🌹🌹
user x : Anyone have Name Plate detail of 31.5/40 MVA power Transfomer make ElectroPuter 132/66 Kv with Tertiary winding
Specially I need Taps voltage detail
user x : Hi everyone, I have motor 0.55KW can I operate it by using inverter 1.5KW?
user x: Anyone have red670 relay PTL file
user x :
user x : Hi everyone, What’s the difference between PWM TYPE And Ferroresonat type of UPS?
user x: Any one explain about this matter
user x: Any one explain about this matter
user x : transformer oil filtration

Anyone know the right way connection to the transformer?
The inlet Oil of device is connect to top or bottom of transformer? And Why
user x: Bottom
user x: Which equipment connected
user x : You mean I drow the Oil from bottom of transformer? Ok do you know why!
user x: Inlet to bottom of transformer
user x: Outlet to filtration machine
user x :
Is connect to top or bottom of transformer?
user x : Anybody have SEL 787 relay manual…please send
user x: Bottom
user x : Its not filling operation
I want to improve the insulation of oil only is there different in connection way?
user x : U have to connect the outlet of the filter machine to the top side of the transformer. And inlet of the filter machine should be from the bottom of the transformer.
user x: By this the sludges at the bottom of the transformer will get filtered.
user x : Good 🌹 thanks a lot

user x s: Hey there, anyone has Arras Maxei Mas 6000 Manual, searched all the web couldn’t find anywhere.

user x : Any one can explain about this un- Balance current ( reason) in MFM.
user x: Check the CT wiring for polarity. Then check the parameter in MFM in measurement mode as 3 Phase 3 wire or 4 wire selection.
user x: Ok
user x: Tq

Hi everyone, did anyone know what is the advantage of CS (glass container) in the filtration device?
user x : Need more explaine
user x : Which kind of sequence currents flow during 3ph to ground faults? Does zero or negative seq flow?
user x : yes zero sequence
user x: is the analog Ammeter on left side is feeding from same CT input?
user x: Yes sir left and right side analog meter and same ct
user x: Hi everyone, this device is on oil filtration Mas 6000 RC
What its Function and what the normal reading should be?
user x : Please add below number
user x : Dhananjay Jadh.vcf (file attached)
user x: Education-(Diploma/BE) and Technicians / Electricians ITI

Sales & Marketing Engineer (Cable Business) with 2-5 Years’ experience in Sales, Cable testing & cable fault location in India(South).

Sr. Engineer / Engineer – Cable Testing & Fault location (Upto 33KV) with 2-15 years experience in the field of Cable testing, cable fault location, Cable route tracing & Pinpointing of Cable Faults, Cable Identification for repair & Sheath Testing & Sheath fault Fault location, PD & Tan Delta,VLF testing. Testing Equipment’s Hands on experience like TELEMETRICS,TECHNO(India)MEGGER, FLUKE, BAUR GmbH, MTE , SEBA kmt , IPEC LTD etc. Knowledge in safety, working in substation & Distribution panels

Cable Jointer (Upto 33KV) with 2-10 years experience in an Utility or contracting the field of Under ground Cable laying, Termination & jointing works(Power & Pilot cables). Hand on experience modern tools used for jointing & termination Purpose. Knowledge in safety, working in substation & Distribution panels etc.

Contact: Email: M: +91 9894037364 (WhatsApp only)
user x : Can someone tell me what are the detailed specifications of Surge arrester for 11 kv transformer HV side?
user x : It is for distribution11/0.433KV transformer
user x : Kindly share any documents regarding PGCIL Approved 132kv pre commissioning test reports.
user x: Can we get ETAP Software for some research work . If possible please share source or if someone has the file in drive, etc?
user x:
pgcil Pre Commissioning Procedures and Formats for Switchyard Equipments.pdf
user x: Thanks👍
user x: 👍🏻👌🏻
user x: Please share this data.
user x: For 400kV Substation I would like to learn substation design.
user x : What should be the minimum value of BDV at 33kv level of 20 MVA Trafo??
user x : How can I copy the saved test reports on the CT analyser to pc
user x : Some one pls guide me
user x : What ever the MVA BDV should be 70kv or more when test 2.5mm electrode distance
user x:
For your information
user x: Thanks ji
user x:
How to check this fuse failure relay using 3 phase kit?
user x : apply 3 phase voltage and remove the fuse
user x: Ok , let me try, thanks in advance
user x : Where we are supposed to inject voltage? We can’t inject on the relay side if we want to include a fuse in the circuit?
user x : You should inject the single-phase voltage in X1:1 & X1:2
user x : R phase fuse fail will operate
user x : Ok , got it, thank you sir
user x: Can anyone send the Maintenance checklist of all Substation equipments of weekly, Monthly,quarterly,Halfyearly,yearly of 400/220 kV substation..Thanks

