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SIPROTEC protection relays from Siemens can be used throughout all applications in medium and high voltage. SIPROTEC Compact and SIPROTEC 4 devices can be parameterized and operated via DIGSI 4 software.    

Today, SIPROTEC 4 is considered the standard for numerical protection systems in all fields of application. SIPROTEC 4 provides suitable devices for all applications from power generation and transmission up to distribution and industrial systems.  

The SIPROTEC 4 device series implements the integration of protection, control, measuring, and automation functions optimally in one device. In the other words, in many fields of application, all tasks of the secondary systems can be performed with one single device.

The material of the DIGSI 4 course is designed to help you to be a professional in this field. Nothing beats hands-on learning from an engaging instructor who gives you the information you need.


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13 Replies to “DIGSI 4 Online Training Course”

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    Agradezco enviarme la informacion

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      Macrco, pls check your email for the DIGSI 4 Online Training Course details

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    let me know about this

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    need training on SIPROTEC relay and DIGSI sotware

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      Thanks for your interest, which one are you interested in SIPROTEC 4 and DIGSI 4 or SIPROTEC 5 and DIGSI 5

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    May I ask when is the training?

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      It is video training, we will send you the Training course and you can watch it anytime

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    Yes. I am interested for this online training. Please inform the details about to enrol for this course.

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      Thanks for your interest, sorry for the late reply, We have already discussed on whatsapp and thanks for encouraging

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    please send us more details on the online training and if you are giving certificate after the completion.

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      Sure. plz check your email

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    HI, I am interested in this training.
    Can please share how can I do to enrol and what is the cost involved

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      sure. i will sent details to u