user x : What is fictitious resistance ? Why it is used in calculation of peak short circuit current ?
user x:
On this P.T 132kv/110 how much rating of MCB will be install to secondary side of P.T

user x : We lost the password for this how we can reset it to default value masibus 2330
user x :

user x: wire less power transmission
user x: Ist true 👆👆👆
user x : Any oje from siemens Lt or Abb
user x: How to define multi.core ct in etap
user x : Hi everyone,
What’s the difference between Bus coupler and Bus tie
user x: Abybody configured L90 ljne differential?
user x : yes..
user x: For a cable feeder the charging current compensation is enabkedvor not?
user x: In my case while enabling it the feeder tripping while charging
user x: Use SVL
user x:
user x : How to calculate rating of Bus bar
user x: Hi . Does anyone have the catalog or manual of the relay FAC from GEK, please? It is an eletormechanical busbar protection based on high impedance. Thank you all.
user x sakthivel. working as a protection
user x:
What does mean CRX?
user x: What Device this one?
user x: Distance relay LFZP
user x: I think CRX means carrier receive
user x:
user x : Hi guys I have doubt for Circuit breaker Frame rating? Where I get this value or any formula to find the rating. Please help me
user x:
How to reset all indications
user x : If the line differential is not working, is it reccomandable to change the zone 1 settings to 100% of the line?
user x: Press book button then press C button repeatedly. Untill all the led clears
user x: Carrier revive signal
user x : Hi everyone, when the IR Test for Transformer become higher value :

1-transformer without oil (empty)
2- with oil (filled)

And Why
user x : IR Test is not recommended before oil filling
user x : Under no condition of Vaccum , insulation resistance test is not recommended.
user x :
Manual please
user x :
16- MiCOM P122.pdf
user x : under condition of Vaccum.
user x : Thanks and operation manual please?
user x : Please Share manuals for seimens 7sj8012, 7sj8041 and 7sj8011
user x : 7SJ8x series has common technical manual and available in web for download.
user x : 👍 👍
user x : Dear all Greetings,


Wanted-we required Protection/Automation Relay Testing and Commissioning Engineer.

Protection Skill – MICOM relays, ABB relays, Siemens relays and Schneider relays (distance protection, Differential Protection, Motor Protection, Generator Protection and Busbar protection)
Automation Skill – GE scada –Ds Agile/A view , Schneider – Eco sui

Work Location – Anywhere in India

Preferred Engineer – 3 to 5 years Experience with above title & skill.

Expected time – Immediate to start the work

Employment type- Permanent/Freelancer

Contact : K.Sunderrajan (Project manager)
Mail id-

Please send your resume
user x : Hi everyone, is there a standard for know (min IR value and applied voltage by megger ) for transformer during the Test?
user x:
user x: Evolution of protective relays
user x: This message was deleted
user x: Urgently Required –

Civil & Electrical Engineers

Criteria :

Diploma / B.Tech with 3 years experience in substation of more than 33 KV

Diploma / B.Tech candidates will be provided with extra allowance of Rs. 8000 /-

Salary upto Rs. 50,000/- PM

Location : Manipur, Mizoram, Sikkim

Accomodation and Fooding will be arrange by company.

Email Resume :

Mobile : 7604019989
user x :
If I have this connection of batteries, what the PROBLEM of connect different voltage together and what the PROBLEM of connection the different current of batteries together?
user x : What The PROBLEMs of connect different voltage of batteries in series or parallel like (12v 8.5A with 6V 8.5A)

And what the PROBLEMs of connect different current of batteries in series or parallel like (12V 8.5A with 12V 7A)
user x: If you connect different voltage battery in parallel it lower Voltage battery won’t get charge produce excess heat
user x: Same for current in series the life of battery will get degrade
user x: In which connection are batteries connected in Battery room??
user x: Series connection.
user x: At certain times all battery will behave lower rated battery because in series current always same. So high rate battery won’t fully change with low rated
user x: Does anyone have high impedance REF protection wiring diagram by using same phase CT which is used for differential protection
user x : Yes differential phase CT start point neutral using REF protection also
user x : Can u please share that drawing
user x : Can we made this connection HV to LV to ground in IR TEST without make HV to LV only?
user x : Is the first one enough or not
user x: What is the criteria for selection of stabilizing resistor in partial busbar protection
user x: How to test a reverse power relay?
user x: PTT-20201217-WA0001.opus (file attached)
user x: What may be
user x : Check if any MCB is off or fuse is blown for DC power
user x: Which is best link for trouble shooting of battery charger at Grid Station
user x : This message was deleted
user x : Hi Friends, I have one doubt, what is the use of short circuit analysis in relay setting calculation of a line or transformer? Why, because line settings are mainly calculated from the line impedance only not on short circuit data & similarly for transformer relay setting also from Transformer MVA & Tap setting are mostly needed.
What is the contribution of short circuit analysis to distance relay & differential relay settings?
user x : Dear all

Happy new year to all.!!

Please provide a suggestion for below case,

user x :10 KM
Relay Specification :Micom P442
Relay setting : D/S- 0.300 ohm
U/P-1.2 ohm

Below problem occur in Pumping station,

1) Line was tripped at 8.3 KM away from UPSTREAM and 1.7 KM Away from Our pumping station.
Which side relay will operate ?
2) what’s the recommended setting for the operation of line ?
3) which relay operate first for above case ?

user x : Anyone have TOSHIBA TCO21B relay manual ?
user x : What is the recommendable insulation resistance value of 1.9/3.3 KV ac cable
user x : Any is code for related that?
user x: How to configure MODBUS in CEWE PROMETER 100 Energy Meter
user x : Do anyone know measurement touch and step in substation?
user x:
user x:
user x: Can we lay 11 kv cable&LT cable,control cable on same tray,if so how much gap should be maintained?if not why?
user x: No it is not advisable in same tray but a well earthed tray for power cable laying with separate earthing may be done with a min distance 2 mts distance..
user x: Why add harmonics are danger compared to even harmonics?
user x: 😳
1user x: Seems to be something wrong,what happened?
user x: Which place and rating
user x: 160 MVA
user x: What happened, got fire?
user x: Uttra pradesg
user x: Uttra pradesh
user x: The thunder has fallen
user x: Which place
user x: In UP
user x: Loni
user x: Thunder fallen ,OMG
user x: Company name
user x: LA’s weren’t installed?
user x: Omg
user x: During main supply restore one 20/26MVA PTF/C.B Tripped on Differential relay and other three PTF run ok
Tripped PTF test no any fault found and energize please suggest me what will be reason one PTF tripped on Differential
user x:
user x: CTFailure_LSevov-paper.pdf (file attached)
user x: Which transformer capacity level NFIPS applicable ,if any standard and regards NFIPs details kindly share
user x: Check for Harmonic restrain
user x : Hi everyone, did anyone know what Mean this?
user x: Hi everyone. For those who have the book Analyzing and Applying Current Transformers from Mr Zocholl, my question is: there is a typical value for CT resistance, to be used when you don´t know the manufacter value: 0,0025 ohms/winding turn if the CT has 5 A secundary nominal value. My question is: if the CT secondary value is 1 A, the resistance is 0,0005 ohms/winding turn or it is the same 0,0025? Thank you.
user x: My question
what will be reason frequency down or suddenly zero please explaint
user x: Please anyone have drawing of CP-30(Line) Siemens 2000
user x:
Anyone have drawing
user x:
I need a drawing please
user x:
In this name plate of CB “Resistance of Main Circuit” is it contact Resistance or not
user x: Is it contact Resistance?
user x: Its contact resistance
user x: JEF Ganeshsir.vcf (file attached)
user x: Please add this number.
user x: When I test result show 300 microohm is it right
user x: 100 micro ohm✅
user x: Try by changing the positions of connecting cables closer to contact making points(idea is to minimise the joints)
user x: Correct
user x: Put voltage clamp as closer to main contact
user x: Anyone have vamp 259 line protection calculation sheet
user x: This message was deleted
user x:
Dear if have drawing of this panal please send me
user x:
This Quadrant position is supply send or supply recieved
user x: Send
user x: Thanks
user x: Thanks
user x: Wrong diagram
user x: I mean, kwh is shown on x axis. Kvarh is shown on y axis
user x: Any one have a contact number of engineer for SEL make relay . Please share
Thanks in advance
user x souhail from morocco automation & industrial computing left
user x: IMG-20210123-WA0016.jpg (file attached)

Manual please
user x: How to change the settings values guide me
user x :
user x:
Will someone share this parameter set or link to download this
user x: What relay 7sa?
user x: 7sj
user x: 7sj8041
user x: Ok 👍🏼
user x: Got it
user x: Ok
user x: Same problem with me how to solved
user x: Downloded the parameter
user x: Guide me how or from
user x: Can any one please help me with 1 info on LTMR /Schneider TESYS-T relay
How to disable ‘ Under voltage’ protection. If I disable this, It automatically enable.
user x:
user x: ☝️☝️☝️
user x: Anybody have Siemens solkar
R/RF RELAY Study materials, please provide
And testing methods
user x: Hi anyone have earth loop impedance calculation as per IEC
user x: Required to verify cable size
user x: Does anyone know transformer Bdv recommend value and IS code or IES code?

user x: Thanks
user x: Can anyone tell 33kv Siemens & Schneider make gis panel gas pressure, purity & dewpoint value
user x: This message was deleted
user x: This message was deleted
user x: What is the function of transformer Air cell?how it’s working,at which capacity level aircell will be used?if aircell not available what will happen!
user x: Dear Connections,
I’m looking for job opportunities in any esteemed Power T&D/Infrastructure related organisation.

My Current post Sr.Electrical Engineer – Project execution & management

I have 3.1 Years of Experience in Power T&D Industry. I have a well-rounded skill set in Power Transmission & Distribution,
Project management, Substation Construction, Project planning, Liasoning work, Survey/Design & Billing.

My area of interest includes Project Execution & Management.

Please do reach out to me if you have similar opportunities to refer me or hiring.

Thanks, Regards
Abhishek kapadia

CV Link-
user x: IMG-20210204-WA0004.jpg (file attached)
How to calculate value in watt?

user x: What is interlock in Isolator &breaker why it’s required

user x: Hi Folks, anyone tested this relay?
user x: The rebuilt Enoserv routine for the SEL-700G doesn’t work for the 700GT in RTS.
user x: Actually looking for .psx file (test plan) for this relay.
user x: Can u anyone please let me to do IEC61850 configuration for Siemens reyrolle 7sr12 relay
user x: I downloaded reydisp manager
user x:
What is reason Cap Fuse Fail appear repeatedly
user x: When it appears what you did afterwards? Or it disappears on it’s own?
user x: Reset through reset button
user x: What is IN derived,IN measured,IN Sensitive in Fault details ?..
user x: Vn derived also..
user x: This relay presently work on 20/26 MVA PTF after few days this PTF replace with 31.5/40MVA PTF I want to setting file for 31.5/40 MVA PTF
user x:
This relay presently work on 20/26 MVA PTF after few days this PTF replace with 31.5/40MVA PTF I want to setting file for 31.5/40 MVA PTF
user x: Why I can’t change the time and date in ABB RET670 relay? Even though I changed the settings after saving it appears as same before
user x: Electrical Testing Engineer Required in Saudi Arabia. Saudi nationality / Non Saudi should have transferable iqama

  • Min 4 years’ experience .
  • SEC/NG approval is required

Testing engineer shall have experience in below:

  1. Aux/trip/lockout relays testing
  2. Simple and advanced numerical relays testing.
  3. Secondary /Primary/ Stability tests.
  4. Scheme and functional check.
  5. Power transformer testing
  6. Switchgear testing up to EHV 380kV level
  7. Power cable / OHTL testing.
  8. Experience in operation and maintenance of substations ( corrective & preventive ) .
    user x: Recently came back to India by final exit from alfanar Saudi . Can I apply?
    user x: sorry visa from India is closed currently
    user x: Does anyone have IEC standards for the tan delta test
    user x: We need clarification regarding the transformer stability test.

We plan to inject from LV to HV.
Customer is requesting that They are not ready to short in our HV side of the transformer due to some technical issues . So they wanted to short circuit in upstream side from remote end substations.

Now, from HV side of the transformer connected through the Cable of 3 km appx. We need to know the calculations for the transformer including cable
user x: I think it is IEC 60076 for Power Transformers and IEC 60137 for bushings ..
user x: What will be the impact of switching reactors with NGR and without it? Can anyone help
user x:
user x: Pls compare the both drawing,sf6 breaker top pad which side should come either line or trafo,if so why? If we keep any side what’s the problem will come,if any knows kindly comment on this , thanks in advance
user x: How to calculate new 11Kv Capacitor Bank rating & will be install on 20/26MVA PTF if total load recorded 1100 Amp.
If 200Kvar Capacitor cells available
user x: Dear All, I am looking for a Project Coordinator/Engineer with Gas compression and processing experience. Job location is Bahrain, 10 to 12 years experience from engineering to commissioning coordination. If anyone interested in your circle, please ask them to send mail to
(சம்பளம்: மாதம் ரூபாய் இரண்டரை லட்சம் வரை கிடைக்கும். No Whatsapp and no personal call please, only to send CV to the mail ID, the short listed candidate will be contacted for interview)
user x: Can anyone suggest any good kit for SF6 gas purification and analysis?
user x: Dilo kit
user x:
Dilo machine data
user x: Can any one send me GIS design related pics
user x: Which design
user x: Primary or secondary
user x: IMG-20210225-WA0013.jpg (file attached)

How to change over current and earth fault values .Anyone have manual please
user x: Can anyone share PNRV(CTR)1,2 position details
user x: NFIPS
user x: IMG-20210225-WA0014.jpg (file attached)
Why use this unit ,anyone can explain in detail
user x: In case if DC control supply is fail it issue trip command to CB through capcitor
user x: What are the test done for a surge capacitor? Could you please share me a report
user x: Relay engineer required for testing @tamilnadu site,urgent work
user x: Good morning all
user x: Anybody can help with duty transformer short circuit calculation
user x: IMG-20210225-WA0016.jpg (file attached)

Dear I need drawing of this panal
user x : Teams if anyone with electrical n mechanical degree (engineers or Diploma) in saudi without job or looking for job please let me know
Even fresher ok
The training will be given in parallel
Salary will be limited until mobilised to site
user x: Local transfer only
user x: Relay testing engineer with local transfer is urgently required
user x : In KSA
user x: This message was deleted
user x changed their phone number to a new number. Tap to message or add the new number.
user x: This message was deleted
user x: What it means?
user x: Siemens 3RH2122-1BW40
2NO /2NC – 48V DC
I need this contactors – 6No’s
Can anyone suggest me if you have any contacts who has current availability
user x: Check with siemens dear
user x: This message was deleted
user x: Tata Electronics Off Campus Drive 2021 | B.E/B.Tech | 27 February 2021

Job Role : Graduate Engineer Trainee
Qualification : BE/BTech
Batch : 2020/2021
Experience : Freshers
Salary : Rs 5.25 LPA
Job Location : Hosur(Tamilnadu)
Venue Location : Virtual
Last Date : 08 Mar 2021
Test Date : 10 mar 2021
Link to apply :-

Please share this in your contacts, it will be beneficial for some eligible Candidates.
user x:
Anyone known this test of 31.5/40MVA Power Transfomer(132/11.5) (Dy11)my question is how to check these results are ok
user x: How to test thermal overload protection and unbalanced overload protection
user x: This message was deleted
user x: If u know the percentage impedance and Hv side voltages at optic tap 1,12,23 Let me assume tap 12 is normal tap
user x: S it is SC TEST ,RESULT ok
user x: We can calculate and ensure she current at particular tap

For thermal overload protection make sure that current thermal state is 0% and inject 3ph current above your settings current and observe the thermal level in your relay, make sure alarm at your set value is coming and it will trip at 100% thermal state. Record the tripping time and compare it with the calculated tripping time ( you can find it from manual)
user x: For NPS either u can use single phase injection then the 1/3 of your injected current will flow as negative sequence current. Observe that current in relay. Do the same as mentioned in thermal protection.

Or u can use
Symmetric component injection method which is available in most of the kits.

ABB Relay Config

Messages and calls are end-to-end encrypted. No one outside of this chat, not even WhatsApp, can read or listen to them. Tap to learn more.
user x created group “G20 ABB Relay Config”

user x: During signal monitoring in PCM ,how can we monitor the primary value
user x: Use signal monitoring
user x: Used signal monitoring
user x: Only secondary value coming
user x: Hii Can anyone tested OPENCT in RET670?kindly tell me the procedure

user x: Thank you
user x: Hi
Has anyone configured to re-accelerate the motor ?
Rem 615
user x: Re-acceleration
user x: Quality assurance manager to work with other staff to establish procedures and quality standards and to monitor these against agreed targets.
Typical responsibilities of the job include:

Determining, negotiating and agreeing on in-house quality procedures, standards and specifications
assessing customer requirements and ensuring that these are met
setting customer service standards
specifying quality requirements of raw materials with suppliers
investigating and setting standards for quality and health and safety
ensuring that manufacturing processes comply with standards at both national and international level
working with operating staff to establish procedures, standards, systems and procedures
writing management and technical reports and customers’ charters
determining training needs
acting as a catalyst for change and improvement in performance and quality
directing objectives to maximise profitability
recording, analysing and distributing statistical information
monitoring performance
supervising technical or laboratory staff.
Key skills for quality assurance managers
Excellent technical skills
Good numerical skills and an understanding of statistics
Leadership skills
Planning and organisation skills
Communication and interpersonal skills
Problem-solving skills
Teamworking skills
IT skills

Ready to relocate in Kolkotta for new EV two wheeler plant

Kindly send resumes affixing a photo in CV fitting above qualifications to
user x: Need B.E /Electrical Engineering / 12+ years experience for Sr/ Principal / lead Electrical Engineer Position

Client : RC Projects/KJO’s/Aramco
Location : Work from home – KSA – Khobar and Jubail (Preffered)

Candidate should have experience in oil and gas refinery/Infra’s Engineering experience
Capability matrix :
Experience of undertaking protection and control design related activities for National Grid.
Ability to perform and review engineering calculations / studies (e.g. fault calculations, relay settings, voltage drop, cable sizing) and prepare system protection requirements design
Experience in the preparation of detailed electrical schematic diagrams for substation Protection and Control systems
Experience in preparing Single Line Diagram, Key Line Drawings (SLD, KLD) and Protection
Proven technical experience in concept to detailed power system protection design and application.
Experience of computer-based power system studies packages e.g. ETAP, DigSilent, PSSE,CYME,SKM is an advantage.

Reach me @

user x: Normally what value of Volatge difference is kept in synchronization relay 500kV lines?
Motor protection relay test settings and configuration #vebko amt105 tester
user x: We have 2 set of distance relays set1 and set2 with respective auto recloser AR1 and AR2.
A single auto recloser AR1 or AR2 on 500kV transmission line recloses both BxQ1 and BxQ3.
If line trips on temporary fault and AR1 auto reclosed successfully first time and soon after during reclaim time of AR second fault appears on line then AR1 get blocked as per scheme..and fault is declared permanent. But at the same time AR2 gets initiated by set2 distance relay and it reclosed the line on permanent fault….. This is a single shot scheme….. How to restrain AR2 initiation if fault is permanent??
user x: Hi.How to test binary output in 7SK85 through HMI?
user x: hi, anyone can help me with RET 670 differetial function?
user x: Anyone know how to enable the Micom P841 auto recloser relay Live line live bus synch settings?
user x: How to monitor bits in Real time Mode? I have already connected easergy studio with relay but it always give Demo mode option.
user x: you need to make the connection form PSL editor.
user x:
I have connected my relay with easergy studio
user x: It does not mean that you made aright connection form PSL editor.
user x: All good but bit monitoring is not enabling in real mode
user x: make the com setup properly and open the connection
user x: That is different,for DDB monitoring you need to oepn connection from PSL editor with right settings.
user x: it means you did not have the right connection.
user x: 👍🏻
user x: Got it.. Let me try again
user x: U r right
user x: Hello. I’m using ABB RTU in a substation set up. One of the logical nodes (GE L90) shows RTU inoperable. Where could i have possibly gone wrong? Would this affect transmitting of signals to the RTU from L90?
user x: what protocol is being used? 61850?
user x: Yes 61850
user x: What is the problem in this relay dR triggered led is countinues blinking?
user x: What is the meaning of DR?
user x: Disturbance recorder
user x: Anyone full details rem615
user x: Send me
user x: Thanks
user x: How many percent of oc and ef setting in this relay ct ratio in 300/1amp
user x: Is it possible to configure REF615 to be diffrential relay ! !
user x: yes, if we use it as high impedance protection .

user x: How to calculate CT size for motor hp please suggest me
user x: Please
user x: Please right English language
user x: And REF615 protection relay how setting and conditions
user x: I mean, all the CT’s outside of the relay can be grouped and connected together and the total current goes to the EF winding included in the REF615.

However, this is only suitable for high impedance protection
user x: Ok1- Make Sure that LED 7 is Not latched.
2-In case of LED7 is Not Latched check all logic conncet to LED 7, Because RDRE1 cannot keep LED7 on contious.
3-if LED7 is latched, one of BI is true.
user x: Hello . Please share any one the calculation sheet of RED 670 and REF 650
user x: Transformer differential relay showing IED failure what to do
user x: This message was deleted
user x: Any bady please give solution
user x: Un the instrucción manual/enginner instrucción 🤔🤔, View example
user x: Sir can we use RED 670 relay instead of RET 650 for Transformer differential protection
user x: IED FULL FORM please
user x: Intelligent Electronic Device
user x: No RED relay for line differential, uses two boxes- master slave. So you can’t use
user x: This is our 132kc circuit distance relay
user x: How to calculated setting of this relay
user x: Line is loaded above 50amper in 132kv line distance relay is operated what is the reason please help me
user x: Can anybody tell why in second functional block …input is not matching with output
user x: Input to second functional block is 68.52 but output is 58
user x: also input is changing but output remain constant at 58
user x: Check parameters of this block.
user x: Parameter setting is same for both the functional block
user x: First functional block is working fine but output of second block remian constant at 58
user x: Do this interchange the inputs, upload again do monitoring. This will make sure function block is ok.
user x: Yes make sure dead band and limit parameters
user x: But output remain constant at 58 irrespective of input
user x: Present input is 68.19 but output is 58
user x: Did u done this
: Ok
user x: After interchange also ….out remain 58 only
: Whats your relay type?
user x: ABB REC670 BCU
: Ok
Check out put this module connected to RANG_Xp?
user x: Micom p841 auto recloser does not save disturbance record. Can anyone state what could be the reason?
user x: 🔔🔔🔔 #آگهی شماره #AD06_PT_20210223

An Italian company engineering, installation, commissioning and project management [EPCM] needs an electrical engineer, protection with the following conditions and characteristics::
🔷 Project: HV GIS substation
🔷 Location: Southern Hassi Messaoud (Hassi Berkine area), Algeria
I received a request for commissioning activities in Algeria, for some modular HV GIS substation where we did internal FT last year in Italy.

🔷 Duration & Time: Timing can be 6 weeks or more, starting by beginning of May or sooner

🔷 Task: The protection system is ABB with mainly ABB RE_670 (REL/RET) protection but also some Schneider P443 and some Siemens 7SA6xx/7SD6xx.

🔴 Our main target is to perform secondary injection test on a protection system with the assistance from remote for the engineering stuffs, if any, and the local support of the HMI/SCADA specialist.

🔴 System is quite complex but the idea is to have an overlap for at least one full week with somebody of our staff before starting alone.

اEligible applicants are requested to send their request and questions along with the resume to the email or WhatsApp of Kahraba Tavan Azarang Company to the following addresses:


Important note:
Be sure to mention the ad number in the subject line of the email:
Subject: AD06_PT_20210223
Emails not sent with this subject may not be addressed

user x: IMG-20210307-WA0000.jpg (file attached)
user x: Hi everyone….

Please I need these relays… who can help me with a good make and part number?

1) Time dependent standby earth fault relay. (51G)

2) Time dependent overcurrent relay (50/51)
user x: For feeder protection.

At the incoming section only